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  1. New Moneymaking Idea

    I'm sure they did that a few years ago. Can't remember if it was at Love St , or at the new place .
  2. QoS Game

    I'd go for the away game if you've enough time . Here's nice view for you also .
  3. Yep . I see nothing has changed . You're still commenting about a player on a match day thread , at game you weren't at . Ya clueless spangle .
  4. Disliked Bowman and Davie Dodds from that era . Bowman was a dirty so and so .
  5. Samson is doing just fine . Absolutely no need to change the keeper presently .
  6. Craig Thomson

    Assistant refs rarely get involved - not without the ref giving them their cue first .
  7. The Livi player should have been off .
  8. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    I had them also . Unfortunately for me Hibs never turned up .
  9. Yeah , I thought that was a tad odd also . I suppose it could have explained his performance against Morton last week .
  10. A diplomatic Jack Ross there .
  11. Yeah , best to humour him or you'll not get your mail .
  12. You'll have enjoyed your journey home today.