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  1. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Not Saints best performance today, but an away point keeps us top of the league. Todays game reinforced my belief that football should be played on grass and not on plastic pitches. The ball does not run true and I lost count of the number of times the ball got stuck between players legs
  2. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Camera work and picture quality is absolutely pish on Falkirk tv
  3. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    This is where Jack works his magic. Need to get out of first gear
  4. Falkirk sack Houston

    And they said it would all be okay once Sibbald started playing
  5. Not necessarily 3 games, depends on what the refs report says. was Watching on Pars tv (which is abysmal) and was surprised by the straight red, wasn't even handbags at ten paces. that being said, we got what we deserved today. Hopefully we'll show a reaction next Sunday at batter Queens next Sunday
  6. Watering the pitch

    Or are they bluey green?
  7. The camera work is crap this week. I'm getting a headache with the constant changes of camera angles. It's like a bad music video
  8. st mirren tv com

    When it started, Tommy Turner did it a few times and I think some injured players did it as well
  9. U20s

    Winning 3-2, 76 minutes played
  10. U20s

    Ladbrokes in play has it at 2-2 after 67 minutes, doesn't name the scorers
  11. that's a revolving circle more than me