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  1. Spot on in my opinion too. The Dunfermline player throws a hefty elbow into Eckersley's stomach. Thomson has reacted to their fans going nuts. Seemed very harsh on Eckersley) In the first few minutes their no 8 had a swipe at Morgan in the centre of the park, well after the ball was gone. It was easily the worst challenge in the match. An old fashioned 'let him know your there' on the danger man from 20 years ago. Thomson didn't even speak to the boy. We were well beaten yesterday by the better team, but Thomson's performance was on a par with ours yesterday. (not that I'm bitter)
  2. Got completely bullied today, too many players pulling out of challenges and they were picking up most of the second balls. The gaps in our midfield was a real worry. Stelios is great going forward, but was at fault for their first 2 from where I was sitting. We were actually having a good spell when they got their second just before halftime. Their 3rd was hard to make out as it was at the other end, but looked like really poor defending. Thought Eckersley was the best of a poor bunch, before he got sent off. If Reilly had finished his one on one early doors it may have been a different game, but well beaten today. Back down to earth with a familiar St Mirren bump. Hopefully back to winning ways next week, but a lot for Jack to think about after that today.
  3. Billy Davies

    Seems an arrogant and bitter wee character, but have to admit that he was one of my favourite Saints players when I was a lad. His goal at The Govan hell-hole against the old Rangers was a beauty too. More than happy with Jack rather than Billy though. Think Jack's stock could rise beyond Davies'.
  4. Was worried at 2-2, but good win in the end. We weren't great at the back, but the 'we'll score more than you' thankfully worked. Another typical Willie Collum performance, but doesn't matter in the end. Morgan's so exciting to watch. We need to enjoy him while we can. Well done the Buddies, let's keep the momentum going. COYS!!!!
  5. Just in and still buzzing. That was a superb performance from us today. The work ethic was brilliant right through the team. The players were hunting in packs and not giving Utd time to settle on the ball. Their only answer was to foul, McDonald's and Tom Daley's, sorry McMullan's bookings were enjoyable. The amount of second balls we won made a big difference. No messing at the back and slick passing through midfield and front line. Whole team were flying, led by McGinn, who was one of the main standouts for me. Morgan is pivotal to our promotion push. If he does go, it will need to be for a fair whack. He was unplayable at times today, reminded me of a young Giggs today(at our relative level) and will only get better. Special mention to Sammy today too, his save at 0-0 was vital. Only wee downside was the badge hanging off my lad's new saints top after 2 minutes; surprised it hasn't been mentioned on here before[emoji12], but we'll get it stuck back on. It's easier to kiss at the moment anyway. COYS!!!!!!
  6. Aaron Mooy

    Just awarded Man of the match on Sky against Newcastle.
  7. That was brilliant. Just stopped off with the man for a celebratory feed in Kirkcaldy. Struggled ordering food as I've lost my voice celebrating and telling Craig Thompson what I thought of him. Would even question Livvy's first as it looked like a foul. He was an absolute disgrace today, but even with his performance and down to 10 the Buds did the business. The two quick goals were magic and meant Livvy had to come at us. They usually sit in and spoil, hitting teams on the break. Saints dug deep and Buchanan was superb. Well done to Jack and the boys. Bring on the Arabs!!
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Sore one here. The minks will live off this result for a while unfortunately[emoji30]
  9. Scottish Football Latest News

    Remember we were playing St Johnstone in Perth a few years ago and were one nil down. Stevie May was running us ragged and a frustrated Saints fan stood up to give May some abuse when he was in front of the saints support : "Status Quo are shite!!!!" Made me laugh anyway.
  10. Music Gigs

    ABC, October 15th. £23 I'm sure the Pixies were amazing last night, couldn't manage unfortunately. Hope the heed is on the mend.
  11. Music Gigs

    She is back with The Breeders. They're playing Glasgow in October, for anyone that's interested. Got tickets yesterday.
  12. Harry

    Hopefully back 100% fit in the next few weeks. Looked excellent from the little we saw of him last season. Imagine we'll see the extra year option taken when we get promoted. [emoji12]
  13. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    A toast tae the mighty Saints from afar. Positive start to the season. Well done to Jack and the boys. Back home just in time for the Livvy game.
  14. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

  15. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Only spied 'adults' wearing Celtic(quite a few) or England tops over here in Lanzarote. Vast majority of grown men don't wear footie tops. No Sevco tops, even on kids, which is a refreshing change. Lots of kids sporting all different kinds of kits. Wee lad has made pals with a QOTS fan and his dad thinks Reilly will do a good job for us. We spotted a teenager with a Saint's red kit from last season at a market, who was obviously complimented on his fine attire.