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  1. Speculation Thread

    Definitely an effective big centre back and a threat from set peices, but not sure he's got the footballing ability we'd be looking for in a centre half. Watching Baird last night made me think that's probably why he lost his starting place. Not much between them all as defenders, Bairdy may even be better in some aspects but MacKenzie and Davis both have more ability on the ball. He's still improving and I think he'll get there, just needs work. If that's the style JR and JF prefer, then not sure O'Ware would be on their list. Signing him would, however, make me piss myself laughing, would be worth it just to see him score against them when the Renfrewshire Cup is resumed, now that the natural order has been restored.
  2. Anyone got any tickets spare? Looking for 2 if possible, West Stand ideally. Long shot, I know.
  3. Uche Ikpeazu

    I doubt we could compete directly with Hearts in terms of wages, in fact, I'm certain we couldn't. But players don't always make decisions based on wages alone. The idea of this being a "shop window" move means he'll want to play as much football as possible, so a club where he starts off higher up the pecking order might be attractive. The other thing to consider would be the manager's ability to "sell" his vision of the club to a player and that player, with their agent doing their research before signing. This particular guy is only 23, a modern, progressive, driven manager like Ross might be more appealing than someone with Levien's reputation. Sometimes it's not all about pounds and pence.
  4. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Fingers crossed
  5. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    I think we'll win, and if it all clicks we can score 3 or 4, but we'll need a performance to do that. We've got no automatic right to run over the top of them.
  6. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    You'd be correct in assuming that I haven't seen their other 28 games. In fact, that's exactly what I said "I can only judge them on what I've seen" I therefore have reason to believe that they'll be able to make things difficult for us again. I'd have thought that was relatively straight forward. Hope this helps
  7. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Judging by the fact that we're cruising at the top of the table and we've struggled to beat them a few times. I can only judge them on what I've seen, and I've seen them give us a good game every time. I'm not saying they should be mid-table or even 9th, but they've run us close a few times and we're not the only ones. We'd be daft to be complacent against them.
  8. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Also, IF there was to be a bus from the club, I, and at least 1 mate, would be more than up for it. Anyone volunteering to run it? (I'm not)
  9. Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    They've had a poor season, but they're nowhere near as bad as their 4 point tally suggests. I'd love to see us play some great attacking football and score a few goals, but I'd be chuffed with a scrappy 1-0 and Livi dropping points. Wrapping the title up is the only priority.
  10. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    You're right, very professional and loyal for such a young guy, wish him all the best. I'd love to see him back on loan next season, but I actually think he's more than capable of making an impact with them straight away. I think walking into a new club could be really daunting for a young player, but one thing Lewis doesn't lack is confidence, I think that'll serve him well.
  11. Speculation Thread

    Div saying on twitter some key players are on the verge of signing new deals, we any idea who? Would obviously like to see Reilly sign on as soon as possible, not sure who else is coming close to the end of their contracts.
  12. Next generation of stars

    O'Keefe looks a good prospect, been impressed with MacPherson when I've seen him too and young Flannagan has come back from East Fife with some great write ups.
  13. Summer Transfer Window

    I'll be able to buy one for the first time in years, work has meant I've had to miss the odd game in recent seasons, so it wasn't value for money for me. All changed now though, so we're now at least +2!
  14. Kyle Hutton's got to be a contender in my time watching. Marwood, Ball and Gow were particularly shite too.
  15. Suppose Duffy's up there with the players to make the smallest impact, but then he didn't really get a game, so to say he was "shite" or a "waster" is probably, harsh, "waste of a wage", maybe, but that was hardly his fault. No way of knowing whether he'd have made the grade or not, just couldn't push Reilly for a place and not many would given the form he was in. Just noticed though, previous post in this thread was in 2014, we've had PLENTY of guys who could push for a place in the Shitehouse XI since then... There's a couple of them plying their trade in Dumbarton for a start...