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  1. Hardie thought he was a better player than he was
  2. Freed by Arabs ,comes from Erskine ,I've always thought there's a player in there. worth a chance maybe??
  3. Hee hee that's my nephew I put a post on FB, not a happy bunny
  4. I'm going to upset the apple cart here Sign Samson right away ,and Billy the Fish Billy is a young lad and has time on his side. And he could be coached to come out and and get a cross ball, he scares me at the moment Samson has experience,and could help Billy a lot
  5. EH!!!!! imwould take him in a heartbeat !!!
  6. https://twitter.com/steliosdeme/status/86449240435901644 stelios has now deleted his tweet I will find it This is what he tweeted https://twitter.com/steliosdeme/status/864492404359016449 A strange tweet from from Stelios today looks like he won't be back
  7. Agreed ,take a look again and see the brilliant ,perfect touch from Rory Loy. its sublime
  8. I'm hoping there's an Ambulance on standby
  9. I am an old coffin dodger and it's no easy sitting in the hoose either
  10. My sphincter is making strange noises Drew
  11. Div can we get dislike buttons like P&B please
  12. Raging about 10changes in Hibs in a game which could decide players future livelihoods imagine this of it was a big club ,angry doesn't even cover it
  13. Please please ,far too much thinking on here. I've not been on since Saturday as my head was exploding with permutations Let's just wait and cheer the Saints on Saturday
  14. Neil McCann is the new Dundee Boss
  15. FFS this is St Mirren were talking about. The most scary roller coaster I've ever been on,including all in Florida,I'm looking out pensioner pampers already. There's the right way ,the wrong way ,and the St Mirren way. Anyway Shull give us peace, let's get Tannadice over with first