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  1. Time will tell. I'm still waiting for Campbell Money's comeback anyway.
  2. Craig Samson just been released??
  3. I'm presuming Aberdeen didn't offer him a deal, if we got him without a development fee/tribunal mentioned. Hope they haven't been sniffing around Morgan or Magennis as part of us getting Cammy for nothing. Seems too good to be true and a magic piece of business by us, getting such a young talent without having to pay a fee. A few of my Dons supporting mates had really high hopes for him, but he's obviously just fallen short up there and at 22 he's had his chance. Great signing for us, that I didn't think we could pull off. Imagine the squad is only going to get stronger too. Exciting time to be a Buddie.
  4. Just signed 2 year deal with us, according to Twitter. [emoji1360]
  5. Really important signing. Great news.
  6. Great watch Shull. It was really well put together and reminded us all how well Utd did that year. It's a shame they didn't win the final. Their win at Barca was amazing. Forgot that Lineker and Mark Hughes were playing and Venables was the manager. A few of their players saying losing to us 3 days before had a big negative impact on them in the UEFA final. Brought back some memories too. Jim McLean was a horrible wee tyrant, but I suppose you can't argue with his track record. We were beating Utd at Love Street back in that era and I was dangling my saints scarf over the away dugout roof, the kind of thing a stupid 9 year old kid does. I ended up in a tug of war that McLean won. Thought my scarf was gone for ever, but Ralph Milne(I think) handed it back to me about 10 minutes later, with a wink and a subtle smile.
  7. Stelios is versatile and I think there's a strong possibility that we'll lose Mallan and Morgan. Think he could do a good job for us in midfield. He's great going forward and gives 100%, as the whole team did in the run-in. I don't know if Jack is wary of his "maverick" qualities, but I trust Jack's judgement. Would like to see him stay though.
  8. That was mental. I'm still shaking. Bloody Raith game made it 10 times worse. Hopefully Jack can keep most of our superstars and go into next season with as good a squad. Next season has the potential to be amazing, but at the other end of the table. Great achievement by all staff and players involved. I need to go for a lie down. COYS!!!!!!!!
  9. I love you Jack Ross!!!!
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeseeeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedsssssddssassdsssss!!!!!!!!!!'
  11. Remember that game too. I was a wee lad 'bricking' it. Remember the panic when the bricks started coming over. My old man was up near the north bank and I was in my usual spot on the wall behind the goal. Relieved when I finally met up with my dad. The Hibs nutters had left early to come round our end. Scary days. At least those days are in the past now.
  12. Really pleased for Stevie. I thought he was getting unfairly singled out in our horrendous first half of the season. Even when he was struggling badly and the entire team we were playing terrible, his effort was always there and he would never hide like some of Rae's charlatans. He's had a lot of responsibility placed on his shoulders for such a young player, but McGinn and Jack have definitely supported him and let him flourish. His goal yesterday was absolutely amazing (on a par with Carey's and just behind his Dundee goal IMO), as was his contribution to the game as a whole. Like Carey's goal, it took me a moment to register what had just happened. Would love him to sign a contract extension and stay for a promotion push next season, but performances like that don't go unnoticed and he'll only get better. What a performance and what a goal. Let's hope his hat trick against Hibs next week is even better. Wee Stevie Mallan is a class act.
  13. Cmon Utd.
  14. Tremendous!!! The 4th and 5th goals were absolute class. Well done to Jack and the lads. Potentially one huge game left of our great escape. Cannot believe the transformation in this team. COYS!!!!!
  15. Wonder if they went with the black to match the colour of Mikkelsen's karate belt??