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  1. Please please ,far too much thinking on here. I've not been on since Saturday as my head was exploding with permutations Let's just wait and cheer the Saints on Saturday
  2. Neil McCann is the new Dundee Boss
  3. FFS this is St Mirren were talking about. The most scary roller coaster I've ever been on,including all in Florida,I'm looking out pensioner pampers already. There's the right way ,the wrong way ,and the St Mirren way. Anyway Shull give us peace, let's get Tannadice over with first
  4. The only way Jack would go to Hearts is if Levein left As for Dundee they have Yanks in control,and sold 50goals a year in Hemmings and Stewart The owners are to be watched, never in Scotland, Dundee could be on the cusp of another admin How often do managers have a situation like ours,where fans ,board and players are all pulling together I know Jack will eventually go but he is his own man and I don't think he will go to Dundee He knows he could be on the start of something big at St Mirren and we will be there to see it. Let's just enjoy the great football the team are producing and challenge next season COYS
  5. He just a young Kyle Mcgennis
  6. Was it not McKenzie trying to usher the ball out and Miller nicked it. Miller and Baird are both skilled in the dark arts and their movement is great Not that Bairns see it that way
  7. Nice to meet Frank and Drew today ,ignore Buddiein EK's comment about me twittering ,I thought I was very subdued considering
  8. The team looked so disappointed at the end and had run their legs off the bond between us and the team gets stronger every game a point is a great result,if we had been offered that before the game we would've bitten your hand off COYS
  9. The pleasing thing for me is way Fans. Management ,and the Board all seem to be pulling in the same directiontomorrow
  10. What is the capacity of the away stand?
  11. I can't wait for Saturday my big pal Buddiein EK, Is picking Johnny and I up 12.45 And I managed to get a Disabled parking permit through these lovely folks a Greenhill Road Can we not go earlier and take the tension off , Och away and behave ,says my missus, you're nearly 70
  12. It is a must win game We must win and take us to virtual safety At the moment Ayr must win 2 games and Raith must win 1
  13. In this one 2.10 in Big Jack gives me an excuse to watch it again
  14. Watch 2.10 in big Jack Baird making a terrific block to stop Morton taking a lead Sorry the longer version shows it
  15. Yep we will eat them on Tuesday This old guy thought nobody would notice Now I've made a Cnut of myself