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  1. Faraway ìs your man for this [emoji106]
  2. Baker Street Paisley

    I know [emoji61]
  3. Baker Street Paisley

    Bring back memories of B&B does it
  4. East Fife also won it while in a lower league
  5. W7 Fans & Banners

    This seem to me that the club has over reacted and not for the 1st time. I think back to when someone was banned from the ground for 2 sec of daftness last season. Can't remember the full story but the club and police made it a bigger issue than what it was.
  6. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    She saying her wages as a MSP while she is away will go to charity it should be going back to the taxpayers since it is us that pay her wages. If she want to give some of her fee from the program to charity, then that is her decision. If what she said is true, that there is no real need for her to be here since nothing really important is going on in work why don't all the MSP just take 3 weeks off as well and go away and enjoy themselves on the back of the taxpayers
  7. St. Mirren ladies team

    I thought it was a ladies team we were watching for the 1st half of last season
  8. Fans can bring back memories of the North Bank when having a pee [emoji12]
  9. Pity it is away since it have been a good tie at home Could it be on the telly since apart from the Edinburgh derby there no great looking ties about, although the Rangers will be a cert.
  10. Bring on the Rangers

    You were half right
  11. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    Having spoken with Neil Findlay a number of times I have always found him a decent guy. He had help my wife a great deal in parliament on a medical issue and I do thank him for that.
  12. See ye..........Charles Manson Deid

    Sadly there plenty more of them in our jails
  13. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    So it is ok to leave your place of work without permission to earn more money, and expect your job still to be there when you come back ? Neil Findley comments on her yesterday was right
  14. Bring on the Rangers

    You could tighten it a bit more
  15. Two Doors Down - New Scottish Comedy

    I agree. 1 of the worst so called comedy ever to appear on the telly [emoji107]