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  1. That Goal!

    Maybe not the best place to bring his name up, but Greg Wylde v Ross co was quite tasty too
  2. Just discovered it's got its own thread now . Doh!
  3. Still can't decide between Carey v hearts or Mallan today as best goal at the ground . But wee Stevie's was a stonker!
  4. Referee is going to be Kevin Clancy. I'm sure there are worse around . No , there ARE worse around
  5. Just says jacket and tie . No mention of a shirt .....
  6. Re the M74 roadworks - has anybody had any recent experience of how long it is taking to get through the roadworks on a Saturday , or is East Kilbride route a better option?
  7. St Mirren v Falkirk - 28 January 2017

    Would that not be a foursome then?
  8. It's been the A380 only once . So you're probably right [emoji51]
  9. It's a boeing 777, not A380
  10. Saints V Dumbarton

    That [email protected]@@ing about was actually between langfield and Mackenzie if you had been paying attention
  11. I would agree. Big mistake by Mckenzie but not irretrievable had langfield moved even a bit quicker to get out . Similar to other moment in 2nd half when DU player through ( looked offside) but langfield clearly should have been first to get down on ball but dilly dallied and their player put it under him before someone ( not sure who ) cleared the danger . He ( Langfield) was moving in slow motion .
  12. And if you don't , you could , I suppose , pay and go ( like most people)
  13. That was dire . Got sun tan though . Baird and Hutton need taken out the team for their own benefit if not for anyone else's .