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  2. Div has posted that Tickets For Tonight's game are on sale at our ticket office until 2pm today.
  3. Agreed, but they don’t need the few quid other teams fans may contribute sadly. However, was an enjoyable few years when they got bumped at least. Saints to take a point minimum tonight
  4. I admit it. I'm addicted to following the Saints. How does it go.." Hello, Hello, I am a Paisley Boy",, ", Follow, Follow, I will follow St Mirren, Anywhere, Everywhere, I will follow on and if we go to Ibrox then I will follow on. " Hope I am singing the Obika song later.
  5. Cooke told to find a new club too ?
  6. Headlines often reflect the market of which the readership is constituted. British appears to be used when a cross UK audience is expected. Scottish when covered in the Scottish Media and Local Person when in Regional Media. This doesn't stop it grating when UK wide Media appear to ignore the Scottish Identity when reporting. It can and does grate. I can't recall the actual quotes about the sinking of the Titanic but it broke down something like this. British Ship sinks. Belfast Ship Sinks. Kilbarchan man drowns at sea.
  7. The loan system obviously has a lot of issues, and we've had what feels like more than our fair share of duds. But we've actually done pretty well out of it recently, and this kid was a textbook example. The best approach is clearly to add one or two loans to a stable squad, not try to build an entire team with them. I feel like we're doing that now.
  8. Best recommendation is not to give money to that vile Club.
  9. Thanks Slarti. No need for more. These were the key points for me. Appreciated.
  10. Unlikely perhaps, but, an opportunity to get a shock result as we play our friends from Govan. As the song says: "I'll be there" Looking forward to getting there early and getting a bite to eat before enjoying the game. Thanks again for the recommendation Shull.
  11. I'd have thought it would have preferred The Old Troll Bar on Paisley Road West. [emoji16]
  12. Today
  13. Rangers v St Mirren tonight, knock yourself out boys. 🤣
  14. The Glaswegian Blue essentially had two membership "tokens", one for the SPL and one for the SFA. The SPL one was taken from them and given to Dundee. The SFA allowed their one to be transferred from the nearly dead parrot to Green's company. If you want any more detail than that, Google's your friend, not me.
  15. It was transferred to the new company that Charles Green set up, IIRC. Think antrin has already said that. I get that. My problem is this. I know the company which owned the club went into liquidation I. E. Died. How was CG able to obtain the rights to the registration from a company in administration / liquidation. Was money exchanged? The SFA etc appear therefore to have let another company use this licence. On what basis? Have they ever made this clear?
  16. You can whine all you like but if you think you can walk onto the forum, yell "natsi" and expect to be treated with respect then you are even dafter than we all think you are. Away and find Dickson and play with him if you want to post childish shite like that.
  17. My bed. Night night Shull
  18. Ye ken there's places fur folk that talk tae theirsel!
  19. Yesterday
  20. It was transferred to the new company that Charles Green set up, IIRC. Think antrin has already said that. The deid club died.. it died along with its Licence/registration and place in the league (which was taken by Dundee, don’t you remember?). no change of ownership took place. There was nothing to own. Rangers died. It has gone deceased. . A Norwegian Glaswegian blue, if you will... Nothing was transferred. a new company was created by a spiv, hoping to exploit credible bigots. The scam has worked. Green bought some of the assets from the administrators (who are still in the drawn-out process of administration that can only end in liquidation) and Green has used some of the assets to create a Frankenstein monster, follow followed by zombies, unironically. the SFA/ spfl connived and cheated to allow the wholly new entity into the bottom league.
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