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  3. Alan Stubbs speaking about his ambitions for St Mirren back when he took the job in June 2018 - apparently Gordon "head in the clouds" Scott wasn't as ambitious or confident as Stubbs was back then... (interview withBT Sport: http://sport.bt.com/football/alan-stubbs-delighted-to-return-to-management-with-st-mirren-S11364277306653) - also note that at this point Stubbs was talking about building on a successful team inherited from Jack Ross and not coming away with his 'St Mirren only had 3 players good enough to play in the premiership' rubbish he has come out with since his dismissal for being a rubbish football manager: "But while chairman Gordon Scott would be happy with a survival fight as long as Stubbs maintains the attacking brand of football he employed at Hibs, the new man is setting his sights higher. Stubbs – who beat big-name candidates like Guti and Patrick Kluivert to land his new post – said: “It’s not very often you get a job with a team that’s just been promoted and we want to build on the feel-good factor “Jack’s done a really good job here but it’s my job now to take that on and be even better. “That’s an exciting challenge. There’s no doubt we’ll have to improve the squad but I’m not really thinking about ‘just keeping us in the league’. I don’t just want us to be keeping our heads above water. “I’m not just going to say 10th is the target because it doesn’t feel like something I should be saying. We want to finish as high as we possibly can.”
  4. I did once! Guy in the Chinese tried to rip me £4 for a basket of prawn crackers! (A Paisley man an aw that!!)
  5. My wife fancied a day out but other things got in the way. It is nice out there..
  6. Perhaps not a paedo. Definitely a horrible Nazi though as evidenced by his salutes.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Pretty sure he was outside after the game shouting stuff whilst being held by two coppers. pleasant fellow it seems😂
  9. Lots of Arabs seem to have got tickets for the family stand tomorrow
  10. That the same fan in pink that was nazi saluting and got tossed out around half time and was seen being spoken to by police?
  11. “So , farwell then..”? VERY far from well if poor Herman is deid! 😪
  12. Playoffs are great fun hm? First time St Mirren have ever been in them. We usually go straight down or straight up. Indeed first time we’ve played a two legged competitive tie since... The European adventures of the 80’s? More of this kinda thing. Loving the 2 day long half time break, it’s like extended pie queue banter on steroids. Can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going to be totes emosh either way. Strap in.
  13. Slight variation of the lyrics seeing as I like the Cure ; Standing on the pitch with the ball in our hands, Staring at the ref , staring at the stands Staring at the tunnel at the Arabs in our ground I see their open mouths,but do not hear a sound ... .... On that note, I hope we silence them by winning St Mirren 3-1 United
  14. I hope we hear the sounds of silence from the United End tomorrow. A fabulous rendition of the song by Disturbed. The Sounds of Silence by Disturbed
  15. Someone posted on Twitter that Dundee Utd fans have managed to get tickets for the Main and South Stands , hope that’s not the case and if they have hopefully they will be papped out.
  16. Committed St Mirren Fan as I am. A Treble, Treble is some achievement. A world record, I believe, in top league football. I know - lots of reasons to point at why this is just plain wrong but congratulations. Now - on with the BIG game.
  17. My responses are totally rational. Point out where they aren't. You provide an argument that is backed by evidence, and not just assertion, then I'll consider it. I don't know how a response can be open minded, though. I have never claimed that you are an AIG freak, I have claimed that you are using the same arguments as the freaks at AIG and it therefore appears that you are getting at least some of your "information" from there. To be honest, you're right, I don't believe that you have anything constructive to say because, if you did, you would have said it already. Now, can you answer the question that you've been asked several times - what do you believe a human is, if not an animal? Agree to differ? FFS, I've already said you can believe what you want. The point is, you've done a complete Dickson on this thread by misrepresenting things that I've said and trying to make me look stupid while, in reality, only making it appear that you don't understand plain English. Hope you haven't got any dinner parties planned.
  18. I suggest that the guys restrict themselves to making one hell of a noise and do a lot of flag waving. Two things they are just great at. COYS and well done to the guys in W7 for the noise and colour this season.
  19. My hope is that the Dundee United Fans will be singing wistfully that The Winner Takes it All And I HOPE the winners are the Saints. COYS
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