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  1. He isn't playing because his wife is in hospital. Sad.
  2. As his wife was injured in crash, I hope she makes a full recovery.
  3. So, there is no possibility of an ex-chair. being on the board.
  4. Can they afford the compensation.
  5. Has SMISA the same time scale with Kibble as they had with GLS. 🤔
  6. Just means they can place their country wide residential kids rather than the local community.
  7. We haven't. the Kibble is looking after it.
  8. Why, no ambition to be 100% fan (SMISA) owned. 🤔
  9. Even Michael Stewart on sportscene reckoned it was harsh to disallow Ayunga's goal. Most of us totally agree 😊 Players going down to easy, as if they had just come up against Ali.
  10. No wonder with the racket you lot make. 😄
  11. Seen sense at last.
  12. Is that the one they canny afford to fix properly.
  13. Went down like a ton of bricks, the prick. 🥴
  14. Terrible when you can't drag yourself away from the computer.
  15. Some are looking for proof of all the negativity about the club, but nobody has provided proof otherwise. Will leave the worrying to others, life's too short.
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