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  1. Start a thread or post to have it turned into what has happened on this thread and hundred of threads before it. Na...you and your wee sad pals can abuse each other and post absolute rubbish till your wee hearts content. Enjoy. I'll get my St Mirren news elsewhere.
  2. Time to shut this forum down. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. The usual suspects turn a thread about Anton into this. It's embarrassing beyond words. I like many other people am out of here. It's got little to do with St Mirren anymore. Half a dozen sad little men who seem to get off on trolling on a football forum. Get a life guys!
  3. If I heard right Inverness had 425 fans tonight!!!
  4. I don't do conspiracy theories. I do do shit referees!!!
  5. Dodgy!!! Inverness pound them the whole first half and a horrific decision changes the game completely. Never a penalty in a million years!!
  6. St Mirren Legend??? You have got to be joking!!! A guy who had he been an unemployed guy from foxbar would have been in prison.
  7. Really? So you think Kilmarnock were much better than us tonight? Every player gave 100% and I thought we performed pretty well in awful conditions. If anything is going to send us down it will be the lack of goals, but I've not given up getting out of this. I realise it's about points now and not performance. No reason why we can not get something in Perth on Saturday, then it's Celtic and a must win against Dundee. 4 points from these 3 games will see us move of the bottom. COYS!!!!
  8. Hall of fame should not be about mediocrity. Handing it to Samson and Potter, in my opinion makes a mockery of it.
  9. It's hard to argue with the guy in the sin bin who has you as the forum fool after that comment... You really make no sense at all..Outsiblng... Really!? As Del Boy would say...what a plonker!!
  10. Samson and Potter were average footballers at best. Should not be anywhere near a St Mirren Hall of Fame in my opinion. Have nothing against either of them and recognise they both played in teams who achieved success but to mention them in the same breath as Telfer,Copland, Money, McGarvey, Fitzpatrick, Lapsley, Bryceland, Murray, Stark, Somner. McWhirter, Thompson, Richardson and Abercromby is ludicrous!!
  11. And I ignore you dear boy. It's the right thing to do with what you write. It tends towards the standard regurgitation of old fashioned and spiteful comments which ultimately decry a player. Our team, another team, one of their players or a match official. Predictable in the extreme but it's your right to post it.
  12. At this stage in the season it's not about performance more about the three points. We defended pretty well against an awful Livingston team but offered very little in the final third. However the great escape II is on!!!!
  13. I would answer you if I gave a f8ck what you think!!! Or had any respect for anything you said on here...EVER!!!
  14. It's you're interesting not your! From the most sad person (alias) on the forum irony is something that clearly goes over your head. A psychologist would have a field day!!
  15. There is a legal process do try and keep up. (Though whether there should be one in this case is a seperate debate!) And there is no doubt the British Taxpayer will foot the rather large legal bill that will come with it!!! Perhaps if you are so keen you and all the labour party MP's who are already moaning about the decision can have a whip round and pay for it. She joined an organisation that took pleasure when Lee Rigby was hacked to death, when 4 people were killed and 50 injured on Westminster Bridge, when 22 were killed and 139 injured (most of them kids, the youngest was EIGHT!) at the Manchester arena, when 8 people lost their lives and 48 were injured on London Bridge. So you will forgive me (or maybe you won't) for not giving a shit what happens to her or her unfortunate child!!!
  16. Even by this forums standards that must be the biggest load of shite I have ever read.
  17. British citizenship been revoked. The only country in the world who would be even having a debate about it!!
  18. Lazy diving cheat! Quite rightly hooked at halftime.
  19. I would find it extraordinary if the club put out that statement without being 100% sure the incident took place! IF (and it's a big IF) that is indeed the case then I think it is such a serious misjudgement that they really need to go. What a season!!! You really couldn't make it up!
  20. Aye were the two of you on some desert island together.
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