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  1. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Yes. Now it is time to start the hard work.
  2. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Home team hit post in injury time ... but 0 0 it was.[emoji3]
  3. Dumbarton. 13 jan

  4. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Cammy Smith.
  5. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    Great news from Paisley ... and Falkirk. This looks dangerous.
  6. Mad idea? I think a good one. [emoji36]
  7. I am home from Thailand until 3 Jan. If it is called off, that would be more than a wee bit annoying.
  8. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Sounds like Saints getting on top.
  9. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Sounds fairly level on Saints radio.
  10. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    I agree, but this post is not called for.
  11. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Following from Khon Kaen, in Central Thailand. It is a shivering 25 degC. Looking for lots of reports about a memorable Saints win.