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  1. Can we beat our record 15-0 against Glasgow Uni? My old man was at that game as a young whipper snapper in 1960(I think?)
  2. Project Brave

  3. Daniel Lennon - St Mirren Legend

    My mates treated me to hospitality v Dundee Utd for my 40th back in 2013, the week before the cup final. It was a dull draw, but everyone had their minds on the final. We had an amazing day, piling through from Fife in a minibus, wetting our whistles early doors. Connor Newton and Paul Dummett presented me with a bottle of bubbly from the club after the game; little did I know they would be heroes the next week. Anyway, my point is Danny took the time to speak to me and my mates (mix of allegiances: Dundee fans, Utd, Celtic and even a Wolves fan in the group) and Danny was absolutely brilliant. My mates still talk about it being one of their best days out anywhere. I was so proud of my club that day, the fans, the players and the club staff, but our 5 minute blether with Danny was the highlight for me and my mates. His polite patience, listening to my view on the lineup for the final was impressive too and he had great banter with all of us. He always represented our club with pride and seemed to have time for everyone, even a bunch of well oiled 'football experts'. I'm sure many buddies have similar recollections of Danny and wish him awe the best in his new job.
  4. Great mom display from McGinn. Time for a big move and a big bit of dosh coming our way please.
  5. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Thought McGinn and Eckersley played really well today. Samson had a couple of great saves, but not sure about him on Utd's first. Too many had off days. Smith was getting a torrid time from their left winger, McCart's distribution was dire , McShane's deliveries and touch were woeful, Morgan had a stinker(by his high standards), Magennis needs more games and we were punting it high and long to wee Reilly for much of the game. There was some OK passages of play at times, but when we had the chance to break it was far too slow. We had loads of corners, but didn't threaten with any of them (miss McKenzie goal threat for that big time) Unimpressed again by a Utd team with a strong squad, who I think will improve with a new manager. The last few games have highlighted how important Morgan is to us. When on form he is the key to unlocking defences or scoring goals out of nothing. He wasn't at it today and the Utd keeper didn't have to make a save that I can remember until injury time. Teams are getting wise to Lewis and sweeping across to cover his marker, killing his space. Still think we can get it together again and go on another good run, but today was frustrating and disappointing.
  6. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Been the better team, without their keeper making a save. Samson looked suspect at their goal and our finishing has been poor. Too many high punts from the back to a small man upfront isn't working. Utd are really poor, so hopefully we can get the finger out 2nd half.
  7. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Tough one to call today. Point at Falkirk was fair, but thought we deserved to beat Morton. We've not been as good as the early season in the past few weeks, but we should be looking at this positively and going all out for the win. Big game today, but in a promotion push this could be judged a 6 pointer, even this early in the season. We are due a bit of luck at Tannadice, so hopefully we get it today. Need to be tighter at the back, but with the help of the midfield tracking runners. Think we might edge it today in a sunny goal fest. COYS!!
  8. Really poor decision by the ref , but it's a difficult job with all the blatant diving cheats in the modern game. Dele Alli won a free kick yesterday with an absolutely ridiculous dive, not that the English commentators highlighted it. Think poor finishing by us, as much as poor refereeing cost us 2 points yesterday.
  9. Utd sack McKinnon ???

    Imagine they'll be after Jim McIntyre and Dodds.
  10. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Yup. Thought he was excellent today. His work rate is mentioned on a regular basis on the forum and it was the same today. He never gives up, wins a lot of ball, as well as beating players and being an attacking threat. Was gutted for him (and us) that he didn't get his goal at the death, but a draw was a fair result today. Cammy would be a huge asset to any team in this league, so we should be delighted to have him.
  11. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Tense stuff. Hopefully we can nick this. Cammy Smith has been excellent.
  12. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    This is poor. Need to up it. Second best at the moment.
  13. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Half of 2 halves. We bossed the first 30, then Falkirk had at least couple of great chances, getting in behind us too easy. Could go either way. A wee bit of Morgan magic needed. COYS!!
  14. Interesting idea, but he's starting to build a bit of momentum at Nantes, so can't see him coming to Scotland unfortunately, if we could afford him in the first place of course.
  15. Music Gigs

    The Breeders at the ABC last night. They were absolutely superb. Although appreciative, the crowd were a wee bit tame. Maybe I'm forgetting that it's about 25 years on and the audience aren't as young as we used to be. The support band (Pins) were really good too. Finished off at Howling Wolf for a couple of night caps. Great night.