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    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    If they don't, we then play twice before they play Celtic and then we face each other. Absolutely massive couple of weeks coming up. Wins against Killie and St J could have us 5 points clear of Dundee by the time we play them. It's a very big ask but with recent performances I think we have a decent enough chance of it. Like you say though if Dundee win and we then lose on Monday it's a whole different story.
  2. No one is asking for him to lose his rag. What he could do though is show a wee bit of emotion and vent his frustration without embarrassing himself. Can you honestly imagine any other team in this league have those 3 penalties given against them and them to then come out and be so nice about it afterwards. Never in a million years . His comments on Defoe stink of him not having the balls to say anything to upset anyone. It's a dive clear as day , everyone in the country can see it and he says 'it's not one I would put in the diving category ' absolute pish. Defoe deserves a ban for diving yesterday but why should the compliance officer bother if the opposing manager isn't even bothering about it. There's a time to show some class m8 and there's a time to say it exactly how it is. He should have spoken his mind as a football manager instead of as a high school teacher. The guys a gentleman, no doubt about it but we're in a scrap here and rolling over and having our tummy tickled every time a bad decision goes against us is not going to get us out if it.
  3. I dont think we're in a position to be letting everyone else fight our battles for us m8. The decisions are against us, we should be the ones making the biggest song and dance about it.
  4. I think Oran needs to stop thinking like a teacher when he's speaking, he needs to speak with a bit of venom when he's talking about all these decisions that seem to be going against us week in week out. Post match interview yesterday he says he doesn't want to hang the referee out to dry, why the f**k not? The guys made 3 shambolic decisions against his team, I'm not saying shout and bawl or accuse anyone of cheating but atleast make it be known that it's unacceptable, we're fighting for our lives and 2 of those penalties could be vital come the end of the season if it goes to goal difference. The referees performance was shocking and he should have said exactly that. He also says the 2nd one isn't something he would call a dive. Why? Everyone else has called it a dive because thats exactly what it is. He should be calling it a dive and calling on the compliance officer to be looking at it. He's far too nice for his own good right now. Develop a nasty streak and let people know your not just here to make up the numbers.
  5. bud84

    January Arrivals

    Dundee United fans on p&b reckon it's a done deal with him going to them. Negotiating a pay off with MK Dons so he can sign permanently
  6. bud84

    January Exits

    Pages 30 and 31
  7. bud84

    January Exits

    A few people suggested it, and your claim of he 'knew what he was doing ' added to the suggestion.
  8. bud84

    January Exits

    This is gossipy social media.
  9. bud84

    January Exits

    So he's went from taking the club to court to reaching an agreement with them in pretty much the space of day. Must have been some solicitor he got to make the club give in to him like that.
  10. bud84

    January Exits

    Jeff King away, not even 48 hours ago he was apparently looking for a solicitor to take the club to court over the remainder of his contract. Thats been some change of heart. Maybe divs tweet actually worked. Or more likely Div was full of pish and the solicitor tweet from Jeff was nothing at all to do with the club.
  11. bud84

    January Exits

    Jeff Kings just a young guy trying to make a career for himself given an opportunity and he's grabbed it with both hands like any one else would do. Unfortunately for him and St Mirren it's not worked out the way we would all have hoped. Now he's got div acting like a fud because he knows he's got a big following and he'll get a few likes, retweets and a bit if attention for all of 5 mins. Pretty pathetic tbh. Wish the boy all the best back down south or wherever he ends up.
  12. bud84

    January Exits

    Josh Heaton to Kidderminster Harriers
  13. Since Danny Rogers came into the team we've averaged 1 point per game. With Samson in goals we averaged 0.38 points per game. Truth is, this team needs alot more than Craig Samson back in goals.
  14. He still seems to play every week. Like I said it's harsh on Hodson but if we're going to change our game to combat how the opposition play then I don't see where he fits in. Would you play him ahead of McGinn on the right or would you stick with the 4 at the back to leave him in. Which one of the 3 centre halfs would you leave out at his expense?
  15. Think we need as much height in the team as possible today without giving up too much footballing ability , would not be against us playing a 3-5-1-1 Baird Anton Jones McGinn Edwards Willock McGinn McShane Hammill Cooke or Jackson Probably harsh on Hodson who's played well since moving to the right but wing back is a horrible position to play in and you need to be able to get up and down the park all day and that's one strength Ryan Edwards does have. Plenty of running in his legs and if he does the basics properly then he should be fine. P McGinn is the obvious choice for the right side. If Cooke is fit then I think he's showed enough in his last few cameos to warrant a start. We might actually be able to make it stick up top with him and allow the midfielders to get up and play in the oppositions half. Too many times we've lumped balls up to Jackson and it just keeps coming back. Thats not a slant on Jackson he's just too wee to use if that's how we're going to continue to play. Only other option I see in the middle is Macpherson but given he's not featured much lately I'd assume McShane and Willock are ahead of him.