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  1. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    And we've to listen to that tosser Chris Sutton. Switching off now.
  2. Video: Mallan Mania

    Fantastic Div. Thanks. Wish him well but he'll be sorely missed. Just wish we'd stuck out for more money.
  3. St Mirren Photos

    Great pic. Hope there's a lot of them at Normandy tonight to take their applause and we get some new pics.
  4. Annual dinner

    Been seeing pictures of players on social media in Magalluf so not sure how many will be at the Normandy tonight. Hopefully anybody there could give us an update especially of the POTY winners.
  5. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Where was that filmed ?
  6. Fantastic. More like this today n we're sorted.
  7. In Jack we trust 

  8. Will they be selling tickets for hibs game up til Ko
  9. In Jack we trust. Get them going we're behind you COYS !!!
  10. If ever we needed somebody to stir up support like Fergie on the back of that lorry going around Paisley all those years ago this is it. Can't see suave Jack touring the town but Fitzy could surely drum up some last minute much needed support. We need 2021 rocking tomorrow so let's all encourage someone we know to get down there and roar us on to 3 points. COYS !!!!
  11. Today's Ref

    This referee was as bad as I've seen and I've seen Ian Foote (youngsters Google him - oldies remember Fir Park). That man today should have his payment withdrawn. These clowns get away with murder and their decisions or lack of them have serious repercussions for lots of people. As for linesman they truly get money' for nothing. They can't make decisions and when they do they're usually overruled.
  12. Super Stelios

    Very funny
  13. Super Stelios

    Anyone know what's wrong with Stelios ? Radio said he was ill.
  14. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 15/4/17

    Let's do this- 3points thank you
  15. 16/05/09

    Fantastic hope Jack shows this to boys for Saturday. What a team that was but this one can do it do. !!!!