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  1. Terrible casting choice for me that one! Agreed, I was stunned that they never used a Scots actor, having said that and despite it being a pale shadow of the book, I still got some good laughs out of it.
  2. FFS this could get very messy indeed
  3. Funnily enough this was obvious to most of us who were watching, but seemingly not our manager
  4. We are saint Mirren, we have been utter shite for a few weeks now, what chance do we have against the early pace setters? 1-4... coz as shite as we are this is how we roll
  5. My old gran is a better defender than Cole and she's been dead for 10 years
  6. No idea Ricky, was here in Oz watching the score updates on twitter
  7. Agreed, but you have forgotten THAT, between believe and clubs... here to help bud
  8. Anyone's? FFS Oaky even you are failing on the pedants scale, if you are going to continue to correct us from on high you can surely be expected to be grammatically correct.
  9. Right you two, take note. This was a very entertaining thread for quite a time, so FFS ramp it up. I'm sick of reading about the ins and outs of what happens when the legend that is John McGinn is or is not sold, and the arguments aboutlaw vs legislation so come on, giz a bit of sweary semi literate abuse, Regards BaldyOz etc
  10. I get the iplayer here in Oz, download the free Hola VPN, it works a treat mate.
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