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  1. 2 Cracking strips. Away top's brilliant.
  2. Seems to have a dark coloured beard, so don't think it's Harry. Maybe we'll be announcing a double signing today.
  3. No change in management required. Saturday was terrible, but I still have faith in this manager and group of players. I think we need a striker, but the manager realises this and is trying to address it. For what it's worth, I think Reilly will score goals this season, just need another option, Stewart looks decent, but still very raw. Still think we'll be fine.
  4. might just check this out
  5. I know what you mean, but I think the defence will settle, just might take some time. I don't think they'll play as direct as Livi, so it'll be more about our shape and discipline than dominance in the air. It'll be interesting at the very least
  6. Saturday will be tough. I think we might scrape a 1-0 win though. It'll be very different to Tuesday night because Thistle will fancy themselves at home against lower league opposition. They'll come out and attack, that will suit us. I'd like to see O'Keefe given a start. He looked pacey and direct when he came on against Livingston. I don't think Stewart has done a huge amount wrong, but he's not a natural winger. I'd also like to see Stewart (GK) given a shot in a competitive game. Nothing against Sammy, just haven't seen Stewart play yet. I'd also bring in Baird for Buchanan and drop Smith back into No10. So... .........................Stewart............................. Irvine......Baird........Mackenzie.......Stelios ............McShane...........McGinn................ O'Keefe..............Smith..................Morgan ...........................Reilly...............................
  7. Had we moments last night. Midfield was a bit fragmented, but he shows wee signs of class now and then. Think he could be a big player for us this season.
  8. Danny deserves it, not only a cup winning manager, but a gent, a guy who was a fantastic ambassador for the club during his time with us. Always represented the club brilliantly in interviews and any public appearances.
  9. I was on the train, having a drink and a sing song, I'm not one of the "young crew", but I enjoyed the journey. I have to be honest and say the atmosphere was a bit loud an boisterous, but generally good natured. It's been a long closed season, with an enthusiastic, highly energised support waiting impatiently to go and watch their team again. Away games like that are big days out and fans look forward to them for weeks. Maybe that excitement and the long trip caused people to get carried away with the booze, and I'll concede that maybe the atmosphere created on the train could have been a little intimidating to a non-supporter, but I certainly didn't feel that at the time and I'm positive that any of the lads or lasses singing along would be horrified if they thought their behavior was upsetting anyone. I didn't see any aggression or anything like that, in fact, there were a group who got on the train singing their own songs, replying to ours, having a good laugh. Maybe I was in the tamer coach. I didn't see any drug taking, and while I agree with an earlier poster that it's up to individuals what they put into their bodies, they couldn't have been being very subtle if people who weren't partaking were seeing them do it, so I agree that that's not on when there are kids on the train. Basically, everyone needs to calm down a bit, everyone. Calm down a bit on public transport if it's making people uncomfortable (we've all been stuck stone cold sober in a coach with a stag party or a group of other fans) and calm down on ripping into people who are getting a bit carried away on a day out, they're not thugs or neds...I know I'm not.
  10. Would require a shit load of tipex, to be fair.
  11. I thought that was a wind up...jesus.
  12. Anyone know when it starts/started?
  13. I think the key thing is looking at the other teams in the league. For me, there isn't a squad in the Championship I would swap for ours. A few individual players, yes, but I think we have the strongest squad overall. Sure, we have areas we could strengthen, but so does every team at this level, if they didn't they wouldn't be at this level. I'm quietly confident.
  14. They seem to be treating him like a big signing, he's doing interviews for the website, wee videos from the pre-season camp, modelling the strip. The club, if not the fans, seem to be quite sure he'll be a big player for them this season. I'm sure he will, he's got bags of ability, I reckon he'll go on to bigger things again soon.
  15. Great news, Have to admit I thought this was quite a big ask when I first heard about it.