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  1. PPV 6.99 247.tv https://www.247.tv/gaa/register-nipl might be on NI Prem channels on IPTV but then again
  2. His father thought he was above saints level which is a pity as he is used to dealing with crosses. Could have turned us into a top six side.
  3. Looks like he is off to the fakes. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/20236609.graham-carey-set-return-scotland-st-johnstone-exit-cska-sofia/
  4. Possibly another ex motherwell player mentioned previously in the thread which would be preferable.
  5. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/st-mirren-centre-back-conor-mccarthy-joins-barnsley-on-three-year-deal-3745506
  6. Aye but if we do them a favour and take him off their hands then we can add a bit extra on the asking price for Dunne. 😉
  7. He has been deployed as a defensive midfielder for Scotland U 17's and was easily above the rest in reading of the game. The boy which I have mentioned earlier in this thread from Kilmarnock who is a defender was also a good player. At that level he was probably needed in def mid but could easily be pushed into a further attacking midfield position. For me he hasn't had the time or opportunity there as a player and also needs to develop his shooting but his passing, movement, touch and control are not in question. Tracks back well and can travel with ball but still to see him eject a bit of pace. As I said looks comfortable in a controlling defensive mid position for his age but would like to see him in a further forward position to see what he can offer as has the ability.
  8. Technically gifted, can spot a pass, can play a number of positions. Reminds me of a young Darren Fletcher. Give him a few years and imo he will be a £10 mill plus player. Sell on clause will be the vital part in the sale.
  9. Rumour that Rangers made a move for him a few days ago. Initial fee of £400k speculated. Hope Benfica get their finger out and we get a healthy transfer and sell on fee for him. Benfica the Uefa Youth League champions with probably the best player development system in Europe or the sad alternative.
  10. Livi and the unwell also interested apparently. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sources-middlesbrough-set-to-sanction-player-exit-with-scottish-trio-in-pursuit/
  11. Yep, Clarke got it wrong from the offset should have been a 4-5-1 from the offset against a team like Ukraine. We were driven back to a 5-3-2 from early on and never got enough control or grip of the game from the offset. Fairplay to the Ukrainian players and their manager though who exploited our set up and weaknesses. I would expect them to beat Wales based on that performance although Wales might be better prepared after watching tonights shambles.
  12. Agreed, as a breakaway / counter attacking player would be a good addition to the squad particularly against stronger opposition when we may be forced to play a bit deeper. Highlights of his hat trick against toronto back in march below. Not too shabby
  13. Give them both stands and install electric chairs. Problem solved.
  14. Deducted from bill in October. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/millions-of-most-vulnerable-households-will-receive-1200-of-help-with-cost-of-living as a wee side safety bet, put a fiver double on New Zealand with Alex Grieve as tournament top scorer.
  15. How to Save Energy. Brandolini's law, also known as the bullshit asymmetry principle, is an internet adage that emphasizes the effort of debunking misinformation, in comparison to the relative ease of creating it in the first place.[1] It states that "The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it."[2][3]
  16. Aye suppose so, She is taking it block by block, think that is the saying they use.
  17. Aye your right, different ages. She is still doing it at 32 and just can't break the habit. She has been referred to Lego Anonymous but as yet it hasn't produced any significant results.
  18. And that is the problem. Boots on the ground management teams that do not successfully interact enough with supporters. In the modern age, technology, communication, marketing, gathering feedback/ideas for improvement are conducted by most businesses outside of football. I see very little of this type of engagement within the game. Maybe it is time for some supporters to stand up and deliver what is required, but not being successfully delivered by clubs particulalry those of our size and income. I would have thought that SMISA would have had more of an impact with the fan ownership model and maybe in time they will but at the moment we are still just treading the same water along with many other clubs.
  19. Maybe my grand daughter can explain it you in more simpler terms once I have managed to get the bit of lego out her nostril. 🙂
  20. Spot on. And to add a few ideas. 1) Football is becoming increasingly money orientated. The fun factor from years ago has turned into a more serious situation that needs to be addressed. It can become off putting for families, younger people, older people, people with disabilities not to mention the fans who are just generally in the mind of ( I can't be bothered with the hassle). We should be taking the lead in turning football back into a fun experience which involves the club not taking ourselves too seriously. This leads me to 'a higher profile for the club across wider media'. Football humour is gold dust and can create a good amount of income for the club if done correctly. I laughed myself to sleep last night with the thought of a few made up comedy sketches which in theory would last approx 5 minutes. These could easily be made during a matchday experience but manufactured pre, in match and post match. Easy to make, Easy to distribute and market on social media and if done correctly via you tube and other social media platforms can generate a fair amount of cash through views. Could also be shown at the games at half time or if we are getting skelped at fulltime to help people leave with at least a bit of humour. Might even lead to a wee show of BBC Scotland every so often. 2) Currently there is no legal solution for those St Mirren supporters who can't attend matches due to serious illness or disabilties over and above those who can attend using a wheelchair. The likelihood is you know someone like this or know someone who knows someone like this. (Current options IPTV, St Mirren TV with VPN, He's Goal). I understand that there is a broadcasting rights issue but surely addressing it with UEFA, SFA, TV Companies now is better than leaving the above situation evolve further. Football should be for all fans not only those who are able to attend and this should be recognised and addressed so the most vulnerable supporter doesn't miss a match. I am sure there are a number of fans who don't know about the non legal options or would be happy to pay if they have quality content, commentary and a good general viewing experience. Should also consider including the option of making it interactive throughout the match which is another thing about inclusion which we are not great at for a fan owned club. 3) St Mirren owned areas around the club. This space in the future must be utilised to generate revenue. I can't be bothered looking up the sizes but five a side/seven a side pitches near the ground with catering/cafe/pints even showers at the stadium increases the visibility, interest, buy in, 2 way interaction between club and people (supporters and potential supporters). The youth is the club's future and everything must be done to ensure we stop them going to the dark side as this often happens throughout their time at school as easily influenced by others at a young age. Kids in Paisley should also be given leaflets by their teachers not to trust their parents if they have green or blue football tops in their cupboard. Ok maybe a bit far but as a town we must further create and integrate younger people to the club and depending on their age and the experience they are looking for this goes from Panda Club right through to someone in the Northbank for example opening their arms to all who show an interest. We have been treading water for years. Time to step us as a club and take the lead with regards to technology, matchday experience, fans safety and community interaction at all levels. If anyone has the interest with regards to comedy sketch idea production and development then let me know and will provide further info directly.
  21. It's fine. Now that his name has been mentioned on the forum, Motherwell will declare an interest in signing him.
  22. Is it big or far away? and as for the second hand is it a huge arse or just closer. 😀
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