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  1. We played them a few weeks ago, we beat them 0-3 in August at the height of their bad run
  2. He certainly won't be going anywhere based on his performance on Saturday 😅
  3. Sad to see him go and don't really get the reasoning behind it. Can only assume that Robbo has been told to get the wage bill down...? His man of the match performance in the 0-0 against Celtic was superb and he will always be remembered for that.
  4. Well the accounts will make interesting reading, they can't hide it for much longer if we are in financial trouble. If we are i just can't get my head around why it has been allowed to happen.
  5. I'm certainly not ITK, but i was surprised by the level of business we did in the summer. Carson and Gallagher are both full internationals in the prime of their career, they wouldn't have been cheap. Add into that Baccus, Strain, Ayunga and the rest and the club clearly pushed the boat out in the summer, and we are now seeing the benefits of that on the park. The murmurings of things not being right behind the scenes have been happening for a while, and in the last seven days two directors have resigned. Is there anything to it? I have no idea. Surely a fan owned club wouldn't sanction over spending...?
  6. The fraud has well and truly been found out. No Lewis Morgan running amok and he can't manage his way out of a paper bag. Three clubs since leaving us, three sackings. Would be surprised if he manages to get another top flight gig.
  7. Would be a bad day for the club if Joe is allowed to leave, especially if he signs for a direct rival, which i assume he will. He's been a huge asset for the club since he joined, both on and off the pitch.
  8. The last day of the the August window 2021 was a great day for Saints in. MacPherson in Ronan out, what an upgrade 😍 Cammy a nice fella and a decent player but don't think he's up to it at Premiership level. Expect to see him in the Championship before long, where i think he'll do quite well. Hopefully with the Saintees.
  9. Well it would be quite easy for to freeze these guys out and tell them they are not part of his plans, happens all the time when a new manager comes in. Instead he has praised them both and he plays them both. These are not the kind of words you use about players if you're trying to get rid of them: If he didn't like Grieve he certainly wouldn't have offered him a new and improved contract. I would be surprised if we signed another striker tbh, what we desperately need is a goalscoring midfielder in the Ronan/McGrath mould. One goal from open play in games against Arbroath, Aberdeen, County, Motherwell and Airdrie is really grim reading. But what a goal it was 😍
  10. We have won at Tannadice in each of the last two seasons, who could forget the famous 1-5 up there last year? Or Jay and Eamonn causing havoc earlier this year: Some of the football for those goals 😍 They are in shambles so we should be going for a similar scoreline IMO. 1-4
  11. Robinson gave Grieve a new contract and has spoken highly of both Main and Brophy since he came, and has played them both regularly.
  12. Those figures from Gavin Reilly were heavily skewed with a lot of goals against Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale (who were basically an amateur team) and Hearts B in the challenge cup (who were basically a boys team). He was never that good a player and Danny Mullen had got him out the first 11 by the end of that season. His gradual downward career trajectory to his current club in Scottish League 1 since leaving us is certainly no surprise. But fair play to him he got a few decent deals off the back of that one season with us.
  13. Would drive him there myself. Would suit both parties, and probably save us paying hefty compo in a few weeks.
  14. Playing in English League 1, which is at least equivalent level to most of the Scottish Premiership. He's had fitness issues in the last couple of seasons but i think he could do well there this year, cracking player. Danny Mullen would absolutely love to be playing in English League one. He won't ever play there though, because he's not good enough.
  15. You bumped this because Mullen signed with Championship Partick Thistle?
  16. How is saying I will see us relegated plenty of times in the future a prediction for this season?
  17. Yes. Really we shouldn’t be counting the Cowdenbeath game either IMO, they’re not really a proper team at the moment. its 10 defeats out of 15 against functioning football clubs. Wins home and away against McGhee’s Dundee, a decent win in Perth, and dead rubber draws against Livi and Aberdeen. The latter only due to one of the worst reffing decisions I’ve ever seen chopping off a perfectly good Dons goal. it’s quite remarkable levels of shite to be honest. It’s hard to imagine any other manager doing a worse job.
  18. Bizarre reply. I thought Robinson was a great appointment at the time. I thought Ian Murray was a great appointment at the time. In both cases, it became quite clear early on it was not going to work out. You understand that people can't predict the future? If they could no one would ever get an appointment wrong 😆 What's the magnificent run got to do with anything?
  19. Yeah some the excuses after losing two games against part time opponents without scoring a single goal within the space of ten days are quite something. There is no excuse. The reason we have lost both of those games is simple; Stephen Robinson.
  20. Are any posters on here going to this game? The only interesting thing about this game will be the crowd, post your predictions for it here. Is sub 1500 for a what is technically a competitive home game on a Saturday at 3pm possible? Sub 1000? Surely not. I’ll go for 1623.
  21. Had a couple people ask about a ‘Stephen Robinson Must Go’ thread last night, not yet in my opinion. He needs a good start to the season. A run in the league cup would have been one way to do that and given us some positive momentum and him some leeway. That disgrace of a campaign is another failure to add to his failures last season. He now need wins in the league and we need them early. First three games are Well at home, Aberdeen away and then County at home. A very kind start to the season and we should be targeting six points minimum from those matches, in my opinion.
  22. Yeah like I said before the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost this, and we did. Is anyone actually surprised by that scoreline? I’d guess not, and that fact alone is the really worrying one. The decline in the football club in the last five months is nothing short of remarkable. To be knocked out of a league cup group with four part time teams is an absolute disgrace. To be knocked out with a game to spare?
  23. I don't understand what you don't understand 😆 Read the post back, and get back to me. It's quite clear and everything in it is correct.
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