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  1. I think it was a really good learning curve for our young team yesterday too. The early goals really dented their confidence. The pitch was poor, leading to the ball bouncing and bobbling all over the shop, making it tricky to control and pass. I know it was the same for both teams, but our composure completely went, right through the team after the third goal. It wasn't just the young players that were nervous on the ball and the fiery pitch accentuated this. Davis, Cammy Smith and McGinn(to some extent) were the only players putting their foot on the ball. The frustrating aspects for us all yesterday were that the goals we lost, barring the 4th screamer, were avoidable at any level. I honestly think, apart from the mistakes, that we matched them in the first half. If Morgan lifts his head and squares it to Reilly we're one up early doors and the crowd start turning on their 'rusty' team. They looked as poor as us at the back first half. Disappointing that the ref bottled sending Consindine off, although the game was over by that point. Yes, they are a much better team than us, but I think on another day we could have given them a game. A lot of us are probably bumping our gums a bit because we are used to our team winning and we're disappointed that we were poor in front of a big tv audience. As mentioned before, it was maybe a slight blessing yesterday that our young players didn't shine and a result would've put Jack's stock up even higher, making him more in demand when the next managerial vacancy comes up. His post match interview left us in no doubt that he'll have the team lifted for Friday's massive game.
  2. Stephen Mallan

    Yeh, I saw that. Although they got beat, it was a difficult game(away to Villa). Hopefully Stevie gets a good run of starts now. Be great to see him do well down there, after a tough start.
  3. Disappointing to say the least. Hopefully no injuries (did notice Morgan limping up the tunnel). We can play much better, but pass marks for Cammy Smith, Davis and the Saints fans that travelled and made a great noise.
  4. Our midfielders really need to learn to track back. I'm a huge fan of McGinn and Morgan, but they ball watch in our defensive third regularly.
  5. Yeeeessss!!! Let's get into these priks!!!!
  6. Blatant dive, but crazy by Stelios.
  7. Excited and nervous at the same time about this game. Hopefully we can catch them cold today. Will be an interesting battle with McGinn and Shinnie, but I reckon our captain will revel in a game like this. Also think Morgan will announce himself to the top division with a performance and a screamer. All the pressure on them and Jack and James will have our boys well up for this. Really tough test, but a stage for our team to shine and if everything clicks you never know. No injuries please(touch wood) and a performance to continue to build our confidence in the league to pump Dungfermline on Friday. Sheep 2 Buddies 2 (3-1 to Saints in replay)
  8. Aberdeen won't win their league, but we have every chance of winning ours is what I meant.
  9. Hope we put in a good performance and it would be great to get a result, but biggest thing for me is that we get through it without any injuries(touch wood). The league is the obvious priority. Think Jack and the players will be well up for it though and we have nothing to lose. The pressure is all on the them as the cup is their only chance of silverware this season.
  10. Impossible(for me) to pick one individual out above the others. So far, there's been so many star performers. 'Team' personified. Long may it continue.
  11. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Cheerfully asked the family if they fancied a takeaway for tea tonight. Daughter then asked, "Did St Mirren win again dad?" Still a loooong way to go, but a great day for us again and another game less to play in the run-in. The pressure will be starting to build on Utd and we have the best young manager in Scotland driving us forward. It could all change in a matter of a few weeks, but the momentum is with us. One game at a time, but looking good so far and we're all enjoying the ride. Well done again to Jack and the boys.
  12. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Yeeeessss. McGinn. 2-0!!!!
  13. Dumbarton. 13 jan

  14. Stephen Mallan

    My Wolves supporting pal just texted me and is bricking it. He saw he was playing today and was with me at Dens when wee Stevie scored his wonder goal. What a day and night that was.