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  1. nedflanders123

    Why Are We Cheating ?

    Diving has been in the game for as long as I have watched football. I don't condone it and in an age of snowflake overpaid footballers it happens all over the world. How you stop it will be down to managers having the balls to deal with their offending players. However, with player power it is as likely as stopping gobbing and faking injury.
  2. nedflanders123

    1400 fans

    Bournemouth with a capacity of 10,000 are outperforming Newcastle, Southampton and a number of other bigger clubs. A good manager who can identify good players, is tactically aware and brings stability can make a smaller club more successful than bigger clubs. A bit like us in late 70s and early 80s when we competed against the bigot brothers.
  3. nedflanders123

    January (AKA The last chance saloon)

    Yes, I did watch the game. The simple answer is that we do not have (in certain positions) players good enough for this league. Outplayed too. I dont want us to be relegated but on the basis of our performances so far, we look out of our depth.
  4. nedflanders123

    January (AKA The last chance saloon)

    He can only work with what he has player wise. The recruitment pre season was shambolic and that's not OK's fault. I have no doubt the board know we are a mess and have agreed with OK that it's a medium to long term objective to produce a team good enough to survive in the top league. It may even be accepted that we are likely to go down and OK will be around to take us forward.
  5. nedflanders123

    Robbie Neilson to Dundee Utd

    And exactly where will Dundee Utd (threat of administration mentioned again by some football media this week) get the money to buy a red hot Shank's amongst others? It must be costing them a fortune in wages already. If they don't get promoted (think Highland teams will do so) then they will go bust.
  6. nedflanders123

    Same old story

    Indeed. Poorly in bed so forgive me
  7. nedflanders123

    Same old story

    Might want to add The Fakes too. Imagine the meltdown if we lost 6-0 at home?
  8. The ones in the top photo were the fools who were lambs to the slaughter. Fools? You serious?
  9. nedflanders123

    St Mirren Celebrity Ambassador Fans

    DJ Kid Jensen.
  10. nedflanders123

    Anton Ferdinand

    What I am puzzled with is that he was on QPR's books so he must have shown some talent to make that step up? It could be the pace of the game here, lack of fitness/competitive games or confidence? Time will tell if he is given the chance under new manager and coaches.
  11. nedflanders123

    Scottish Challenge Cup 2018/19

    Nonsense. Like JR last season, AA will be concentrating on promotion and not a diddy competition that noone is interested in. A quick look at attendances will tell you how much fans are interested. You need to forget last season's game v Raith as much as any other defeat in our history. It's gone, over with, history and we won the Championship.
  12. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    I think that conversation will have taken place prior to him applying after Jack left.
  13. nedflanders123

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Exactly but more importantly the performance of the team was distressing. Players playing out of position, unfit/not good enough and seeming unsure of their roles