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  1. Alex Smith

    Good attempt, poz. Dunces' hat for you tho [emoji38]
  2. Interstadia and Tickets

    I too struggled with the online booking system when attempting to buy tickets for Dundee Utd away. Phoned the ticket office and they were very helpful and stuck them in the post. Not ideal but will just phone to book tickets from now on.
  3. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Aye, that's the new plan
  4. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Thanks sps
  5. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Taking my nephew to his first game today and would like to show him the 1877 Club. Do we need to be signed in by a member? If that's the case would any good Buddie be willing to sign us in?
  6. Vote Now For Street Names

    Can't argue with any of the choices. I'm really surprised at how low McWhirter scored tho. I suppose the young 'uns never saw him play and the fogies have seen better players. The middle aged guys must have forgotten to vote. I mean f**king boo!
  7. Winter Anarchy

    Jeez; Faraway's fair getting about
  8. Winter Anarchy

    Excellent. Pop doon tae Kilbirnie while yer oot. I'll have 2 pints of milk and a loaf of bread. And some wine [emoji3]
  9. Vote Now For Street Names

    Excellent. Money and Yards to be added to my list. Gunni was brill but doesn't have the same long term connection to the club
  10. Vote Now For Street Names

    Have I missed something? Wouldn't be the first time. I thought there were only 3 picks left?
  11. Vote Now For Street Names

    Aber, Fitzy, McWhirter. Started going to games in '85 so can't comment on players before then. Apologies to Yards, Gunni and Money
  12. St Mirren Article

    Brilliant article. I can state, without any hyperbole whatsoever, that Fitzy is the greatest guy who has ever lived
  13. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Just buy them over the phone. Nothing can go wrong. I received this receipt today for the 7 tickets I ordered yesterday. I'll need to cancel this month's donation to the orphanage [emoji2]
  14. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I love a Friday evening game too. This had better be a particularly good one cos when I called the ticket office today to order 7 tickets they accidentally charged me £1,410. On the plus side I think I now own SMISA.
  15. No' huvin that. This is not the place for sensible posts. f**k off to mumsnet or somewhere if that's what you're after [emoji2]