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  1. Few on here have any idea what AS has done re trying to sign experience for the team. We have no idea how many players agents have knocked us back. Also, it is likely that most top clubs and a few championship clubs can and have offered more in wages than we are willing to do. That ensures we remain solvent and live within our means. AS may have had a chance to bring in old pros but have you considered that he may have thought they weren't good enough for what this medium to long term plan is? Finally, citing Livvie is interesting as they appear to have spent a few bob to bring in players like Sibbald and hire Miller as player manager for example. With a very small core support, I wonder how they can afford to do this bearing in mind they have been in administration in the past. If you look around the clubs in our league then very few have splashed cash.
  2. nedflanders123

    John McGinn

    Club don't have to come out and tell us more likely we will find out when end of year financial year account is published.
  3. nedflanders123

    St. Mirren Park.

    Rugby Park pitch looks awful. Why are the SPFL allowing these pitches in top flight?
  4. nedflanders123

    Sign Shankland!

    It is would have and not would of.
  5. nedflanders123

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    I know I shouldn't bite but why do you even bother? Every post you make is defeatist. You must stand on your head to produce a smile Elvis.
  6. nedflanders123

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Like many on here, we have no idea how much time and effort AS is putting in to find the right and available strikers. He is aware of our deficiencies up front and is trying to resolve the situation. No doubt some of his targets have fallen through and he is pursuing others. He clearly has his eye down south and I would rather we were more patient to bring in the quality we need than repeat the folly of previous manager by signing players grossly overweight and/or not good enough at this level to boost numbers and keep fans happy. Stubbs knows the quality needed and will bring that in.
  7. nedflanders123

    John McGinn

    No way Hibs will let a potential £2m go down the drain. I still think he will go but the longer they hold onto him the less they will eventually accept as they get nervous about him leaving for nothing. Also, if John's head is turned will Hibs get the best out of him?
  8. nedflanders123

    Fraser Hornby and Harry Charsley

    And yet, he's playing at Everton and not East Fife. Harry Kane was anonymous in the 3 post WC games including a sitter or two. If you watched him you wouldn't consider him that good yet look at his league performance. Hard to judge how any player will fit into a team - Mooy anyone?
  9. nedflanders123

    A Jolly Good Thrashing

    I was there. What a night.
  10. nedflanders123

    A Jolly Good Thrashing

    Gave them 2 goals of a start but 6-3 win against soaps at Crappielow on new years Day 1977
  11. nedflanders123

    4 told they can leave

    4 wins out of 37 and left with them 11 points adrift. Aye right. I am aware of the financial problems he had to bear but fantastic job?
  12. nedflanders123

    Danny Rodgers

    I think there has been an exorcism and the spirit of Elvis (our No1 Victor Meldrew) has been placed in your body Billy. Lol
  13. nedflanders123

    4 told they can leave

    Lennon had a budget way above all other teams and he was always going to succeed in the domestic set up. When Hibs won the Championship they had a budget that no other club could compete with that allowed him to bring in premiership quality players. I think he has a good eye for a player but has succeeded when a budget is available.
  14. nedflanders123

    4 told they can leave

    Missed my point entirely. A lot of managers fail at one club but succeed at others. Tommy Craig was a shambolic decision by the old board. Lennon flopped at Bolton but has succeeded at Hibs (forget Celtic as a blind cat could succeed with the purse they had), McInnes bombed at Bristol City but has succeeded at Sheep. There is no guarantee that any manager selection will succeed - particularly at a provincial club such as ours with budget constraints and low wages. Time will tell if AS is a good manager or not and let's not forget Jackson and Rice's role in supporting him. Finally, I also think some of the criticism arising from Spartans and QP games should be levied at the players who irrespective of match fitness should be good enough to win those games.
  15. nedflanders123

    4 told they can leave

    Ok I will take the bait. Explain what this 'heavy price's has been? We are in July with new players getting fit and and early results in the LC haven't gone our way and squad is incomplete. Add in the loss of 4 key players and a new manager who has his own ideas on what we need to compete and I ask again, what is this heavy price you refer to. AS has had 3 competitive games and some want him sacked. It beggars belief. Am I happy with results? Nope. Am I prepared to give the man more time? Yes.