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  1. Here's a helpful little tip so you don't feel like you've wasted your time openig this thread. If you're an avid avocado eater like me, you'll probably understand the struggle of bringing home black over ripe avo's. When in the super market if an avocado seems ripe to the touch simply remove the 'pip' or 'stem' from the top. If it's brown, set it down. If it's green, cash machine.
  2. Wouldn't really work tho would it? You're assuming the players currently in Scotland would be happy to be part time. They wouldn't. The part time player pool is already smaller for players with an acceptable level of talent. We still wouldn't be able to compete with the larger clubs part time wages. Any player from the youth system with a modicum of talent will be picked up by not only championship teams but the lower league English development squads. The quality of football lowers, the crowds dwindle. Soon the product on show isn't even worth £5 Terrible idea. Bout time you dropped it.
  3. What are you talking about? How exactly would being part time improve anything?
  4. I think the only person that classes DL as a failure is you. What exactly did he fail at?
  5. Remember Motherwell used to play a little trumpet over the tannoy when they got a corner? Embarrassing.
  6. He's not any worse than the rest of them. I don't know if that's something to be proud of but it is what it is.
  7. Pish football from both teams. Showed some passion for 5 minutes at the end. At least we know it's there. Just need the right man to motivate the players.
  8. He drove at the defenders 2 or 3 times and won a couple of free kicks. Take him off and you remove what little goal threat we have
  9. Bit unfair to target 1 player after that... Absolutely f**king dire all over the pitch. Maybe Morgan gets pass marks
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