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  1. Yeah first time i've left early for years too. Seeing Tait making absolutely no effort to press Wright ahead of their fourth goal was enough for me.
  2. Clouds are rolling in, literally and metaphorically. No surprise to see the fans voting with their feet. In reality there is almost zero chance Robinson is sacked before the end of the season. What will happen is if we finish 10th or above he will get to Christmas. If we get relegated he will surely be sacked. If we finish 11th and win the playoff i'm not so sure, probably gets the summer and see how we start.
  3. We are anyway, them losing to Dundee means even if they beat us at McDiarmid they are still three points behind with three games to go. We could lose all five games and finish 10th unless St Johnstone get wins from elsewhere.
  4. Relegation battle, here we go. Win this and we are surely safe, a draw wouldn't be that bad outcome actually. Would be 25% of the way to the four points i think we need and It will mean St Johnstone couldn't get above us the following week. Another loss? Oh my. Three games against Hibs this season, two draws and a win. Not sure how much that means given we are completely different team under the new manager, but at least they haven't beaten us yet i guess. Hibs are in rubbish form too, although not as bad as us. They haven't won in their last six league games and they have a game at Hampden this weekend, while we have our feet up. I just hope our players try, which will be a huge improvement on the last two games. Sadly i think the team looks gone and i fear our Premiership status may shortly follow. 0-2
  5. I'd be very surprised if we went to Pittodrie on the last day safe from 11th, there's likely going to be something riding on that game. Would anyone be surprised if it was Jim's Aberdeen who consigned us to the playoffs?
  6. Yeah could win all five and finish seventh with more points than last season, probably won't though. Having sat through the last two games where we conceded eight goals and could quite easily have conceded eight more, it's difficult to find any optimism going into the split. The players don't look the least bit arsed. We could actually lose every game and still stay up of course, thanks to the amount of points put on the board by the previous manager. It's all going to depend on the Saintees, Dundee beating them would be great news for us.
  7. I think St Johnstone will beat Dundee and us, and i think we will lose against Hibs. I predict we will be 11th by 5pm on the 30th April.
  8. We will get humped. 0-5 And i'm not sure about the second half.
  9. Professional referees is up to the clubs. If they want to pay for it they'll have it, 'twas ever thus. I am all for VAR incidentally.
  10. I am not calling for him to be sacked, but you must be watching a different team from me, what spells do you think we have been decent under Robinson? The only half of football i think we've played well in since his arrival was the first half against Dundee Utd, and we still went on to deservedly lose the game. Stubbs had eight games in charge, won two (including a 6-0 home win to Championship Dumbarton) drew two and lost six. Against top flight teams his record was played six, won one, drawn one (at Rugby Park), lost four. He then got sacked. Robinson has played seven lost six, and we have Rangers at the weekend, so even if we disregard Stubbs games against lower league teams his record was still better than Robbo's when he got emptied. The new manager has taken a team that was in a fantastic position to make top six to a relegation battle in a few weeks. It's been an absolutely remarkable decline, and i think there's a very realistic chance he will relegate us. Would you keep him then?
  11. He's had a worse start than Stubbs, i hope i'm wrong but it's hard to see it ending well.
  12. Yeah it all feels a bit Ian Murray to me. Looked a good appointment on paper, and most fans were happy with it. Within a few weeks it became clear it wasn't going to work. He certainly shouldn't and won't be sacked, and he will get the summer if he keeps us up - surely he couldn't relegate us? Hard to imagine a worse start though, he seems to have lost the dressing room and alot of the supporters.
  13. Off the top of my head only the Old Firm, Aberdeen, Motherwell and County don't have any ex Saints in their squads. You've already mentioned Hibs and Dundee: St Johnstone MacPherson Dundee Utd Liam Smith Livingston Sean Kelly Hearts Ross Stewart Probably missed a few too.
  14. Thompson was also one of the greatest i've seen at St Mirren. Dorman and Thomson? No chance, wouldn't have either of them in the top ten tbh. I remember the boo boys really going after Dorman and Thomson was just a decent player - neither of their scoring rates from midfield was anywhere near Ronan's. Unsure what McGinn you mean as we've had three. By Premier League do you mean Scottish Premiership? I agree the standard of Scottish Football outside the top two is really poor, as results in Europe show. That's why a guy like Ronan, who is 24 and contracted to an EPL club, stands out so much. McGrath is also nowhere near Ronan's level either, can't get a game for Wigan, we did well getting a fee for him.
  15. Ok tell me who, in the last 30 years, which is how long i've been watching. Note i did say 'one of the best', not the best.
  16. What a strange reply. The club is older than 13?
  17. I did say best i've ever seen, not best ever. Sure even you can appreciate they're not the same thing.
  18. One of the best St Mirren players i've ever seen.
  19. We obviously get blown out the water financially by English clubs whenever they're interested in our players - as we should - but i think we do okay when it comes to competing with other Scottish top flight clubs. Three recent examples that come to mind are Tanser, Brophy and Jones. All three were wanted by other Scottish Premiership clubs, and all three chose us. Also Fraser was rumoured to be attracting interest elsewhere in Scotland, but extended his contract with us. That never used to be the case. No idea if this is anything to do with the ticket sales to away fans in the south stand of course. It seems like the fans consensus is we should only give them the North Stand, so given we are fan owned, surely that will happen...?
  20. I may be remembering this wrong, but didn't they used to get W6/W7 and the North Stand? There was a big stooshie about that and we gave them the south stand instead of W6/W7.
  21. Ah city of discovery, potato potatoe all those teuchtars are the same anyway
  22. They were targetting Tait all night, Neilson had clearly done his homework and identified him as the defensive weakness. He's playing right back first half, both goals come from down our right hand side. He's playing left back second half, both their goals come down our left hand side. But yeah the better team won and we can have no complaints.
  23. Given our goal difference we realistically need five points from the three remaining games to get top six, so not winning this is going to mean we need to win at Fir Park and get something against Rangers at home. Not quite must win but almost. Obviously we have nothing to fear from Dundee Utd, we deservedly beat them at Tannadice a few weeks ago and i think we will make it three wins in a row against teams from the fair city. 3-1
  24. Might aswell get a statue for Tom Hendrie, Gus MacPherson and Jack Ross up too while we're at it, they also all won the second tier as St Mirren managers. Won't be much parking space left though :D
  25. We won our last three games in Dingwall under Goodwin.
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