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  1. BaldyOzBud

    So this is what a ban looks like!

    This is definitely the most entertaining close season thread, a literal maelstrom of unadulterated pish , a triumph of mans inhumanity to man, a veritable cornucopia of utter shite, I salute you both, Quality maaaan,
  2. BaldyOzBud

    SMISA no more...

  3. BaldyOzBud

    Alan's first signings

    Aye, I'm feckin tiny
  4. BaldyOzBud

    Alan's first signings

    FFS talk about flogging a dead horse, let it go mate, much of what you posted is true, but it's becoming tedious in the extreme that you can't let it go.... Big man
  5. BaldyOzBud

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    That gave me a Cheshire Cat grin.. Fading away................
  6. BaldyOzBud

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    So what did the mad hatter tell you while Alice was gazing into the looking glass StuD?
  7. BaldyOzBud

    The Simple Digital Arena

    Ever since we moved to Greenhill Road my mates and I have referred to it as, @ Doon By, It's home and it really doesn'y matter a feck what it's official name is.
  8. BaldyOzBud

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    Whenever the new strip comes out it doesn't matter what it looks like, it's our team and I'll still be getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning and kicking every ball and willing us to win. We are the Saint Murn.
  9. BaldyOzBud

    Club Dismayed!

  10. BaldyOzBud

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    The red one looks like something that's lying on the bottom of Willie Millers old kit bag
  11. BaldyOzBud

    Club Dismayed!

  12. BaldyOzBud

    Pre Season Games and Training

    Is this a poll? If so I vote yes to Pre Season games AND training, this could revolutionise football as we know it.
  13. BaldyOzBud

    Club Dismayed!

    Sorry to infringe the copyright Drew but FFS
  14. BaldyOzBud

    St Mirren TV

    I'm sure that both the arsecheeks have their own TV for overseas fans so I can't see how the SPFL or the pay TV companies could possibly stop this service.
  15. BaldyOzBud

    Abortion Law Change in Ireland

    What a pack of cunts