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  1. ron

    Latest Scores

    Shankland looking pretty sharp tonight. Why the feck was he allowed on a kebab diet when he was with us
  2. ron

    Hayden Coulson - Confirmed

    JACK THE LAD..............a poor mans JJ McG or the real deal........most of his predictions do seem to come to fruition. Or is it the same person?
  3. We need a hit the crossbar challenge at ht. Id buy a ticket for chance to win a couple of grand.
  4. ron

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    Last game when we were up there was covered on red tv as usual but was aired live on youtube. Any chance this may happen again?
  5. ron

    Speculation Thread

    GIve it 3-4 weeks and we will have the prospect of Hammil and Jackson tearing the shit out of defences HAmmill looks pretty useful
  6. ron

    Speculation Thread

    What chances Fraser Hornby ( from Everton) being one on Stubb,s radar for season loan. Saw a bit of him In Toulon tournament for U21's and he looked as if he could be a handful up front. He's over 6 ft so passes the first criteria.
  7. Couldn't agree more about the music after the game..........get it to fcuk.
  8. ron

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    From a purely personal pov .......yaaasssssss. I can get to tannadice......couldnt make today......
  9. ron

    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Aw well.......that pish tonight has gauranteed a sell out against Dumbarton
  10. ron

    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Couldn’t agree more. But I bet there will be a few people who will sit in and watch the Scotland game rather than come out on a cold Tue night where the forecast is for a pretty miserable drizzly night.
  11. ron

    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    I see we will be competing against Hungary v Scotland on cooncil tv. I will still go to our game but im sure one or two now wont. Why didnt we make it the Wenesday evening?
  12. ron

    Trophy Day

    Haha. Snap. They better hang off until Utd away at the earliest or else.......
  13. Why will parking be at a premium because its on BT?
  14. ron

    Captain Fantastic

    Just noticed Buchannan made the team too
  15. Wheres the aquatic connection with ryan flynn?