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  2. St Mirren v Falkirk 24/3/2018 (mibbaes)

    Doesn’t look like it. We either play a vital game without some important players or we ask the SPFL for a postponement when the time comes and look like right lemons.
  3. Massimo Donati

    He'll be able to Rome around the central area and get a Pisa the action. From watching him in the past he'll be a right Venice to the opposition who likes to put Brescia on the other teams attackers. His best mate Bari told me he's a Genoa-ine character who'll Lecce speak to him and get pictures etc So if you manage to meet him don't be a Prato.
  4. St Mirren v Falkirk 24/3/2018 (mibbaes)

    Hmmm? Its the fact we may have to face a resurgent Falkirk without two of our first choice players that is the concern. Or indeed if three are called up, but the club feel embarrassed to ask for a re-schedule again. With no Premiership games that weekend perhaps Gemmill is going to fill his squad with there U21 stars?
  5. Massimo Donati

    Cant wait to see Donati chiant-ing up and down the pitch, spraying pass-atas around, and being Peppe-red to grind out performances. Have to say parmigiana of me feels he may be a bit mature, but i dont like to minestrone my words. Theres a pizza me hopes he doesnt get unduly stressed and feel the need to cover himself in tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions, pepperoni and ham.... i dont think topping himself would help?
  6. Massimo Donati

    I hope Donati gets a game on Saturday as it's unlikely we will be under any great pressure at the back, allowing him to use his experience and push us forward at every opportunity. A walk in the park for him, providing a couple of assists and making him an instant hero. PS I hope the "hilarious" punsters keep their cringe worthy pish on the other thread.
  7. St Mirren v Falkirk 24/3/2018 (mibbaes)

    maybe it wasnt a mistake by the club, maybe the shift was to get rid of the 2 games in 4 days scenario. Maybe they were thinking way ahead of us.
  8. Massimo Donati

    Completely agree
  9. Harrods

    Your girlfriend had already told me to make sure I got a good tip from you.
  10. Today
  11. Massimo Donati

    He just couldn’t passata the chance to come here and get a winners medal. [emoji52]
  12. Irish Club In Europe

    Leave him alone, he's liking the VHS idea. Ribbit.
  13. Irish Club In Europe

    Who has satelite tv ? That so last week even Sky are starting to go via broadband these days.
  14. Massimo Donati

    You'll make a pesto of yourself. .☺
  15. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    how many likes do you have, and more importantly is it more likes than Smokie.
  16. Massimo Donati

    Got a feeling Donati could end up being here beyond the end of the season in some capacity. Very good signing though, even in the short term.
  17. Massimo Donati

    This kind of makes sense when you consider that we were after Mallan as creative force in midfield. I suspect this means that McGennis moves forward with McGinn and Donati or McShane behind him .
  18. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    No argument/debate it's an aspect of the game that has grown at ALL levels. As I mentioned earlier, the managers, IMO, could have some effect along with consistency from the officials but it's not always clear cut. With TV coverage widespread at higher levels the managers could easily review and reiterate it's unacceptable, although if a winning penalty is awarded I'm not sure how many would be consistent in this area.
  19. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    We were well beaten but a word of praise for our goalie who was excellent . Didn't see the first goal but he had no chance with the others and made some very good saves including an excellent double save in the second half.
  20. Massimo Donati

    Enough!!!!!!!!!!!! One word you'll never hear me utter in an Italian Restaurant. [emoji23]
  21. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    No smart ones on here. Mugs
  22. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, Friday 2nd March 2018

    Can you pay on the gate?
  23. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Understand what you are saying with regard to the good stuff , indeed last nights game was full of it, to reiterate what I was saying above however, there seems a reluctance from some in the game to try to stamp it out. Even dressing it up as “simulation” seems to detract from what it actually is, an attempt to CHEAT and Deceive. Football has worked hard to clean up the overall game, rooting out homophobic, racist abuse among others but as one thing subsides , this side of the game continues to grow.
  24. Massimo Donati

    I heard he's here for four seasons.....
  25. Irish Club In Europe

    You could pick up a 2nd hand VHS player,and a few tapes from a car boot sale. Maybe you could stop spending money of them lady frogs and splash out on BT broadband which would get you BT sport? Ribbit. PS Follow my betting tips, you'll be loaded.
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