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  1. After following the buds since I was old enough to run around Cairter's Corner, today is the day I bought my first since ticket. For one reason or another always just bought tickets as I went. Buzzing for next season already, let's see a few new faces in...and the new kit of course! COYS
  2. Aberdeen won an appeal last month for a yellow Cosgrove got for diving. We should definitely go for it, looked a really poor decision yesterday.
  3. I can't get my head around those thinking we were worthy of any points today, we were dreadful from start to finish. Found ourselves at 0-0 with 15 to go after they managed to miss sitter of the season and yet we could not be less interested in trying to push for a goal. Got exactly what we deserved for half arsedly sitting in. Formation was effectively 3-6-1 and it was clear that nothing was sticking up front right from the start but OK did nothing to change it. Major surgery required in January!
  4. Would fully expect to see McShane on his way as well, especially after the early hook v accies.
  5. A football fanatic workmate of mine in Gibraltar sadly passed last year. He had a great collection of memorabilia, mostly Man United but the guys sorting through it all came across this and sent it over to me. It's the last league game before our Scottish cup win in '87. There's a nice little write up in it looking forward to the final. We lost the game 1-0 in front of 43,510 at Ibrox.
  6. I'd rather have Mullen because he's a better footballer than Reilly.
  7. Kirkpatrick off on loan to Alloa until end of the season
  8. I tune in to Saints TV for the home games but to be honest when anyone's streamed away matches I've barely seen a thing so it's no great loss for me. Also seemed a real burden on the guy filming it, holding up a phone for 90 mins instead of enjoying the game! Happy with quick text updates [emoji106]
  9. If we're looking to get promoted then we should be shooting for 12 points off Brechin. They've only beat us once in all the games we've ever played. Tough job to break them down no doubt but hopefully we'll have the craft and fitness in the second half to get the win
  10. Appointed manager of Clyde - good to see him back in the game.
  11. There are plenty of clubs in the P&D that could do with investment, but as far as I'm concerned my extra £2 a month should be going toward improving the stadium, the matchday experience, or the chance of us picking up 3 points (Yes, there is the slim chance that we fund Glenvale who in turn produce a new Morgan who signs for us). This one looks too much like us playing camelot dishing out money to worthy causes. Who next fancies some of our pot?
  12. Remember MacPherson's take on it - if an outfield player had tackled like that there'd be no question he'd be sent off. Awful 'tackle' with a decision to match
  13. I thought the barriers were put up at great expense to comply with another one of the then SPL's comedy stadia 'rules' - before they said ah fcuk it, do what you like...
  14. He started on Friday for the under 23's, 2-2 with Colchester
  15. It's between the Main and the South
  16. Buchanan has signed for Raith Rovers
  17. Tongue firmly in cheek, I know he's going nowhere.
  18. I meant Moyes to us after JR goes to the sheep! [emoji12]
  19. Close, on the San Miguel at the moment! The emoji wasn't supposed to look like that either....!
  20. Was an improvement having immediate replays and all but at times I thought the two jokers commentating were watching a different match! [emoji38]
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