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  1. A toast tae the mighty Saints from afar. Positive start to the season. Well done to Jack and the boys. Back home just in time for the Livvy game.
  2. [emoji1360][emoji1]
  3. Only spied 'adults' wearing Celtic(quite a few) or England tops over here in Lanzarote. Vast majority of grown men don't wear footie tops. No Sevco tops, even on kids, which is a refreshing change. Lots of kids sporting all different kinds of kits. Wee lad has made pals with a QOTS fan and his dad thinks Reilly will do a good job for us. We spotted a teenager with a Saint's red kit from last season at a market, who was obviously complimented on his fine attire.
  4. I understand that people will have different opinions and its subjective. I hope I'm in the minority thinking it's awful and they fly off the shelves creating valuable income. Sometimes "different" designs work commercially. Just showed it to my wee lad with no negative introduction, to get his honest opinion and he gave it 1/10, the 1 being for the Saints badge. Says he would get made fun of if he wore it at school. As I said, you're spot on saying it's subjective and hopefully they'll be other young Buddies that love it as much as we dislike it. Fingers crossed.
  5. That is boggin. Am I right in thinking that kit sales are back to creating direct income for the club, now we don't have the JD deal? If so, whoever ok'd this has fecked up big time.
  6. Yeh, I thought he played well in that game too. Awkward looking running style, but covered the ground quickly, won a few headers and a bit of composure on the ball. Knew when to get rid as well. Hard to judge him on his handful of appearances though. Also think it was Billy O'Brien's debut??and probably his best game for us. Was quite a bounce that afternoon. Hope the pair of them do well at their next clubs.
  7. Magic news. A versitile, creative, skilful, goal-scoring Maverick. What's not to like? Squad continues to shape up nicely. Welcome back Stelios!!
  8. On supporters bus heading back to Fife. That was gutting. A large amount of bevvy consumed, so I'm not a good judge. Was in the East stand behind the Scotland goal and looked to me that Gordon should've claimed it for their second. Absolutely gutted. We had them and blew it. Typical Scotland.
  9. Sounds like healthy competition for the no 1 spot and a good back up either way. Would be 2 experienced pros for Stewart to learn from too.
  10. Was speaking to John Nelms last night. He was presenting trophies at my son's football team's awards night. Unfortunately I was introduced to him as a "massive St Mirren fan", so he was a wee bit guarded. He was telling me that his Texan consortium tried to buy us when we were up for sale, but the asking price was way over what the club was worth. He said he really liked the club, but the Dundee deal was much better for them. He also spoke about the idea of advertising on the stadium roof for planes from the airport. I obviously asked about Jack Ross. He said that he had 6 managers on his list, but Saints refused permission to approach Jack. I notice he's quoted in this morning's papers saying he didn't break any rules and didn't approach Jack, but his friend did say he had arranged flights to go and speak to him. Helms also said that "they monitor lots of up and coming managers" and that he is "a big admirer of Jack" and "he is definitely still on our radar". Later in our conversation I asked about us getting Loy back on loan, joking that I would buy him a beer in return. Helms did say that he had spoken to Jack about that situation recently, but didn't give anything away about the outcome. I wonder if Loy was all he spoke to Jack about??? Anyway, he seemed a nice guy and it was interesting hearing about his past interest in buying us.
  11. Odds have gone from 16-1 to 3-1, according to Twitter. I know that can mean feck all as rumours and bets fly about, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit worried. Be absolutely gutted if he went now.
  12. Time will tell. I'm still waiting for Campbell Money's comeback anyway.
  13. Craig Samson just been released??
  14. I'm presuming Aberdeen didn't offer him a deal, if we got him without a development fee/tribunal mentioned. Hope they haven't been sniffing around Morgan or Magennis as part of us getting Cammy for nothing. Seems too good to be true and a magic piece of business by us, getting such a young talent without having to pay a fee. A few of my Dons supporting mates had really high hopes for him, but he's obviously just fallen short up there and at 22 he's had his chance. Great signing for us, that I didn't think we could pull off. Imagine the squad is only going to get stronger too. Exciting time to be a Buddie.