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faraway saint

The Sin Bin TV Thread

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I'm the Holiday Inn, Garforth, shit so far, 45 minutes to get someone to come fix the wifi.
Dinner better be better or I'll go in a real huff. 

Oh, not great there.

You’re just off the roundabout but there is a wee pub directly opposite on the roundabout but if you turn right walk a 100 yards up the hill on the left about 3 minutes walk a nice wee pub with outside seating there.

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I'm having a bite to eat then quiet night.
Big meeting tomorrow, clear head required, especially after over indulging in Tenerife. 
Cheers anyway. 

Big meeting ?

Not meeting a hit man to take our favourite thread starter oot ?

Ps; welcome to Leeds , you should start a thread...

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Cheers. .......Ooops, have I given the game away?  :lol:

It’s good having these wee games & world cup to occupy us over the summer until the new season begins.

Might start a thread...

The Scotland 78 programme on BBC last night is worth getting off iplayer when time allows.

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14 hours ago, Abu Dhabi Saints said:

Tyson Fury fight on BT sport tonight, around 10:15

He's lost a lot of weight, not looking in great condition but he's fighting a guy quite a few stones lighter.

Not going to be a classic, 2 or 3 rounds at most I reckon. 


Just about to start.

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53 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Looks like a better fight in the crowd.....................round 2 over, slightly more action, but no much. 


49 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Round 3 over, Fury winning, don't know why I'm bothering to stay up, pretty poor stuff. 


45 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Round 4, Fury opening up, fights a mismatch, can see it ending in the next round if Fury really goes for it, th other guys starting to look a bit wobbly. 


44 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Ooops, fight over, other guy retires, thought he looked a bit beaten, ach well, bed time. 

Thanks Harry :byebye

Know what I mean ?

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3 hours ago, whydowebother said:
On 6/6/2018 at 9:51 PM, whydowebother said:
Scotland 78 ‘A love story’
On now, magic !!
Wee Archie Gemmill against Holland ooft whit a goal fir Ally’s army
Available on iplayer later

Watched this again tonight.Worth a watch.

Thinking of Gemmill, I'm not sure if I actually remember this or just imagined it, anyway I seem to remember/imagine that during a game at Love Street at the Caledonian end under that light pylon that every bugger used to climb up and sit on,wee Archie skitted right betweenthe open legs of Davie Provan whilst we were attackng Rangers who were defending that end of the ground .......don't remember bugger all else.............. maybe the dementia or just maybe the whisky .   :nerd

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