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  1. Game is awful but pitch is a joke. Hope Hamilton stay up just to avoid injuries on that surface.
  2. Was going to go to polloc but chickened out due to weather forecast. Watched the two cup finals instead. Pollok game sounded quite good. Also only found out it was a 1o clock kick off at just before 12. Would have been a bit of a rush
  3. Jack rossd said he was trying to help clarkson. He had him doing scouting last season. Didn't want to just dump him though he is out of contract. No doubt shull will have some crap to add.
  4. Dreadful match. Mufc not tried to get forward at all and ajax keep passing the ball out of half will do me. Will watch something else.
  5. As title. Big Sam HSS jacked it in
  6. Falkirk's bottle crashed as usual. Mind no guarantee dufc will beat premier team. Poor defence. Two centre backs crap especially durning.
  7. Ken Stott was in one of those Scandanavian things recently . He was enormous. Rebus is ex Military police and should be played by a larger actor. Like Jack Reacher being played by Tom Cruise . just silly. In the books Reacher is 6 4.Think Rebus is meant to be about 6 2.
  8. Personally I will give up on voting for the spend as it is presented on such a manner it can barely fail. I was a no for all three ideas this quarter as none of the ideas were good or well thought out. They were passed by large majorities who seemed to just vote as guided. Cannot see the point voting as it seems whatever is proposed will ho through.
  9. Firhill's main stand is frightening in its dereliction. How these has not been a tragedy there is pure luck.
  10. Afraid I am three NOs. would rather build up a Fund for emergencies or more important issues.
  11. There was a guy selling scarves and hats at parkhead. He may well be at this. Final.
  12. I have been to both parkhead + Ibrox many times and am condoning nothing. I am supporting my team.
  13. Even if the Tile sells out there will be a few members who never go to Parkhead so you will probably get on.
  14. So could be anything then?
  15. What is a tifo?