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  1. Probably the most sensible post I've read on here in years. You make more sense pissed than 99% of the posters on this forum do sober!!
  2. So one is your answer and even that's debatable. The star turns that we have got rid of must be in your dreams
  3. Can you name these 'shit' players who we have got rid of that have turned into star turns elsewhere?
  4. The only unusual thing on here is that anyone should be surprised at another defeat. We can't defend or score goals so its not exactly rocket science that we don't win games. A board who don't want to be there a manager who shouldn't be there an inability to sign a proper centre half and no one who will bag anywhere near the amount of goals Thommo did. I disagree that there isn't much between the bottom 6. Bottom 5 maybe but we are hopeless and it is really difficult to see where a point never mind 3 is coming from. Lets be clear. If nothing changes then this team will finish bottom of the league come May. Even during Danny's terrible runs you turned up thinking we could win. Not this team. Thommo back, centre half signed and manager (along with coaches) relieved of duties is the minimum required. If that doesn't happen then there is no doubt its first division here we come. Surely everyone at the club realises that!!!!!
  5. More than 40 years a St Mirren Fan I really should know better!!!!
  6. This team are cannon fodder! Not a centre half in the squad (Plummer too small, Goodwin average at best and McAusland simply not good enough).Tommy was looking to get a striker in because Thommo is out long term. He signed THREE forwards!!! So is he saying none of them are good enough? Caldwell the only natural finisher in the squad can't get a game.Pity he didn't sign a big no nonsense centre half. We've been crying out for one for years. Defence hopeless and absolutely nothing in the last third. Can't see where we are getting a point from never mind a win. Certainly not at Aberdeen or at home to Celtic. So that'll be played 8 ZERO points and surely time for action. Not much to be optimistic about!!
  7. Sorry am I missing something here. A player who spends far to much time sitting in the stand suspended another who was injured for most of the season and hardly kicked a ball and not any experience between them coaching. Please let me what you find so exciting?
  8. To discus the sale perhaps??? Why they said they were meeting in the first place was a poor decision. Just put pressure on themselves to come out with a statement that asks more questions than it answers.
  9. You've got to assume that perhaps the sale of the club is close and therefore it won't be a decision for the current board to make. Nothing else makes sense.
  10. He was let down by imposters like Valencia, Nani and Young. Players long past their best like Evra, Ferdinand and Carrick and players who shouldn't be anywhere near Manchester United first team like Cleverley, Kagawa, Rafael, Fellaini and Jones. Only the keeper, Rooney, Vidic and Van Persie would get a game in the current top four teams. How Alex Ferguson won the league last year with that bunch just goes to show the genius of the man. Huge clear out required and won't happen in a season no matter who they get in as the top 4 are miles ahead of them.
  11. Don't think anyone has said they are offended. I was just pointing out how moronic and unfunny the posts were.
  12. Hilarious guys. A wife a mother a daughter and only 25 and some people want to come on a football forum and kid on they are Frankie Boyle. Pathetic
  13. Fantastic!!! Four pages on something that never even happened!!!
  14. Did not see anyone leave but like many posts on here why let the facts get in the way of starting a topic or adding shit to one!!!
  15. 5 games to go and is time for EVERYONE to get behind the team and management. The post mortem can take place on may 11 COYS!!!!!
  16. Fixtures been very very kind to us. No excuses if we don't get out play off place.
  17. Superb post just confirms to everyone that you are a complete wanker!! lol
  18. At times like this it's easy for idiots like you to come on here and make stupid comments like this!!! The current board have invested more time and money in St Mirren than you ever will. To say they don't give a toss is absolute nonsense!!!! You only need to see Stewart Gilmour after the Cup win or when we were promoted to see what the club means to him. You should be embarrassed by your brainless rant!!
  19. Tho I do agree with your poor old labour quote. Milliband did not mention a single budget measure in his reply speech, instead going down the Old Etonians line!!! Again!!!! God help us if this incompetent fool is ever in charge of our country!!!
  20. And the difference to the ordinary guy on the street............. Like most budgets.... the square root of feck all!!!!!
  21. Not harsh but ridiculous, irrational and hardly worth reading....like the majority of posts on this forum these days...pathetic.
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