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  1. Would like to see us try 4-4-1-1 formation with Dennis in front of Brophy. Brophy holds the ball up well, can run the channels links up well but is not a penalty box striker. Would prefer to play him as a no. 10 with Jamie at left midfield and ronan out right midfield. Current formation now too predictable and by having dennis in front of Brophy will maybe give brophy more space and options to link with midfield, a more advanced player or to create space for shots for him. Main unfortunately doesn't offer much for me and Dennis is prob most natural finisher we have inside the box. Goodwin publicly stating we need to trim squad. A few passengers in the squad need to go and likely that Jamie will be away so prob 4 out and 2 in imo.
  2. Not surprised at all. A relative worked with him at scottish rugby and said he was an absolute tosser that got others to do his work for him.
  3. Greg Stewart away to indian super league. 🙁 That's another hopeful off the list. Really not looking forward to the season ahead. I wonder how many rupees they are paying him?
  4. Aye but were they the right size? 😀
  5. Not blaming the lads at all. Just looking at it from aclub point of view when trying to attract players. We are in a reasonable position to sign players from lower leagues for players who might be on lesser wages etc. I specifically wouldn't mention using us as a stepping stone but maybe a better platform.The point about spotting talent when players come to us is to act early. Most fans at the club know a baller when they see one but it appears the management/board are reluctant to act when we have a player on our hands. If we act early and approach the player directly early enough it is possible that by offering an extra X amount of pounds to extend their contract would persuade them to do so, before agents get involved. I don't know the ins and outs of what we can do above that i.e potential bonus rewards for someone staying and if they get a bigger move a slice of the pie for example. If a club is interested then we should be doing all possible to get at least market value when they have a couple of years left on contract rather than contracts dwindling down. Just saying marketing us as a stepping stone just puts ideas into guys heads. Trying to maintain a more stable group of quality players seems impossible at the moment and we end up chasing our tails trying to bring in other better or players or at least the same calibre. As I said if it is a step backwards for a player to move forward for a season then fair enough. Just hope one day that we get to the stage one day where hibs scouting isn't done on SMTV. Also include in the contracts premium sales to other scottish clubs similar to what Hibs did with Martin Boyle although at £500k surprised clubs down south haven't snapped him up. Both the manager and directors have noted our past situation so hopefully we might be more proactive with current quality players going forward.
  6. Is it just me or are we managing to attract players using the wrong approach? The message seems to be that come to St Mirren, we are great at developing players and then you will get a move to a bigger club. We should be buying these players, checking how they fit in, play and their potential worth to St Mirren and then approaching them with a 'We have been impressed with you so far and want to offer to you an improved extended contract' I appreciate there is no guarantee of Premiership football but good players will always end up being sold for a profit. (You can also take into account the possibility of a long term injury as a reason not to but it must be worth a gamble). I don't see any other clubs actively marketing to attract players so they can be used as a stepping stone. It becomes embarrassing the way we manage contracts of our players and talent has to spotted early on, rewarded and then taking a firm stance once you have them on a decent contract. It is ok to attract potentially a higher calibre of player for a season or so to help the team. Get players in who want to come and join the club and develop and reward them at the same time. We are far too short sighted and poor in our negotiations. We also come across as being far too accommodating to player requests. If a player is on a short contract then agree put a price tag on them and punt them but we need to manage the contracts better throughout the course of seasons and reward players to extend their contracts and stay albeit for possibly just that little bit longer.
  7. No chance! Not with Messi signing this week.
  8. Would really like to see Greg Stewart inbound as believe he is the type of player that we need. May need to stretch the coffers but was the acquisition I was really hoping for before transfer season. Also would be nice if we can stop playing hoofball as incredibly difficult to watch lower league tactics particularly against big solid defenders. If we can't play through midfield then we have a serious problem.
  9. https://the72.co.uk/243910/st-mirren-pull-out-of-race-to-sign-hull-city-attacker-james-scott/
  10. Yep Power controlled the game. Man of the match for me. Delighted to see his energy, vision, movement off the ball and tackling. I was sceptical of his signing but not now after last nights performance. 👏
  11. Sent a pair of England blockers Should come in (handy) for the penalty shootout.
  12. Disappointing result again for British football. Hopefully some pride and happiness will be restored in the next game. C'MON THE GERMANS. 🙃
  13. If only Gilmour was available to control the game it could possibly have been a different outcome. 3-1
  14. Kanye nae read like? Was edited after realising my f**k up. 🤓
  15. Great. Now where is that fecking winger that supposedly signed for us?
  16. Would drop odonnell back to right back, put mctominay into midfield and bring on patterson for armstrong to play in front of odonnell.
  17. would get armstorng off as well.done hee haw
  18. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7284240/rangers-hearts-kyle-lafferty-cyprus-kilmarnock/
  19. https://the72.co.uk/239756/peterborough-united-stance-on-st-mirrens-jamie-mcgrath-revealed/ 🙂
  20. Fair play to the guy https://www.colerainetimes.co.uk/sport/football/northern-ireland/comment-oran-kearneys-new-deal-is-coleraines-most-important-3279022
  21. Agree O'Donnell had a good game apart from the error that nearly let Shaw in. Some minor tinkering required for game against croatia. Would put O'Donnell back to right back, drop McGregor again, put in Patterson on the right and put Gilmour more central basically due to the threat of Perisic. Would also prefer to see Nisbet up front with either Adams or Dykes.
  22. Uri Geller is supposed to on scotland's side this time. Hopefully his ball moving ability comes in the last minute of the match, 🤣
  23. Gilmour reminds me very much of modric in his younger years. Will go on to be one of scotland's greats.
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