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  1. What about his saves that have helped gain points ? Overlooked ?
  2. Just watched it back again . Still think it's one of the worst bits of refereeing I've ever witnessed. The man is a kunt . On the plus side - Div's commentary made me laugh . Excellent .
  3. No arguments from me . We'll probably end up getting him for play off match .
  4. The Utd fans on Pie and Bovril say they couldn't believe the goal stood . Good enough for me .
  5. Maybe I need to see it again . Possibly it wasn't as blatant as everyone in the stadium barring the ref first thought .
  6. Honest mistakes I can handle . That one yesterday was so blatantly the wrong decision , it was bordering on cheating .
  7. I get your point . Hopefully they go on strike again and we can get the foreign ones back .
  8. And without inept referees , you have more chance of a fair game .
  9. Having seen your previous meltdowns , I'm in agreement with you .
  10. I doubt it . Can see Hibs easily disposing of Raith on Wednesday . They better .
  11. I don't think you'd be saying this if you witnessed what went on today . Disgraceful dosn't come close .
  12. No , he got Utd first .
  14. I know we all love a moan about the standard of refereeing in this country , but that wanker Craig Charleston's performance today has got to be the worst I've experienced all season . He deserves to be banned for that . Kunt .