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  1. You write alias three times yet think me obsessed? Again, you have a personal dislike for JR. Sunderland approached him and not the other way around. He did a great job for our club and for that we should be grateful. Any decent manager will quickly move from our club to bigger clubs who pay more.
  2. Another alias methinks. Don't think he will be begging anyone. You clearly have a gripe against JR. Bigger and better managers have failed - Jose, Strachan, Moyes, Lambert etc
  3. Exactly mate. Jack got a chance at a bigger club and wages no club outside the OF could offer. For whatever reason it hasn't worked out in line with what clearly Sunderland (a basket case) wanted. The problem is that managers just don't get time and I have no doubts the club was in a bigger mess than Jack found out on assuming the role. A lot of clubs raise their game against a so-called bigger club and it's a tough league to get out of. It's a shame he wasn't given more time as I think he will still go to a bigger club one day. Some laughing at someone getting sacked is rather sad.
  4. Danny Lennon began a season as manager losing first 6 games IIRC. JGis not the worse manager in our history FFS. Judge him across a season.
  5. For those old enough just look at Ally McLeod who played for us early 70s and hardly broke sweat but what a goal scorer. McCoist and Boyd at Scumgers were not known for being work horses either. Best example has to be Andy Ritchie at Soaps.
  6. You have stated you no longer go to games so what is the basis for your 'dreadful' opinion? He is not fully match fit and has played 4 games against 3 of the top teams. At least give him some time.
  7. How the feck can you judge Junior with so little game time and first team football this season. He missed a chance but so did Defoe in the first few minutes. Our strikers had only scraps to feed on yet your scathing of their performance?
  8. Want me to remind you what this mob did to Hibs (a better team than us) last time out? Rangers, surprisingly (not) have better quality players than us and will beat most teams in this league - home and away. You need to also consider that a number of our players are still getting up to speed with match fitness and adjusting to the pace. Anyone who witnessed the performances in the LC will know that there is a huge improvement in the performances over the last 3 league games. JG's job is medium to long term and that we are unlikely to suddenly now have a team good enough to expect to beat one of the ugly sisters. We can only play as well as the quality we have and against how well the other team plays. We came very close to getting a point which would have been a great result at this early stage of the season. Some on here had us losing all of the opening three league games (you were probably in that group) based on early season LC performances. Its going to take time and I think Jim got the tactics right by making us hard to beat and minimising the morale drop if we had gone guns ho and taken a heavier defeat. It almost worked and I think our team will only get better. The OF are in a different place to us financially and player quality and, most of us, if being honest, would have looked at this game as one to expect little or nothing.
  9. You need to be more careful Shull. Going to miss Fitzy.
  10. Indeed Ian. A lot of good work currently being done by committed people proud of the estate.
  11. I lived there 62-74 and happiest days of my life. Lots of good people then and a lot doing community work and supporting the scheme today.
  12. As they have just received £25m for Tierney they can afford to pay a sizeable fee.
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