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  1. I just can't see the dons board going for Jack Ross. This is probably the first time in well over a decade that Aberdeen have actually had a successful manager. Brown, skovdahl, mcghee, and whoever else has managed them in the last 15 or 20 years haven't done very well and been punted after a season or 2. If Mcinnes leaves, he's leaving them in a far better state than any other time they've been looking for a new manager so the job will look a far better prospect to other managers out there just now than it was any other time they've been on the hunt in the last 20 years. I think the Calibre of candidate applying will be even greater than it has been and although jacks done a cracking job so far I don't think he comes close to some of the guys out there at the minute. With Aberdeen receiving compensation as well it allows then not to go for a cheap option or even someone already out of work, Tommy Wright is probably even a better option than jack is just now, purely based on experience of the league and the fact he's won a Scottish Cup
  2. Think Alex mcleish and maybe even Gordon Strachan will be further up Aberdeen's wishlist than Jack Ross, should mcinnes head for ibrox. I'd be very surprised if we're on the hunt for a new manager any time soon.
  3. Our Compere

    Could be doing with stopping his ' show your appreciation ' pish at every substitution. Apart from that he's sound
  4. Easy win for the saints and back to the top of the pile as United and dunfermline play out a score draw
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Aye put the feelers out the now and tell anyone who will listen that the first team to come up with, 500k and an agreement to loan him back to us for the rest of the season and he's theirs. Everyones a winner
  6. 3-1 the buds, Reilly, Morgan and Stelios with our goals
  7. Aye yer right, we should just give up the now and expect to get pumped every week
  8. Agree with most of this but think this game can still be quite important to us. Granted, the result however it goes changes nothing as far as this competition goes but a decent performance and win should instill a bit of confidence in the team after the last 2 poor results. Last thing we need is to be going into the Falkirk game with our heads down. Its also a chance to see who's actually up for it and who wants to step up after last week's shocker. We've no doubt been working on a few of things in training so it's another chance to put them to the test as well before the real stuff starts. Damp squib yes but not a totally pointless exercise. Fully expect us to put in a performance and get a decent win giving us all a wee lift before Falkirk next week.
  9. Darren Whyte vs Jack Ross

    There was 11 hopeless performances in that starting side yesterday and you choose to highlight the young guy who was only brought into the team as cover because of suspensions. He was far from the worst player in the side, Gavin Reilly and Ian Mcshane are experienced players and both were horrendous yesterday, I'd be alot more worried about them than a young boy who's trying to kick start a career in football.
  10. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Probably a fat Virgin with nothing better to do with his time
  11. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Been to stair Park once, game was abandoned at ht from what I remember, must of been easily 20 year ago. Probably my earliest memory of an away game. Unless the b&q cup final at fir Park was before it. Anyhow, enough of the reminiscing pish, easy victory for the buddies to kick off the season.
  12. Super Stelios

    Great to have him back for next season. He should start every week in my opinion. He's a goal threat from left back and creates chances from right back. I see why jack went with Irvine and Eckersley mostly but think that was more to do with where we were in the league at the time. We're not starting the season from playing catch up and can afford to take chances right from the off whereas losing an early goal in any game towards the end of the season wasn't a risk worth taking considering the position we were in. Throw caution to the wind this season and blow teams away and we'll hopefully be celebrating a title win.
  13. Super Stelios

    What was that song being sung towards the end of last season 'que sera sera' that will be the end of that then. They guys been out the country since the season finished, considering is for a family wedding I'd say it was already pre planned, do you honestly expect him to cut short a trip home just to appease a few folk on here moaning he's not signed yet?
  14. Super Stelios

    Also where he has still not returned home from. Alot of people getting their knickers in a twist because he's not signed a new deal yet, he's away enjoying himself, why rush back when he's got weeks before he needs to be back here.
  15. 1877 Club

    Give members their membership fees back, open it up to everyone.