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  1. Jason Naismith Leaves

    Good player, could be Scotland's full back. If we can sort out what positions Robertson and Tierney are going to play, him and Paterson could battle it our for the right hand side.
  2. Aaron Williams

    Even though the S*n is often right about St Mirren stuff, this seems like a strange one to me. I'd have thought that the hidden gems at that level would command a small fee when leaving their clubs, or be approached by bigger clubs on pre-contracts. Seems like this guy's been released, which doesn't fill me with confidence. Having said that we should always be open to having a look at a player and Jack has a track record of getting the best out of players who have struggled at other clubs. Hopefully, if there's any truth in it, he goes on to do well, don't imagine we'd be paying him a fortune anyway.
  3. When we have a striker with 20 goals in half a season and winger who's been totally unplayable at times, it's almost absurd to suggest anyone else for Player of the Season. Having said that, I think Cammy Smith would get my vote so far. Reilly, Morgan, Baird, Samson, McGinn and maybe a few others could all stake reasonable claims for the award, but if there was one player who should be first name on the team sheet, it'd be Cammy. I think he makes us a better team with every aspect of his game. He's always a goal threat by himself, also, players like Morgan and Reilly regularly profit from his intelligence and creativity. As well as this, his high pressing and tireless hard work makes us so much harder to play against and means that, more often than not, Baird and Davis are dealing with the kind of long ball game that centre backs will happily eat up all day. We've got a good squad with talent and depth, but out of them all, it's Cammy I'd dread playing without. Class act.
  4. Speculation Thread

    I think he's out with a pretty serious injury at the moment. Shame, would have been ideal.
  5. St Mirren Half Time Report Written By Dundee U fan

    Really good read. I think cautious optimism is what we need. We've got a team that is dynamic and exciting, but also capable of being dogged and putting in the hard graft, grinding out results in difficult circumstances. Our biggest asset is that we have 5 or 6 players who are potential match winners, Reilly, Morgan, Smith, McGinn, McShane etc. Guys who have the ability to create something out of nothing when we're up against it, produce a moment of magic or individual brilliance to bag us 3 points. Add to that an increasingly sturdy defence and a solid keeper and we're looking good. A wee bit of cover in the centre of the park and we'll have a bit of depth in every department. Personally, I'd like to see us in a right winger and letting Magennis compete for his place with McGinn and McShane, but Jack and James have been making all the right calls up until now, so I can't wait to see who they have lined up. We haven't won anything yet, far from it, but there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.
  6. Speculation Thread

    That's that humped then. I thought he might go to a bigger club than us, but maybe not Werder Bremen big. I see Ostersunds are after Henderson as well, most likely out of that race too (If we were ever in it). Of the other ones doing the rounds, I'd happily take Hippolyte. As much as he's a bit of a diver, he's a good player and I'm sure Jack and James could coach the cheat out of him. In a weird way he'd also be a partial solution to our lack of depth in centre mid. He could play on the right if required to let Magennis move into his more natural centre mid role and provide some competition for McGinn and McShane.
  7. Nathan Austin

    Austin seems to be one of those players who would be playing at a good level if he could shoot. Looks like he has everything else he needs to be a dangerous striker, but shits himself when presented with a decent chance. They could have quite comfortably beaten us at the Falkirk Stadium if he wasn’t a bottle merchant.
  8. Give Reilly a new deal.

    Yeah, would love to see him on a longer contract. He's been fantastic so far.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    I'd wondered if this might be possible. Certainly won't happen if we're not in the Prem.
  10. Speculation Thread

    I'd imagine Duffy would be off. Sutton I'd like to keep, Kirkpatrick I'm not bothered about, if he frees up a wage it'd probably be worth letting him go. I can't see what position we're really crying out to strengthen. 2 decent keepers. If Gary Mack is going to be fit, we're more than covered at centre half. We've got 2 good full backs on each side. Possibly look a bit light in the centre of the park if we lost McGinn or McShane to injury/suspension, so the holding mid rumour makes sense. On the wing we've got Morgan, Magennis, Hilson, Todd and young O'Keefe. I've seen things from both Hilson and Todd that suggest they'd be valuable if fit. Cammy Smith is a stick on at No. 10, Kirkpatrick could cover if needed, but would have to be replaced if he was allowed to move on. Reilly's a class act and Sutton still contributes well when he plays. Duffy we haven't really seen and Stewart looks quite a way off being ready, can see him being loaned out. In short, maybe a holding mid, maybe an attacking mid and maybe a striker (depending on who leaves)
  11. A decent point. If Austin wasn't absolutely brutal, we could have been in bother at times. A wee chance to win it at the end, but 3 points for either team would have been harsh. Despite their poor start, Falkirk away is one of the hardest fixtures of the season. A point and a clean sheet is alright by me.
  12. Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Easily his best game for Saints on Saturday. Just edged out Reilly for MotM for me. He seems to be getting better every week. Superb.
  13. REALLY short notice, so I know it's a long shot. Got a game of 5s tonight at 7pm, Super Soccer on Scotland Street (Indoor astrograss) Got 9 players at the moment, just a friendly game, don't need to be fit or talented! Reply or PM me.
  14. Short notice here, anybody fancy a game of 5s tonight at 7pm, Super Soccer, Scotland St (indoor astrograss) We're at 9 players just now. Just a friendly game if anyone's interested, reply on here or send me a PM.
  15. Injury Updates