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  1. Rammed in at Ibrox. No distamcing between many and we settle for 1000?
  2. Would take Naismith back for next season
  3. Thought Macpherson played well when he came on.
  4. cant listen to our away commentay. Aberdeen commentary pretty fair and much better. Actual commentary instead of our guys pish talk
  5. Guidi and Donnely. Why the feck are they commentating (basly)for St Johnstone
  6. Thought I recognised the voice. Yup. Forgot how good a commentator he was.
  7. Played much better after we went down to 10 men.
  8. How many times are we going to overhit the long hoof ball up the park?
  9. Why the f**k are we now simply punting high balls up the park.
  10. His passing has been piss tonight.
  11. Another pish stream means a very pish view of our goal
  12. The ball will not stay still at set pieces. As such the game will either be called off or abandoned. Just a pity I will have a 2 hour round trip to experience this when they could call it off now and save everyone the inconvenience of travelling.
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