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Another good close game , either all square or 1 goal win by the Non -Bibs depending on who you believe !!wink.png

Invites sent out for next week: As always guys, try & get the responses back asap , its only fair to the guys on reserve list to give them a wee bit of time to respond if you cant make it. smile.png

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Oh well. Off to work again without a call up in the last 4 weeks. What's the odds I get an invite while I'm away? I still haven't been able to find the real reserve list in the correct order on teamer page. Can someone give me a link please??

I know how frustrating it can be but unfortunately there has been very little movement the last few weeks , only the odd one or two calling off.

If you go to your teamer page & click on this weeks game . It will bring up the lineup , if you scroll down to the bottom & continue down , the reserve list follows on below.

If no joy , PM me your name & i`ll check it for you

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Well , what can i say about the game tonight ? Even game up till about 20 mins to go then a total collapse by the Bibs !! Coupled with some dodgy keeping & deadly finishing by Saints ( not too often you hear that phrase these days !!) the result was a comfortable victory for the Black & whites.

Invites have been sent, as usual , quick responses would be appreciated.

Also , it was pointed out that a set of keepers gloves went missing last week , it was suggested that we use a bit of the Kitty money to replace them. If there are no objections , i`d like to get a new pair for next week.

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