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  1. Re Margaret Warnock, did she have a brother called Billy ?
  2. Falkirk sack Houston

    Hopefully Alex Rae gets the job
  3. QoS Game

    Worst thing we did was scoring a 3rd. Scary how we fell right out of the game but 3 points will do. Also well done to all the buds that went today
  4. QoS Game

    Never took it as one so no worries there. As for the game, will go for a 2-1 win with a poor crowd of 2950. Don't see me going since the dampness will not do my old bones any good [emoji22]
  5. QoS Game

    That's me telt then
  6. QoS Game

    We certainly are losing far to many goals but I don't think a goal scored in around 20mins can be classed as early.
  7. QoS Game

    So 2 league games our of 6 and you think 20 mins is early in a game [emoji102]
  8. QoS Game

    Next April will do.
  9. The Legend Conor Newton

    It is a shame he had not done as well as Paul but he is still young enough to maybe get to a higher level.
  10. QoS Game

    Apart from the Falkirk game, when have we been losing early goals ?
  11. The state of the pitch and there is a Scottish player 10 yards inside the Welsh half when they restarted the game after our 1st goal
  12. spare tickets for qots game

    That was my impression
  13. How does money from BT Sports goes with us in the lower league ? Do we get cash from them or do all the lower league teams get a share ?
  14. QoS Game

    When Morgan has played well, the rest of the team does the same. when he is poor as the Morton and Dunfermline game, the rest of the team have been poor. He seems to play better at home so hopefully this will continue and the 3 points will be ours.