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  1. We were spoiled by Ferguson, Clunie and McFarlane in the 70's and 80's but not by Gus and Danny who could barely win a home league game between them at the new stadium. Yes we are even worse now but that doesnt mean things were great a few years ago.
  2. First of all I've not said sack Rae...yet. However he has players that should be competitive in this league but insists on shitfest football and despite being a central midfielder himself, has built a squad with a glaring weakness in centre midfield. Things have to improve but I agree he should get more time for the moment. The answer to me is fairly simple, bring in a decent central midfielder and get the team to start passing the ball with a bit of urgency. My initial post about Jack Ross was in response to you saying who could we afford. If you think an Alloa manager, or any lower league manager would turn down a move to a bigger club you are kidding yourself on. And by the way, this is a forum for fans to express opinions. Signing policies should never be influenced by meltdowns or rumours on here . But you know that.
  3. Well Jack Ross seems to be doing quite well at Alloa and is widely regarded as the brains behind Murray's success at Dumbarton. Could bring Goody back as his assistant....
  4. what I'd love to know is what, in St Mirren terms, would make you optimistic? I fear happiness is a step too far to ask about.
  5. Sorry you'll need to show me where the pace in the team is ?
  6. Most of the games I'd choose have already been mentioned but here are a few more candidates; 6-3 win at Cappielow on New Years Day 1977. In the middle of a long unbeaten run we found ourselves 2-0 down in first 10 minutes. Then Donnie McDowall and the Morton keeper were sent off and Saints took full advantage. 4-3 win at Airdrie in 1981. Goalless after half an hour, Macavennie scored his first Saints goal and Starky scored 3 mins later. Fast forward 7 minutes and we're 3-2 down. With a few minutes left Macca equalised then Starky grabbed a last minute winner. 2-1 win at Dundee in 1990 to preserve our Premier League status. The club laid on free buses and we had a massive travelling support but went 1-0 down in the 1st minute. Bully Dodds then missed a penalty for Dundee before George Shaw popped up with an equaliser. Early in the 2nd half Brian Martin smashed home the winner right in front of the Saints support and it was bedlam in the away end.
  7. But that extrapolation was exactly what Elvis was doing.You're surely not accusing him of being unduly negative ?!
  8. Sorry Div I'm with Billy G on this one.I'd rather have kept Goody. That said I hope I'm wrong.
  9. Why is George the public face of this bid rather than Gordon? I'm not having a go here just genuinely intrigued as to why Gordon isnt more visible on this. Given the lack of strong leadership at the club in the last few years, it is a little concerning to me that he is standing back and letting George take the lead role. Is it maybe that he thinks people might think there is something in it for him personally if he's seen to be pushing it whereas that's less likely if a respected local MP fronts it?
  10. I wouldn't be too concerned. Flareybob has a 0% strike rate in his predictions/wind-ups. I wonder where Billy Clabby is these days....
  11. bingboy

    John Sutton

    We were utter shite the whole first half. Within 10 minutes of Mehmet and Sutton coming on we had scored 2 goals. That would tend to suggest to me we were better with them playing than warming the bench, making it more likely that we would win the longer they were on the pitch. Perhaps if they had started we would never have been 2-0 down and there would have been no need to change the team. It's certainly more plausible than suggesting we wouldn't have won the game if they had started. You're right no one can say for sure but on the balance of probabilities.....
  12. bingboy

    John Sutton

    Sorry but to start a match we had to win with Alex Burke and Stewart Kean on the pitch and Mehmet and Sutton on the bench was a woeful decision. He didn't even make the changes required when we were 1-0 down at half time and it was only when it went 2-0 and he had no option but to gamble that he went for it. No doubt in Gus's mind a point would have been acceptable but we would have been relying on other results going our way then. So yes, it was a fantastic day in the end but let's not kid ourselves that there was any managerial genius at play.
  13. He really will be a miracle worker if he gets us promoted through a play off win at Ibrox.My understanding is that the 2nd bottom team in the Premier will be in the Play-off final...
  14. I'm taking the view that it was all wasted because we didn't need to spend anything to stay up in the end. However I agree that Victor was quality and in different circumstances that wouldn't have been a waste of money.
  15. After wasting a fortune on Archibald and Victor to try to stave off relegation....
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