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  1. Latest Scores

    Like watching paint dry. Poor match. Dundee missed a sitter to make it 1_1then were never in it. Piss poor
  2. Can the tickets be added to our Smartcards? Understand Season Ticket seats not available but not sure if you have to buy a paper ticket or can add to card online. Anyone confirm?
  3. Shit anyone but thomson. Gives uds nothing.
  4. See the next two u21 Matches are at Perth.
  5. He is better than Craig Thomson.
  6. He will stay until end of season and leave for nothing. I thought that had been agreed with ross
  7. Loved it at Kirkcaldy when he was introduced to the Raith fans waved then ran down to our end looking much more interested
  8. John McGinn

    It was Clough who insisted on Nottingham rather than notts
  9. Reckon 1300 will turn up for this. Could be queques. It is a Saturday. Folk will turn up.
  10. Baird and Buchanan and eckerslry were superp but Morgan Is the best player in the league.
  11. QoS Game

    Stick it up your jacksie
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    There is rarely any problem in the Norseman. try Port Glasgow. Cheap as chips and you can also get a glass of " clear or daurk"
  13. Who gives a toss about loy t. He does not play for us.
  14. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Will miss Morton game but honestly does not need to be all ticket.
  15. Sutton was outstanding. If the goalie can stop chucking them in the net we should b OK. Having said that Samson did well after awful error