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  1. Speculation Thread

    Paul McGinn was probably their best player yesterday, although that's not saying much. Thought he looked like one of the few thistle players that looked interested.
  2. Ross and Mendes

    As if one Shull wasn't enough, we now have multiple Shulls.
  3. Livingston v Thistle Premiership Final

    Not the best football to watch on the eye, but an amazing achievement all the same. It will be interesting to see how many of that squad they retain for the premiership next season.
  4. Hardly comparable to Celtics really. hfootballttps://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/-news/celtic-rangers-weekly-wages-revealed-11596087
  5. Livingston v Thistle Premiership Final

    Looking forward to this one. Thistle will really need to get their finger out if they're to avoid relegation- a performance even close to their last outing will see them gone. Thistle 1 Livi 2 again for me .
  6. Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Samson would get the blame. No point .
  7. If he had been offered the Dundee job he'd have been-"off like a bullet " ? I smell Shull.
  8. Celtics dominance is down to money. Just about every player in their squad has an international cap. There's nothing wrong with trying to compete and do your best , but when the cards are so heavily stacked against you , you're facing an uphill battle from the start as Motherwell showed today.
  9. Scottish Cup Final 2018

    You're nit picking. This one(treble) now makes 8 in a row. Their lack of dominance this season amounts to - losing 4 games I think. In fact it's 4 losses in 2 seasons domestically.
  10. Scottish Cup Final 2018

    A double treble big. Utter domestic domination big. A massive financial advantage big. I could add more if you like.
  11. I'm aware of his crud. No doubt this evidence will be dismissed though as Ross manipulating for self gain , or some other pish.
  12. Scottish Cup Final 2018

    Motherwell did their best to make a game off it 2nd half , but the game was already gone unfortunately. The gulf between Celtic and the rest is massive and getting bigger with each passing season.