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  1. Billy O’Brien

    Yes saw that too -tragic
  2. Anybody know who the commentators are especially the guy who goes nuts when we score - kinda sounds like Alan Wardrop.
  3. W7 Fans & Banners

    Sorry to be a pest. Can someone give me a quick summary as to what this is all about. I could go back through all the pages of this topic but not sure if they would explain fully what's going on Thanks
  4. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Laurie Ellis !!! There's a blast from the past.
  5. Cammy Smith week after week never fails. He works for 90 mins and was unlucky today not to get us the 3 points. A few times today thought Buchanan was struggling -certainly for pace. Agree that Stelios should have been on. Would have taken a draw before we started but disappointed not to get 3 points. Falkirk were woeful up front. Fans again were fantastic. Away games are definitely a must these days. Shows how far we've come.
  6. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/st-mirren-fans-could-soon-11361268 Surely not
  7. Smfctickets

    Gave up and phoned ticket office today.
  8. Smfctickets

    I'm not on an apple product I'm on a PC and it'll let me buy Saturdays game but against the Dumbarton game it says Unavailable
  9. Smfctickets

    Right I've logged on to my ticket account on a PC to buy Dumbarton game as I'm season ticket holder and it says it's unavailable. What's this site all about !!!!!Does anybody know ?
  10. Smfctickets

    This is the most frustrating site. I have an iPad and iPhone so can't book tickets online. Why can't it be updated to make it easier.
  11. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    And we've to listen to that tosser Chris Sutton. Switching off now.
  12. Video: Mallan Mania

    Fantastic Div. Thanks. Wish him well but he'll be sorely missed. Just wish we'd stuck out for more money.
  13. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Great pic. Hope there's a lot of them at Normandy tonight to take their applause and we get some new pics.
  14. Annual dinner

    Been seeing pictures of players on social media in Magalluf so not sure how many will be at the Normandy tonight. Hopefully anybody there could give us an update especially of the POTY winners.
  15. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Where was that filmed ?