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  1. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Fairly sure he dived for a penalty that relegated Dundee the season we won the cup
  2. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Was cammy smith not quite well known for diving before he signed for us
  3. Speculation Thread

    Anyone know who the trialist that was on the bench for the under 20s tonight is
  4. Ziggy Gordon

    So we signing ziggy Gordon or no
  5. Speculation Thread

    This completely wild speculation with no basis in fact but Kris Commons is a free agent and he was willing to play in the championship with hibs though I assume his wage demands maybe ludicrous
  6. A buddie on scot squad

    Was watching Scot squad and saw a young guy that sits near me at home games on the tele playing dodgy undertaker Barry Greenhorn
  7. Gary McKenzie

    Sorry you're not a fan of boobies
  8. Gary McKenzie

    A 3 works fine then you turn the calculator upside down
  9. Gary McKenzie

    I can tell yous how to make a calculator say boobies
  10. Speculation Thread

    If we lose Morgan in January Aidan Connolly might be a good replacement
  11. The Unique Original Thread

    Bring back Stuart Dickson
  12. Chairman's Update

    Looks barca-ish
  13. most popular signings

    Aye but he was fat as f**k
  14. Lewis Morgan

    How much do you reckon we'd get for a development fee
  15. Lewis Morgan

    Tbh I'd rather we did that unless we're offered crazy money for him I don't think we could get any one near his level to replace him in January