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  1. QoS Game

    Josh todd had great game so far. He was breathing out his arse coz he’d just done a wee maizy run and kept the ball superbly not for the first time.
  2. Sergio Ramos is Gregor Buchanan
  3. So who can periscope sts tv from their laptop?
  4. Pre Season Friendlies

    Sorry mate I'm computer illiterate. Go on the periscope map and click on the live red dot on Inverness......hey presto
  5. Pre Season Friendlies

    It's on periscope
  6. Really liked the look of buchanan any time we played them last season. BIg, strong as fcuk no nonsense defender........he will be a cracking signing.
  7. Speculation Thread

    Heard we are signing Nicky Devlin
  8. Has our game gone into gremany austia mode yet.......please
  9. Regular updates and clips please for us unfortunates who will be stuck in a turkish airport on our way home.......shit timing
  10. Hibs v Raith - Wednesday

    From turkey ......yassssssss
  11. WIll be on holiday when this game is on so relying on getting it on sts tv. I cant see it advertised on the main website.......are they all covered? Also I thought you could purchase here with aim to use abroad but cant seem to access........anybody know if you can only buy when you are actually outside the country? Any help appreciated........oh and 3-0 sts !!
  12. QOS v St Mirren Sat 18th March

    I think this is right.......but i didnt appreciate we still have at least 9th place still in our own hands........i thought we were dependant on others. If Ayr and Dumbarton draw next week we are 2 points off ayr with same games played. so if we beat them when we play them and then equal or better results in remaining games we are ok. IF a draw we are 5 pnts behind dumbarton with a game in hand and still to play them. If ayr win then it means dumbarton just 4 ahead and we have the game in hand. ayr still catchable if they drop points in their game in hand against dundee utd away. If dumbarton win then ayr now can be overtaken when we play them. So its all good now?........or have i missed something
  13. Can those who have got their tickets already advise if they were for either main stand or behind goal stand or has their been a mixture. THe ticket site doesnt give a choice but maybe if you go down to ticket office in person you can choose?
  14. ANybody know if its the main stand or the behind goal stand that is the family block. I dont want the family block but would aso like to know what stand that means i will be housed in. The tkt site doesnt seem to explain.
  15. Raith Rovers v St Mirren

    Last 2 games at Starks ive gone M8 and then Forth Bridge but not sure what forth bridge area is like at rush hour ( pretty congested id expect). Any thoughts whether Kincardine bridge is any quicker at peak times?