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  1. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Guess that was bollocks then
  2. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    That’s shocking. Correct decision. Glad didn’t pay up front for hotel so that’s cancelled no problem. Sure tickets will be refundable if replay date doesn’t suit
  3. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Horror show. Let’s put it behind us and look forward to Saturday. Old school Soccer AM word “bouncebackability” We CAN do this !!!
  4. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Separated at birth.
  5. That’s not what I asked. Are you insinuating Chic was on the phone to Jack ? Question again is does ANYONE ACTUALLY KNOW this is the truth. Think I’ll wait til it’s official.
  6. Ok folks. Does anyone who has been posting on this topic ACTUALLY know that Jack has been down to Barnsley and if so HOW do you know. It seems like there’s 19 pages worth of hysteria on here and a previous poster was right - if Fitzy has lied what does that say about him in his position at the Club. Can’t think why Jack won’t finish what he started when we are so close.
  7. Dundee United friday

  8. Dundee United friday

    Just had look at their fixtures but looks like their game v Dumbarton 17th feb has been changed anybody know why ?
  9. Dundee United friday

    Jack said in his post match interview that players would be given time off now- anyone know how long ? Wonder if they’re allowed to escape to sun.
  10. Paul Paton

    Whats the “unfinished business” ?
  11. Paul Paton

    Why do we need him ?
  12. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    Very poor. No Stelios shot off the bar
  13. How big is the Saints Support?

    Don't think we'll ever get an accurate crowd figure at the 2021 stadium - haven't a clue where they get the figures they announce- do they include season tickets do they not. Last one they announced I wondered where all the empty seats were cause I couldn't see them from my vantage point in main stand.
  14. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Know him from when he was a player and he's always worn that brand.