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  1. I understand the money is not entirely guaranteed but the ballpark figure is surely solid enough to permit a salary range to be given. I don't know how much it costs to fund a shooting network at our level but I can't see how the variable range of SMISA income is an insurmountable obstacle.
  2. I wonder if this is something we could fund with SMISA money?
  3. They are excellent. I've had two afternoons of entertainment with the weans hunting them already and I'm only about half way through. Seems like a good initiative.
  4. We need to make it much easier for kids to gain free access to the ground. Something akin to what Partick do where all kid in the home support under 16 get in for free. Our own season ticket initiative is good but there are too many hurdles - deadlines, conditions of purchase - to truly serve the purpose of maximising our engagement with young people. Let's just have a simple rule of letting U16s in for free.
  5. When I told my old man about his death he said he was a great player. He said that, for all everyone raved about Jimmy Johnstone, Bryceland was better. We met him at hospitality and my 70 year old dad was starstruck like a teenage girl.
  6. In terms of moving your seat to a different stand for a game it's not been a problem for me. If you call the ticket office they can void your season ticket for one game and give you a paper ticket for the other stand. At least that's what they did for me when I took my nephew to the family stand.
  7. I thought Rooney looked good. It was difficult for any of our trialists to make much of an impression when Burnley were so dominant.
  8. I wouldn't have a season ticket as I do many other things during the summer months. I'd still go to games but would pick and choose while paying at the gate.
  9. I've had a look inside 'the void' and it looks like it could hold more than 200. Is that figure definitely correct? Anyway, as has been mentioned above, it's still extra cash.
  10. How did Thomas play yesterday?