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  1. Scott Stafford

    Brian Graham

    Failed in each of his last 4 seasons to score double figures, that is a poor strike rate. only 5 for a Hibs team flying last year. I would also imagine he'll look for a fairly hefty wage. If he signs I hope he proves me wrong, but not excited by this prospect at all.
  2. I reckon this time next year Stewart will be a very important player for us
  3. Scott Stafford

    Brian Graham

    I'd rather see us sign a striker more like Reilly as I think in Stewart we have a guy who can relieve Sutton off the bench when required and possibly give sutty a break against some of the smaller teams in the league. We have no direct replacement for Reilly though!
  4. Scott Stafford

    Rocco Quinn

    Bit gutted by this to be honest. I can understand the decision but I have a great respect for Rocco particularly after playing despite needing an op last season. Nothing but Heart!!!
  5. Scott Stafford

    Formation possibilities

    I think a 3 man defence could work against the stuffier teams like Livi. Get an extra man in midfield to release Mcginn or mcshane
  6. Scott Stafford

    Speculation Thread

    Don't want Brian Graham to be honest.
  7. Scott Stafford

    St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    Watched a different game from me. Not the most mobile but never hides, held the ball up well and a lovely assist for Reilly's first. Great guy for Stewrat to learn from. Big mistake if we let him go to a rival
  8. Scott Stafford

    St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    I agree if he keeps playing with Sutton. Looked a decent partnership today
  9. Scott Stafford

    Darren Whyte vs Jack Ross

    With Eckersley injured and Stelios suspended there were very little options to play right back
  10. Scott Stafford

    Scott McDonald

    Great striker in his day, but don't think he fits into Jacks signing policy.
  11. Scott Stafford

    Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Best player on the pitch today!!!
  12. Scott Stafford

    Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    Sammy to me looked hopeless at all 3 goals, but i'm not surprised by that. Thought we looked good tonight at times however we need to get more players in the box. I like how flexible we looked up front we need more though. Also a big bastard midfielder would go down nicely. Dundees tactics for a friendly were bang out of order and we're lucky that only Maggenis got injured
  13. Scott Stafford

    Andy Ryan

    Personally an investment in a young hungry player is a better option than a old out of favour has been from the SPL demanding big wages is the way forward for us. If we get him and he has another season like last we could treble our money.
  14. Scott Stafford

    Speculation Thread

    Think we only have Sutton, Reillyand Stewart as out and out strikers and Stewart was described as a project when he signed, So i personally believe we need 1 more. Now that the Loy deal looks dead. I think we should go for Andy Ryan from Airdrie scored a ton of goals last season for them.
  15. Scott Stafford

    David Clarkson

    Think it shows the club in a good light as well and if he's any good at the scouting then brilliant. He could perhaps point us in the directiom of any decent players at the Motherwell under 15s