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  1. Fair enough, Shull. I'd never call you a liar. Krankies Therapist is doing an amazing impression of you tho........
  2. Are you really not Krankies Therapist? I'm unconvinced. Gold medal to the person who set up that account if I'm wrong
  3. Top trolling, Shull. I doff my cap to you
  4. Best fitba chant I've ever seen
  5. gilberto

    Breaking News

    Just noticed this thread. Why has Faraway been banned? He was a prolific poster and he enjoyed a wee argument. I never saw any nastiness from him tho.
  6. Brian Martin. Too good to be considered a journeyman imo, but few others seem to agree. Good thread, Shull. You getting back to your old self?
  7. For f**k's sake Shull. Used to enjoy reading your ramblings. Have had you on ignore for a while now and just dipped in to see if anything has changed. You're still coming out with exactly the same old shite you've been babbling on about for ages
  8. Occasionally sneaking a pint of Moretti onto expenses when I have lunch at the Bankhoose. Hard to resist Moretti when in the Bankie [emoji481]
  9. Don't agree with a lot of what you post, Oaky. Not that you would give a f**k about that [emoji3] I think this is a really good post tho. Ahem not that you'd give a f**k about that either. Tax credits are a f**king nightmare tho, especially for the self-employed. I work in that field so I see the problems every day. Issues with Tax Credits and the immediate ending of Jobseekers Allowance when someone goes self employed can be catastrophic. The much maligned Universal Credit actually mitigates that problem. Your comment about whether food banks drive want rather than fulfil need may be controversial but I get it. When my clients need to visit a food bank it's almost always down to desperation. However, I recently had a case where a client received a food bank delivery (yes delivery) that he didn't need or ask for
  10. Agreed. Slow motion doesn't help in a case like this. The incident obviously happened at full speed so slow mo is irrelevant
  11. Is is Shull tho? I'm not sure. The Shetland alias definitely was. This is fun...
  12. Kirkie's a great signing for us. f**king loved his attitude when he was with us before. Happy to let my heart rule my head with this one. Bet I'm not proved wrong
  13. Great post; thinking outside the box. It'll never catch on.....
  14. Kinda on topic I've noticed recently that the desktop site has become so slow on my tablets that it's unusable. It's fine on my laptop and the app is ok too. Anyone else having similar problems?
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