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Interstadia in Trouble?

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Just noticed today that Interstadia have had a second year in a row where they have reported a negative balance sheet and it's growing rapidly to around  MINUS £80k. Basically the company is worthless. This month, one of their two directors resigned leaving just one person running the company.

Not sure if this is something we should be worried about or not but it might be worth keeping an eye open.

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2 hours ago, Kemp said:

Well their service is shite, so you would imagine they will struggle to win any new customers. Would imagine the writing is on the wall.

Surely the club have been actively looking for other options already?

i wouldnt count on that ...... not to bash the club as a whole ... but in this area IT and Business Administration they are actually quite poor and its not like they dont have people like myself letting them know what the problems are and how to preemptively deal with them ... they just dont do anything about it until it has become a problem .... even if that problem is about to rear its head imminently. If Interstadia do go under it wont be until that moment that the club will do something and even then they may wait (like they did this year) until their Security Certificates run out on the website then they really will have no website to work with.

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