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  1. Paid for Rangers TV but not working, how do you get the game to come up?
  2. Me too in Canada but just reloaded the page a few times then it worked
  3. Sadly shows the lack of depth in the squad. Whatever did Sutton do to deserve to ride the pine again this week?
  4. Great service for those of us over the water.
  5. Used it quite a bit. Also watched a few others around the league and would rank ours tops with interviews at half time, guest commentators on occasion and "live" replays. They also use more than one camera which I don't think I saw at any other ground. The streaming is generally pretty good. When you live across the water as I do it gives you that Saturday fix of the team we all love.
  6. Think you can only buy it overseas. http://www.stmirren.com/fans/st-mirren-at-home-and-away/st-mirren-tv
  7. Well done Saints, great performance against an uninspiring Dundee side. Fans were terrific and there will be a few hoarse voices tonight. On another note having just watched on TV it makes you appreciate the great quality we are served up for our home games.
  8. Yes your saintliness,, My disco days are over for this year. The thought of suffering the same fate the next day as I did in 87 only added to my early retirement on Sunday night. Still a great weekend!! Hopefully we won't need to wait 26 years for the next one!! Next time.....
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