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  1. I would say no, but he is their player, not Huddersfield.
  2. Is he not a Man City player on loan to Huddersfield ?
  3. Either do I. I am 100% certain he will be our manager for the whole of season 2017-2018. It was around 30 years ago when we last lost a manager to an other club and that was Alex Miller, and since then we only sack them
  4. Enjoy your long long wait
  5. I also seem to remember you boring everybody to death about what Drew said and you are still doing it
  6. A away friendly against Club Sport Maritimo or Clube Desportivo Nacional early in July would be good for me
  7. I think that is the right thing to do and also good PR for the club for any player thinking of signing for us.
  8. Irvine was 1 of our better player from January onward after the manager started to play him at his best position and deserved his new deal for next season. We won plenty of games without Stellios in the team but like the rest of us, I would love to see him resign.
  9. Over the 2 games I reckon they would.
  10. Who do i want to win ? Utd would bring around 1400 fans to Paisley with Accies about 400. 1000 extra away fans at a average £15 is worth about 12K to the club after vat. Bugger it, will go for whoever scores 1st since we have had 2 hours of them playing and no goals 🖓
  11. I would like to think the club would try and do something for him since he was employed by the club at the time the injury happen. A fair option for me is to offer him a 6 month deal at a wage around our lower paid player gets. This would take him to January when he should be able to play again or look for employment outside the game.
  12. And the Santa's on both sides were giving each other Glasgow Kisses
  13. More good news and i wish the season was starting this Saturday
  14. Sound good to me. This would never happen with Rangers or Celtic since their 12th man wear black
  15. It does