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  1. Cheers. I had only saw that Hearts were looking to loan him out but never saw saints being quoted.
  2. Easy choice for the club next week. To save money put the everybody into the west stand. Won't be enough saints fans to worry about only having 1 lavvy.
  3. Lucky for me my sky box crashed at the 3rd goal. Unlucky for me it is now working. 1st 3 goals all lost down the right side and MacKenzie is living off of last season performance. Feel sorry for Baird since the players on both side of him are poor.
  4. Bit sharp with that post since the only shambles came from the lineman.
  5. Who told you about this ?
  6. Somebody answered a post of mine last season about the cost of opening the North stand. Can't remember the figure but it certainly wasn't a crazy amount. Maybe if the BOD cut back on some of their matchday [emoji490] [emoji487] [emoji510] [emoji488] [emoji482] [emoji485] in the board room the saving could help to keep the away stand open for away fans
  7. Thought you couldn't remember me
  8. Lucky you, it's only at airports now that I get a full body touch up but sadly it's usually by people fatter than me
  9. Did they take you out of the family stand, walk you around the carpark then enter the west stand ? The reverse happen to me 2 years ago. I was in the west but mate was in the family due to him being told at the ticket office the west was full and no seats left At half time I ask a steward if I could move and fair due they did help me out but only after checking with the police control office Got taken out the back of the west, walked round to the family and after gaining entry walked to my new seat next to my mate with the steward watching us for a bit before going away Why I just couldn't walk from the bottom of the stand behind the corner flag to the family stand I do not know. Seem if there is a easy or hard way to do something this club will do it the hard way.
  10. It is all about opinion but fans need to remember players are only human, and trying to stay aware for 90mins is an impossible ask. I don't think anybody is to blame but it could be said that all games would end 0-0 if there was no errors.
  11. Having watch the goal I don't really see how anybody is to blame. Well worked goal and I have never understood why there always need to be someone at fault
  12. Who at the club makes those kind of decision like the sharing of the stand ? Are we really employing someone with a total lack of common sense or was the decision taken at board level which would scare me even more ? Hope big skodasaint dad gets some proper answers from the actual person that made this decision, and not from the SLO guy.
  13. We wouldn't know unless we ask him. I would be happy for him to sign for us and the meltdown from a Glasgow taxi driver would even be funnier
  14. Please tell me it not the 2 that was sitting in W1 at the end of last season ?
  15. We don't but will save a few pennies by having the catering lights and oven off