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  1. Anybody put names to these guys in 73/74 team Tony and Jim Herriot in back row. John Dickson and Ricky McLaughlin (?) middle row and Bobby Mc Kean and Billy Johnson front row. Can't remember any others.
  2. NO NO NO !!!!
  3. If memory serves me right did Rankine not turn us down on more than one occasion.
  4. Just watched game today and also saw periscope footage of presentation in Club which was brilliant. Did Thommo and Goody address the crowd on the pitch -if so did anyone capture that on film ?
  5. Fantastic as I'm an old timer and don't do Facebook. Thanks.
  6. Saw pic on Jason Naismiths Instagram with Goody. Looked like Bankhouse - think there might have been a POTY. Anyone know who won and have any pics.
  7. Great opening for the club. Loads of room , good atmosphere. Piper was a nice touch. Players came up after game and good to see Goody getting his picture taken with fans beside his image on wall - a true saints Legend. Well done to all concerned for hard work and team obliged too with 3 good points.
  8. I am not one of the people affected so the club's gesture will not extend to me however we're ALL affected by this disgraceful decision. I refuse to go and watch these morons on 3 sides of OUR stadium and I still won't be in my seat that day.
  9. Absolutely disgusted with this. Yet again we the fans are being disregarded and I'm sorry but Chairmans excuses don't convince me otherwise. This will be the first home game I've ever missed other than when I've been ill,which has been very rare in 48 years, but I'll be sitting at home that day. Shameful decision.
  10. Periscope- is game still on. Got app on iPhone but don't know what to do now. Anybody help.
  11. Just tried clicking on link but can't get it has it now expired or am I doing something wrong
  12. Been away so could anybody update me on the current Mc Ginn situation. i know he was out of contract but is he even training with us.
  13. Can anyone who was there give us a wee report of how it went. Which players/officials were there and who won awards.
  14. No didn't seem to be. It was all very low key. Didn't seem to be any give aways either - boots,gloves strips.
  15. Shocking news about a great saints player. He's been a stalwart at renfrew too so hope he has a full speedy recovery.