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  1. Took my mate along to the game on Saturday, not a St Mirren fan, or even a football fan, but we stood in W7, the atmosphere was great, and he loved every minute. Think he'll be along to games on a fairly regular basis now. Weirdly, without knowing the first thing about football, he picked Reilly as his MotM ahead of Morgan. He was impressed with his work rate and ability to bully much bigger players. He's 110% a team player, his attitude is 2nd to none, puts the team and the result above himself and is a constant threat, dangerous himself and creating chances for other players. Morgan is the star of the show at the moment, but Reilly's contribution (and Cammy Smith's for that matter) should not be underestimated. Hopefully he'll bag himself a couple against the Pars, since they seem to rate him so poorly. Shows the difference the right management team can make to a player.
  2. Top 5 Worst St Mirren Players Ever

    Stephane Bahoken Alan Gow David Cornell Kyle Hutton Kyle Hutton again
  3. Injury Updates

    Was hoping Kyle would make the bench for this one. Best not to rush him back though, wouldn't want to risk his fitness. As long as he's back in time for us drawing Dundee in the Cup so he can dance around them for 90 mins scoring 1 and setting up 2 in a 3-0 win, ye know, just to get it right up them...
  4. Well, I know I'm not jumping on any bandwagons, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that Willie Collum is consistently the worst referee I've seen in my 25 years of watching football, and I've lived through Eddie Smith and Charlie Richmond.
  5. Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    He looks the part at the moment. Was massively impressed with him against United (missed the Colts game due to work). Thought he bullied the 2 much bigger centre backs. Made loads of space for Morgan and Smith, possibly his best all-round game for us, ironically, one of the few he's not been on the scoresheet. Was good to see him back scoring on Saturday. A real find so far.
  6. I think we're looking good for this one. Lewis Morgan was missing from the game Vs Heart Colts, but played in a properly tough fixture against Netherlands U21s and put in yet another Man of the Match performance. Another big boost to his confidence that allows him to maintain the teriffic momentum he's built up so far this season. In the less competitive game our first team played at the weekend, our main striker got himself a couple of nice goals. Things are bubbling away nicely at the moment. In the past I'd have had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this would be where we'd come off the rails. But I think this group, players and staff together, have a different attitude, a confidence that we WILL win games and NO-ONE will get an easy 3 points when visiting St Mirren Park. We've all seen us play well for periods and then choke or just about scrape through on the big occasions, but that seems to have changed recently. Ayr was a massive game, should have been a nervy day...6-2. Raith came knowing a win would effectively save them, should have been tense...5-0. I believe this team has the mental strength to deal with the big games, add to that the technical ability of the players and the strength in depth we'll have when everyone's fit, and I think this could be a special season. I don't do predictions, but I'll be disapointed with anything other than a win, and won't be surprised if we're pretty dominant. Even against a side who've been a bogey team for us so far in their short history. COYS!
  7. Lewis Mclear

    Seems like quite a drop down in football terms, possibly got a decent job outside the game, you never know for sure how these things happen. Seemed capable of playing at this level, if not this then certainly League 1. Good luck to him anyway.
  8. Morgan was unreal today. The United defence wanted nothing to do with him, but we've seen that time and time again, on form, the best player in the Division. I'd like to give special mention to Gavin Reilly, there wasn't a failure on the park for us today, but I thought Reilly's performance was a great reflection of the team overall. He worked tirelessly, a constant pest, never giving their defenders a second. He won more than his fair share against their central defender, despite giving away about half a foot and 3 stones to each of them. I think he played a very unselfish game putting the team and the result before himself and his own desire to score goals. He wasn't about goals today, he was there to disrupt their backline, make it difficult for them, force mistakes and allow us to win the second ball, let Smith and Morgon get beyond him and open them up. He did it brilliantly, he looks to be a fantastic signing so far. Keep it up Gavin.
  9. Flag Frenzy In W7 This Saturday

    Something else that's great, while people are singing and clapping along with the drum, they're not screaming abuse at St Mirren players who are trying their best. One thing I've loved since all this started has been the reaction to opposition goals. You don't see the young guys in the singing section shouting and bawling at our own players, the drum starts immediately and so does the singing, usually louder than the other fans who are celebrating. It's a real attempt to lift the players and spur them on, rather than berate them. Love it, I think I'm enjoying watching St Mirren now, as much as I ever have, counting the days between matches, even after Cappielow, I couldn't wait for the Livingston game.
  10. Flag Frenzy In W7 This Saturday

    Always been pretty cynical about these sorts of "12th man" claims. But I really, genuinely feel that the wave of enthusiasm from the fans and the singing section did play a part in last season's turn around. I felt that something happened at the Dundee game in the cup, where people finally started to see Jack's new signings impact the team and a sense of belief worked it's way through the fans. It didn't go away, it's gotten stronger and stronger, and I really feel it makes a difference. The way the players react to the fans after games is all the evidence you need.
  11. St Mirren songs

    To the tune of Come On Irene... Gary Irvine Oh Gary Irvine Gary Irvine Gary Iiiiiirvine
  12. Love Street. Now & Then

    In a way it still makes me sad to see the place like that. But then you think that people will be making lives there, parents telling their wee one's about Stephen McGinn hitting an absolute screamer from their kitchen into the top corner of the bin shed across the road, kind of nice. I'd like to see the ground marked and remembered in a similar way to Middlesbrough's Ayresome Park. They've marked the old centre circle and a few other key points like the goal posts with metal ornaments and statues between the houses.
  13. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    Waste of f**king time. Make season tickets valid, let everyone else in for £2, kids for free. If we play a half decent team, at least the kids that come to watch will get to see us score a few goals.
  14. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    As long as we avoid the Colt teams I don't really care. A wee trip to Ireland would be nice right enough.
  15. Stephen Mallan

    I'm repeating myself, but I just refuse to believe they've got 3 or 4 midfielders who are so far ahead of him that he doesn't even merit a sub appearance. Hopefully he'll break through soon. He'll only need to be given one chance.