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  1. At least I have a pal [emoji485]
  2. He never was and never will be my pal
  3. 61. My dad took me to some games at Ibrox and Love St when I was around 9 or 10. Might have been whenever was at home that sat. Was allow to go to Love St with my mates just before I left primary school and been going ever since. Even took the wife to Love St the day after we got married in 1977
  4. Wee ginger fud still not forgiven us for 2013
  5. Hopefully the players on loan, and players signed in January have contracts that don't end on the 6th of May
  6. Might be a good thing considering how McGregor and McGinn played last sat
  7. Having watch the pass back more than once, i can see how the keeper thought it was from their player but if in doubt just clear it. Maybe a shout from some players might have helps. At the end of the day his error did cost us, and I hope he doesn't repeat the error on sat that he made the last time we played Raith.
  8. Oh please please do that [emoji106]
  9. This is a bigger game than any cup final that we have been in, but we really need to tighten up at the back. If they do that I am sure we can win.
  10. Don't think Lennon or the players will want to end the season with 4 defeats and they could also be players playing for a new contract. McGinn will certainly make an effort to help us but I am not sure about McGregor. I have never seen or heard him say anything about us since he left, which does pisses me off considering how the club gave him a new deal while he was injured.
  11. Me as well but still waiting on my invite
  12. Top ref aye newspapers are always bullshitting
  13. That will do for me and Kendo