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  1. The Sun said. That's that f**king sorted then.
  2. Oran kept us up. That's all that was asked of him and he did that. Sounds simplistic I know
  3. Agree with this. They were f**king terrible. Unfortunately we don't look like we can score tho
  4. Difficult one. Keeping drivers' speed down on the motorway should be a good thing. Sometimes tho you need a wee bit of speed to get yourself out of trouble. Imagine you pressed your accelerator and nothing happened.
  5. Have you been away for a while, Rickster? Good to have you back. Agree with the first part of your post. Didn't think the team played well in general tho. Thought the Duck added something when he came on
  6. I agree with this. If this incident happened fellow fans are far more likely to be able to identify the perpetrators from grainy footage than the authorities are. Then we can get the (alleged) cunts kicked out of our club.
  7. Had a meeting with a client in the Costa in Newton Mearns last Friday. Pointed out that they hadn't charged me and the lassie behind the counter said 'have this one on me'. Nae Ambassadors etc. Just a nice story
  8. You're right, Ricky. Will probably feel differently tomorrow and turn up anyway. COYS
  9. Taking a wee day off from Saints tomorrow. Wednesday was awful. Will regroup and re-engage next week
  10. gilberto

    Your First Car

    I think it's because when the rozzers pulled you over back then the first question they asked was if you knew the reg number, presumably to check if you'd nicked it. So the first thing I did when I got a new motor was to memorise that.
  11. gilberto

    Your First Car

    Jobby broon Austin Metro. DSU 566X. Eventually used parts from that beauty to rebuild another Metro, which was the most unroadworthy vehicle ever created.
  12. This thread is f**king torture. Was everyone snowed in today?
  13. I've just realised that most of the arguing on this thread is between two teetotallers (try saying that when you've had a few). Solution: Ricky and Shul should get pished and then they'll become best pals. You're welcome.
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