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  1. No team should have a third strip. Just another way to fleece the fans out of more money. Did the 1st team ever wear the 135th Anniversary strip?
  2. If this gets voted in, do we then have another vote to decide which team to sponsor??? Imagine sponsoring a team that plays against one of our youth teams
  3. No bar codes or bibs
  4. Earlier than that. Was either the 5-2 or 6-2 game against Hearts in 85
  5. Bit like Marwood then
  6. He even looks at the goalie twice before the shite pass back
  7. The Adult short sleeved isn't even listed on the website at all !!!
  8. I would imagine so. I'm hoping to watch Raith Rovers tv and listen to Saints radio. Might take a wee bit of effort to sync them up
  9. Just signed up for a free Raith Rovers tv account. £5 a game which is a wee bit cheaper than our tv channel, but the robbing Fifers actually charge their fans to listen to the radio commentary
  10. Thanks, that's it sorted now
  11. Not liking the update that my phone installed today. Loads of pictures and can't tell if a topic has had a new posting or not
  12. So far so good on my phone and laptop. Would like the back to top of page option again
  13. Why are Dumbarton classed as Northern when Stenhousemuir aren't
  14. And they'll probably still manage to unveil the new one and have it on sale before we get to see ours
  15. McAvennie was due to sign for David Pleats Luton Town before going to West Ham