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  1. Yeah , I think I'll be doing the same .
  2. Just been trying to secure my seat online to no avail . Is anyone else getting an error message that says '4009:the amount including surcharge is outside the allowed range'?
  3. Great first game to kick off the season . Should be a decent attendance .
  4. 3rd top ? Would have thought you would have that down as ripping fans off .
  5. White and black army ! Being a turd , you'll be a racist b? No ?
  6. Sellick , raingers sellick, etc . Dont know why I look .
  7. For me last seasons top was excellent . A great homage to the 87 heroes . This seasons will have something to live up to .
  8. Terrible footballer .
  9. I think it's alright . Will do for our league winning team .
  10. Dunfermline at home .
  11. The football on view so far has been pretty decent .
  12. I'll take this information with a wee pinch of salt .
  13. We should play a few of our younger , fringe players in this competition .
  14. With it looking increasingly likely that Loy is going to sign for Falkirk , I hope we're looking at forwards with a wee bit more experience than this . No disrespect to Hilson .
  15. Encouraging numbers . Looks like we're on course for our largest uptake of ST's in years .