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  1. Gary McKenzie

    Sorry you're not a fan of boobies
  2. Gary McKenzie

    A 3 works fine then you turn the calculator upside down
  3. Gary McKenzie

    I can tell yous how to make a calculator say boobies
  4. Speculation Thread

    If we lose Morgan in January Aidan Connolly might be a good replacement
  5. The Unique Original Thread

    Bring back Stuart Dickson
  6. Chairman's Update

    Looks barca-ish
  7. most popular signings

    Aye but he was fat as f**k
  8. Lewis Morgan

    How much do you reckon we'd get for a development fee
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Tbh I'd rather we did that unless we're offered crazy money for him I don't think we could get any one near his level to replace him in January
  10. Lewis Morgan

    See if we don't sell in January and he leaves when his contract is up in the summer could we get a sell on percentage like with John Mcginn
  11. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Anyone know how long Liam smiths out for
  12. Ross tokely

    Was talking to an Inverness fan and Ross Tokely's name came up, I'm too young to remember why I'm meant to hate him can someone tell me what exactly happened.
  13. Fao div - moderation on here...

    Everyone in the sin bin was innocent
  14. Fao div - moderation on here...

    Here why you being a Gimp mate, also can we all be honest about why the sin bin was made it was made to grind stu dicko down so he would leave and wouldn't want to come back then div got trigger happy and started putting innocents in there
  15. Livingston v St Mirren SPFL Championship 19/8/17

    We're going to need to play long balls to get through livi. they're going to pack the midfield and we've only got Reilly up front who's going to struggle to do anything with a long ball so it's going to be tough hope Morgan and steilos can skins some folk make some space