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  1. Try BBC iplayer channel Alba
  2. Not,be long now and FS IS BUYING ME A PIE AND BOVRIL Capitals so he can't deny it
  3. Sorted eventually, see you at the game ,I'll let you by me a Bovril ,Faraway Saint
  4. Phoning every day ,why don't you find something useful to do instead of making inane comments to all and sundry
  5. I am ambulant disabled and have a carer, I've been trying to get through to the ticket office since last week. Campbell Kennedy took my number last Wednesday but no one has called back. i find it abysmal that as a season ticket holder I have no access to tickets anyone else having this problem
  6. It's nice to see Mcgennis rested ,Stellios well we have options to change the personnel if we want. We couldn't do the before
  7. We'll anyone watch Utd and Hibs ,nothing to fear. Murray up front is a very good player but didn't get any service their midfield and defence was shocking. Comments have been made about Utd making big Efe Ambrose look,like Beckenbauer
  8. I have the fear again for the umpteenth time during this car crash of a season If previous fear days are anything to go by, Ayr will beat the Bairns, Sons will beat Raith. They always seem to get results when we don't or draw. Please God please hurry up and end 2016/2017
  9. Can someone tell me if the sin bin is still open
  10. I really don't think my health can put up with this season much more. Every game I keep telling my self I'm not going or listening to it. For the sake of wee Johnny and all the other good guys who have suffered so badly over the last years,can I get a time machine please.
  11. I don't think I'll be able to watch the 2nd half if it stays like this. i can't walk so taking the dog out is not an option
  12. Good heavens I had a look on the OS that man should be sectioned that is all,please don't feed the troll
  13. Nah it's no fun that way ,the atmosphere is brilliant on periscope BTW Div take the weekend off and get yourself a few beers mate. you deserve it mate thanks from a crabbit auld pensioner
  14. Funny to think some fans didn't fancy him after his first game eh