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  1. I seem to recall similar comments about a certain Mooy. I wonder what happened to him?
  2. Why do you think Ross County will not be there? I will wait to see what squads are in place before writing my team off or making predictions.
  3. Many players are on holiday bar those on international duty. It's the 5th June and most contracts expired this month. You and I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes but would rather take a little time to bring in the right players than a lot of dross ala Stubbs. Also, it is worth noting that anyone brought in has to be paid but won't kick a ball in earnest until August.
  4. Who is bankrolling the Fakes? Shocking home attendances yet still able to afford to outbid teams with bigger fan base/support
  5. Other than money, I wonder why would Jimmy leave us to go to a club in a lower league?
  6. Aye, quelle surprise you resurface with even more nonsense signings.
  7. Someone offered around 5 times your annual salary would you turn it down? Time to move on. JR got us promoted and i thank him for that. He is young and ambitious and a nice guy and I wish him all the best.
  8. Relegation. Fantastic staying up, but let's not be deluded. FFS, can you let me know the lottery numbers with that crystal ball you have? Why don't you just celebrate an outcome few thought possible and next season will involve a better manager and a number of new arrivals.
  9. Maybe spending our transfer budget on virtually a team of poor signings? Where are all the Stubbs signings bar Cooke? That tells you all you need to know about his ability to bring in players good enough for the team. I agree that some signings don't work but virtually all of them?
  10. Do you honestly think Dundee could afford the wages of both Strachan and JG? I would be shocked if GS went to a championship club with his CV. Well done if they get him but it'll cost them a lot of money that I doubt they have.
  11. As much as you. Just because I'm not a happy clapper does not make me any less a supporter than you I am not a happy clapper but rather support my team and have a bit of belief regardless of the opposition.
  12. Personally wish you hadn't bothered and take your constant negative mantra elsewhere. Call yourself a supporter? Look up the word FFS.
  13. If they are deemed by you to be overpaid shite then why bother? Stay at home and save your money then.
  14. You already said we wouldn't score any goals after Motherwell game. How wrong you have been. Just for once, change the record and show a little confidence in a team you profess to support.
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