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  1. nedflanders123

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Notwithstanding getting the actual facts in this alleged incident, why do we still accept the nauseating spitting and gobbing by players on the pitch? Even substitutes gob before going into the pitch. If I spat in the street I could get fined yet players can do it without any action taken. Many other sports take place where you don't witness this abhorrent behaviour e.g tennis.
  2. nedflanders123

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Aye, remind me of the score against QOS in the cup? Not saying they won't improve but time will tell.
  3. nedflanders123

    Oran Kearney Must Go

    Like we sacked Miller after Hammerby? or Smith after Clydebank (as cup holders) or Gus after losing to 9 man Rangers? Get over it FFS. It is a diddy cup and every dog has its day in cup football.
  4. nedflanders123

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Even if we win?
  5. nedflanders123

    Opposition January Signings

    Again, just because we were interested in a player does not guarantee we get them. We have no idea if we made bids for either and, if we did, why they never signed? As for Oakley, it appears a good buy but remember the Mike Conroy debut v Dunfermline when he scored and looked different class? After that he did nothing until moving down South.
  6. nedflanders123

    January Arrivals

    Agree mate. My post was in defence of our keeper who is being mentioned by you know who for losing 15 goals. I am not convinced OK has got tactics right and have to question the role Gus and Jimmy are playing here? Our midfield has been a huge problem since start of the season and has not been addressed. Injuries haven't helped of course. There is clearly a huge confidence issue but it appears some players are not sure what their role is? Perhaps some of that is down to so many new faces still settling in?
  7. nedflanders123

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    We have just played the bigot brothers away and in form Motherwell. Wonder how well Dundee and Hamilton would have fared. You need to give players a few games to get used to the pace up here. In an ideal world they would be scoring immediately but it will take time. Do we have that time? Not really but unlike summer signings we have to hope those newbies prove us wrong.
  8. nedflanders123

    Things we know

    The players Stubbs brought in were not good enough period. We shipped most of them out. Trying to bring the quality in as replacements was always tough for a club like ours plus most others outbid us. It is too early to judge whether those brought in will gel and improve the performances and results. What else do you do if your primary targets don't sign? Every signing is a gamble so all we can do is continue to support the players and management team. If we go down then we start again.
  9. nedflanders123

    January Arrivals

    If it wasn't for him we would have lost more. You do understand that defenders are part of the team including protecting the goalkeeper? Our defence has contributed to most if not all the 15 goals.
  10. nedflanders123

    Cameron Breadner

    Every club loan players out for experience of more competitive playing time. Why should we be any different? At this time our manager does not see them ready for the pressure of fighting relegation and rightfully sees more experience needed in the first team. Throwing young players into the side at the wrong time can be detrimental if they are not physically or psychologically ready irrespective of promised talent.
  11. nedflanders123

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Livingston beat Rangers earlier this season yet lost 3-0 to Motherwell today - a team pumped by Scumgers worse than us. Stenhousemuir drew with Aberdeen at Pittodrie so by your reckoning should have beaten them at Ochilvie.
  12. nedflanders123

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Apples and oranges. Beath at home and Scumgers made 8 changes. How many penalties would they have been given if blue nose Dallas refereed?
  13. nedflanders123

    Brian Rice

    AFAIK Brian Rice doesnt play any more. When we play Hamilton it will come down to the ability of players on the park as to who may win on the day. Tactics will be important but with so many new faces settling in at the club Rice may have no idea as to how OK will set up his new team.
  14. nedflanders123

    Speculation Thread

    Based on what? You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes at the club. We struggle to compete financially with most top clubs and this is the Jan window where it is far more difficult to get players in and there is less to attract. For all we know the management have been working flat out to bring their targets in but have been unsuccessful. Remember some on here have said it's best for the club not to publicly say who they are attempting to get in having been burnt in the past by another club offering more. Claiming the club is a joke and deserve to go down just adds to your constant negative postings.
  15. nedflanders123

    January Signings

    Wages significantly affect quality of loanees. That is why players like Greg Stewart, Ryan Gauld etc are at Aberdeen and Hibs who pay 2-3 times what we offer.