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  1. Makes you wonder how a mediocre team like Burton in the third tier let him go? Was decent during his last time up here.
  2. They were the home team and got Rangers at the right time. They got hammered at Castle Greyskull in the last game. Well done to them today. Time will tell how 'rank' they are at season end. Other than Celtic in the previous Ibrox game, name me another SPL who has gone for an attacking strategy at Ibrox?
  3. No the club did not sack him. Sacking means firing. His contract was up and it was not renewed as club felt it was time for change. Whether it was the right decision is for every Bud to decide but he was not sacked - as most fans understand the term. Time to move on or Sir Alex will be brought up.
  4. You clearly seem unaware that Cody has missed virtually the whole season due to a bad injury. Why pick on a player who hasn't scored as not been available to actually play?
  5. Another not happy when team win in a very tight league. We are better off than this time last year and bringing in a couple of players may make us even better. We are not a great team but a hard working one playing with a number of key players out injured.
  6. We scored one and Killie scored none. It doesn't matter how many shots you have as if you score one more than the opposition then you win.
  7. Seriously? We have lost games when we deserved better, we are creating chances in most games and have been unlucky with injuries to key players. Why is it that some think we only win because the other team are crap? Yes, we have missed a lot of chances but at least we are creating them. Can you just be happy we won today and played well.
  8. Probably my favourite player but Bobby McKean ran him a close second.
  9. Cheers, I thought it was a current Saints player. Must learn to read properly.
  10. My point is why someone with no interest in the club and continually berates all things St Mirren continues to post? Noone mentioned banning anyone. People are free to post what they like.
  11. You no longer support the club by going to matches or anything positive to say, so why do you bother posting on here? Genuine question.
  12. You write alias three times yet think me obsessed? Again, you have a personal dislike for JR. Sunderland approached him and not the other way around. He did a great job for our club and for that we should be grateful. Any decent manager will quickly move from our club to bigger clubs who pay more.
  13. Another alias methinks. Don't think he will be begging anyone. You clearly have a gripe against JR. Bigger and better managers have failed - Jose, Strachan, Moyes, Lambert etc
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