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  1. Is there not a gym forum you can post on?
  2. ron

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    Meant playing for dunfermline - not Dundee
  3. ron

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    Is the Aschcroft playing for Dundee the son of the 'famous' Ian 'ashy' Ashcroft that starred for Arthurlie in the 80,s . Looks awfy like him and i see he was born in Barrhead. Did Ian Ashcroft once play for Sts? Or maybe just play in a trial? embdy know
  4. Where’s JJ McG wi all his exclusives. I miss them.
  5. Gary mac facing fitness test along with Lyons and Jackson according to SSN
  6. Better have enough people manning the phones tomorrow. I'm sure I,m not the only one who can't get anything out of the sh*te ticket site,who works all day ( and lives an hours drive away) and who is a season tkt holder ( and have been since 1977). As such the only way I can see of getting a ticket is to phone in for it. No doubt my seat towards the back of the west stand will already be taken and therefore will probably be left with a crappy view seat towards the front of the stand. Under the circumstances can the club not just announce that seating will be unreserved on this occasion.........get there early and at least you have a chance of getting your seat choice. Alternatively can us supporters not just put it out there that we agree to go with unreserved seating ( since its almost certain people will sit in their season tkt seat regardless- especially if they are just put on the smart card and no way of anyone checking if you should be in any other seat other than the one listed on your smart card?). It will only take a few sitting in the 'wrong' seat to have a huge knock on effect and then the allocated seating goes to pot anyway.
  7. Cant even get into the fckn site. Requested a new password an hour ago and despite being told new one sent nothing in inbox or spam. Pathetic.
  8. Will there be tickets on sale at Hamilton on day. Sure to take a big crowd but doubt we would sell all tickets in advance
  9. Is the £16 adult + child limited for family stand or can you get in with main bulk of support in main stand using it ........emdy know
  10. It would appear 'blind' Beaton is the ref you want if you dont want cited for these incidents.He never saw any of the Morelos ones and would appear he now never saw any retrospective action required for any of the two dubious incidents in last Friday nights game at Dundee . Mcnulty kick to the face and Anderson knee to the head..........nothing to see here.....carry on boys.....
  11. The fact Osman walked round thebtrack and then sat in with the Sts fans would suggest there might be some truth in rumour he might be joining?
  12. ron

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    Shankland looking pretty sharp tonight. Why the feck was he allowed on a kebab diet when he was with us
  13. JACK THE LAD..............a poor mans JJ McG or the real deal........most of his predictions do seem to come to fruition. Or is it the same person?
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