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  1. Give members their membership fees back, open it up to everyone.
  2. What a shower of greeting faced c***s, it's a pre season friendly against an englishb championship side, a level way above anything we will face in the league this season. Get a grip of yourselves fs
  3. I like they way hibs have went about this, not saying anything on it til it was a done deal subject to medical, quite respectful to our board and our fans. Maybe if Sevco had went about the whole Scott Allan situation in the same way it might have worked out differently instead of the 'we want him so we're having him' attitude. Twos up the cunts anyway. As for John McGinn, hope he goes on to have a decent career, whether he rediscovers his early promise at hibs is debatable but the boys done us a turn last few year (last season maybe not so much) so best of luck to him.
  4. About 40 quid a square metre for a decent grade with a bit of length, your type 1 and sand shouldn't cost too much, like some1 has said you'd be best to get someone who knows what they are doing if your looking for a nice flat finished surface.
  5. Was it not Saunders who done Thomas reilly at fir Park a few years ago after the wee man scored the equaliser in a 1 each draw.
  6. How many other teams can say they have 6 or 7 of their youth academy playing in the first team every week, the emergence of these players is the only positive we can take from this season, we can hardly blame these boys for getting us relegated, they've come in and done a job when the truth is they probably shouldn't of been used as much as they have been this season. is that David Longwells fault??? Don't think so, if anyone is to blame it's the Diddy who signed all the duds that we've seen try and fail in a st mirren jersey this season. Kenny McLean, where did he come from? Released from pro youth and back playing boys club football down the public parks, who went out and brought him to the club? David Longwel, John McGinn, 18 year old who bossed a 12 million pound Victor wanyama in the league cup final, where did he come from? Part of the youth academy Under David Longwells guidance since he was 8 years old. Jason Naismith and Shaun kelly last season, carrying it into this season and now Stevie Mallan and Jack Baird this season, With the exception of hearts last season there is not 1 other team in scotland who can say they are producing as many young players as St mirren are, any1 wanting shot of David Longwell really must be daft, the guy would walk into another job within days of he were to leave St mirren.
  7. Was part of a consortium a few years back that had talks to buy the club, deal broke down when he was offered the forest job for the second time and he took it. Apparently when he was back at forest he refused to sign any player that wasn't represented by his Bro, showed an interest then expected them to change representation to get their move, fell out with alot of people due to this and was eventually sacked
  8. Yoann arquin had more of the ball and won more headers on his first 10 mins on the park than Thompson had all game, can't decide if it's lack of interest or he's just totally f**ked. James dayton atleast looked like he was willing to take a player on and have a go, why he was taking off i'll never know Sean Kelly was hopeless, tess and naismith not much better Mcginn, mallan and gow tried atleast No idea why Ridgers stayed on his line at first goal Goodwin and genev were our best 2 players although that wouldn't be hard Sitting trying to come up with anything to make myself believe we have a chance of staying up but I've got nothing, the games a bogey I'm afraid and it's going to be a long and bumpy ride
  9. If going 4 points adrift at the foot of the table isn't enough to cause a reaction and performance from the players then nothing will, time to step up and show they are up for this scrap!!
  10. Politicians are all lying bastards, it doesn't matter what they say just now it's what they do after the election that counts
  11. His company HPL used to sponsor the Paisley and District AFL so atkeast he has a background in 'proper fitba'
  12. Would take alot more than me to cheer some of the manic depressive's on here up
  13. Any excuse to strike up a wee bit of conversation, sad really!
  14. Another example of how the board no longer give a f**k and how they are only in it now for what they can get, we will see none of this 275k just like we seen none of the money from the cup win, they tell us every year we budget for 11th and out the cups early and every year our budget is decreased. They've had their money back and then some with interest and there's also the debacle with the st mirren club apparent loan that apparently wasn't paid back yet no one seems to want to mention that on here. There is no doubt they could of gone by now but unless the deal suits them ( not the club) then they are not interested.
  15. Sadly this is more or less what's just happened, absolute joke.