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  1. nedflanders123

    St Mirren Celebrity Ambassador Fans

    DJ Kid Jensen.
  2. nedflanders123

    Anton Ferdinand

    What I am puzzled with is that he was on QPR's books so he must have shown some talent to make that step up? It could be the pace of the game here, lack of fitness/competitive games or confidence? Time will tell if he is given the chance under new manager and coaches.
  3. nedflanders123

    Scottish Challenge Cup 2018/19

    Nonsense. Like JR last season, AA will be concentrating on promotion and not a diddy competition that noone is interested in. A quick look at attendances will tell you how much fans are interested. You need to forget last season's game v Raith as much as any other defeat in our history. It's gone, over with, history and we won the Championship.
  4. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    I think that conversation will have taken place prior to him applying after Jack left.
  5. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Exactly but more importantly the performance of the team was distressing. Players playing out of position, unfit/not good enough and seeming unsure of their roles
  6. nedflanders123

    Players in the huff

    You really are having difficulty comprehending people giving their views (those in the media) and making statements in the press and other media outlets and others making claims about players going into a huff. As I said before only those within the inner sanctum of Greenhill Road know what really happened re the sacking of Alan Stubbs. The OP may be 100% correct but how do you quantify it beyond media speculation?
  7. nedflanders123

    Players in the huff

    True. Those in the media who have commented have simply given their own opinions and how valid they are and based on their own inside info/contacts etc I don't know.
  8. nedflanders123

    Players in the huff

    Only stating what others like football media people including Bill Leckie, Michael Stewart and Thommo have said.
  9. nedflanders123

    Players in the huff

    Your evidence? Noone knows what happened behind the scenes other than the club and Stubbs(his coaching staff too). Any person in any walk of life can be demotivated if those running the ship lack lack the skills of human resource management. There was a lot more than results behind AS sacking. I am sure any attitude problems (get them at every club) will be resolved by the new manager and Board.
  10. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    He's gone quiet on his attack on Jack Ross as Sunderland appear to be doing much better than he envisaged.
  11. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Barry Smith at Raith has handed in his resignation. Hopefully moving to Soaps and nowhere near us.
  12. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    I think that was the reference in those tweets - meant to be a joke about him jumping ship again. Ah good one. Too old and tired and a big woosh moment lol
  13. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Lots of posters on Twitter claiming Ray McKinnon has been offered the job/been appointed this evening. Bearing in mind he has just ditched Soaps for Falkirk last week, why would we appoint a serial ship jumper?
  14. nedflanders123

    Stubbs Sacked

    There was a Twitter post this evening claiming there was fighting between players at half time on Saturday. My wife spotted it and trying to find post/source. May be bullshit as much as claiming Ray McKinnon has been offered the job. You know, that Ray who left Morton to join Falkirk last week.