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  1. Great striker in his day, but don't think he fits into Jacks signing policy.
  2. Best player on the pitch today!!!
  3. Sammy to me looked hopeless at all 3 goals, but i'm not surprised by that. Thought we looked good tonight at times however we need to get more players in the box. I like how flexible we looked up front we need more though. Also a big bastard midfielder would go down nicely. Dundees tactics for a friendly were bang out of order and we're lucky that only Maggenis got injured
  4. Personally an investment in a young hungry player is a better option than a old out of favour has been from the SPL demanding big wages is the way forward for us. If we get him and he has another season like last we could treble our money.
  5. Think we only have Sutton, Reillyand Stewart as out and out strikers and Stewart was described as a project when he signed, So i personally believe we need 1 more. Now that the Loy deal looks dead. I think we should go for Andy Ryan from Airdrie scored a ton of goals last season for them.
  6. Think it shows the club in a good light as well and if he's any good at the scouting then brilliant. He could perhaps point us in the directiom of any decent players at the Motherwell under 15s
  7. There's pictures of miller with Langfield as well.
  8. Unfortunately for players some moves don't work out, he's not had a great year at Dunfermline doesn't mean he won't have a good year with us. They had Paul McMullan last year who is up there with the worst i've ever seen play for us and he wasn't great for Morton either now he's in the under21s squad. I have absolute trust in JR and JF inbterms of players being brought in. Out of interest how many players signed by Jack are over 30, I think we'll have a young hungry team for next year and I for 1 can't wait.
  9. Don't think we'll get Loy. I think we'll get priced out by Dundee after how their chase of JR went. I would like to see us go after Andy Ryan from Airdrie!!
  10. There was a goal in pretty much every round he could have done better with. Have to be honest I have trust in JR but i'm not convinced by the signings so far a lot of gambles that I hope pay off for us.
  11. Agree with most about re signing clarky. However if there is a position for him as a coach or scout and Jack feels he could be useful, then why not keep him on in that capacity and use the facilities to rehab.