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  1. Thank the lord there is someone other than Celtic still in Europe. Well done Aberdeen.
  2. Mallan is the only one who needs replaced. The rest were no better than those there now.
  3. Where are Willie Fulton, Eric Murray and loads of others
  4. Chile having been excellent. One error 1_0 germany
  5. Had a few in the Atlantis as I recall
  6. In those days there were buses and I think trains on Christmas day. Think the renfrew ferry was memory is not what it was
  7. It was a lively encounter as were many in this days. Vaguely remember it was a good game.
  8. See the boy waters at alloa we were linked with has signed for kilmarnock
  9. Mexico have been really good since poor start. Germans happy to sit in.good game.
  10. Sent the missus down to the park to sort it out. All good
  11. See on BBC it says being played weekend of 15/16 Aug. Is that not a Tues /wed. Do the people who run the game not own a calendar
  12. Germany Came back into it a bit. Smashing game.
  13. Could be two or three for Chile. Good teamsters
  14. Took nearly five minutes and about three red cards missed. What a farce
  15. Chile just had goal chalked off by video ref about three minutes after they scored. None knew it was even being queried. Looked OK as well