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  1. League or Cup

    Both please. I was too young to appreciate it properly when we won in 1987. Also, my favourite season was 1999/2000. Not that I'm greedy or anything.....
  2. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    McInnes said recently that the most important thing at a football club is stability. Why then would he go to the basket case that is Sevco? On the other hand he hasn't said "I'm not going to Rangers". If McInnes does leave Aberdeen I don't think Jack will replace him. Or maybe he will. Right, that's that sorted out. Next question.
  3. Staying overnight so couldnae get a return.
  4. Looking forward to a good day out and, hopefully, a resounding victory. £17.50 for a single from Glengarnock to Haymarket tho! I'll need to ask Shull for a tap...
  5. A whoosh surely Bud. Unless I've been whooshed too.
  6. Craig Samson

    Agreed. Sammy is a great keeper at this level
  7. QoS Game

    I agree TC. We were by far the better team. The movement before the second goal was superb
  8. Headlines You Can't Ignore

    "Gay Sex Splits Bishops". Stolen from Barry Cryer
  9. Felt like a training session today. The polite applause at the goals showed that the fans treated it as seriously as the players
  10. Used to enjoy this cup. The introduction of Colts teams has totally devalued it tho. I'm still going. However, I reserve the right to moan about it. Mumble and, furthermore, grumble.
  11. I've always enjoyed your musings on this site, Shull. Gonnae bring back happy Shull tho? Grumpy Shull is a pain in the tits
  12. Opening Day Fixtures - Leaked

    Surely Flarey is the Cap'n entertaining himself as he did last season with his Centre Spot Jobbie thread. Top posting sir
  13. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Haha. Top post.