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  1. No chance they will rearrange with four days notice. Like every match, it'd be much better for both sets of fans to have it played on a Saturday afternoon. All they had to do was wait till Monday when they'd have had their pick of pretty much every mid week in the next two months if one team got through at the weekend.
  2. I do agree, Gogic is essentially keeping Gallagher out the team at centre half just now. Madness, does anyone think Alex is a better defender than Dec? I bet Gogic himself doesn't even think that.
  3. RIP Billy Not many players get Scotland caps while playing for St Mirren, he did. Must have been a top keeper.
  4. I don't get why they didn't wait till after the Scottish Cup games this weekend before rearranging this. If we both go out at the weekend - which is not unlikely - we could have played this on Saturday 11th March, quarter final weekend. If one of us got through there's plenty of other free midweeks between now and the split.
  5. It was a fairly similar game as the one Dundee. In the sense we huffed and puffed without really creating a clear cut chance or testing their keeper for the whole match. The only difference was that Hibs have better players than Dundee and punished us accordingly. I actually thought we went downhill rapidly when Grieve went off for Watt. Grieve wasn't playing well in an attacking sense, but what he was doing was buzzing around the Hibs back line and putting them under pressure so they couldn't play out from the back. Watt doesn't do that kind of hard work, and the Hibs goal came from them picking up one of our many hoofed long balls, playing it out from the back, and isolating Youan against Fraser.
  6. Superb player and will be a stand out in League 1 in England. Won't be long till he's playing in the Championship and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in the lower end of the EPL.
  7. Yeah been a cracking signing. Was carrying an injury for much of last season but I still felt the treatment he got from the boo boys was OTT and he had a few decent performances. He's fully fit now and getting a run in the team and it's paying dividends. Before the Motherwell game he had three goals all season, he's doubled that tally in the last two games. If he can add goals to his game he won't be with us much longer.
  8. This will either go brilliantly and he will end the season as our top scorer. Or he will completely flop and not score once. I feel there will be no middle ground somehow...
  9. He was our last double figures in a season striker
  10. Murray will never make the second week of a slam again, never mind win one.
  11. TopCat

    Paisley Pubs

    Another Saints pub, The Craigie Bar at the top of Well St, shut last week too
  12. Is it really hundreds of thousands on an upgrade? man alive. How many hundreds of thousands?
  13. We've had plenty of draws up there over the years. Indeed we have got draws up there in three of the last four seasons, the only season we got nothing since promotion was the curtailed COVID season where we only played there once. A draw would be a great result here of course. Wins have been much harder to come by. The only one this century was the 0-1 in 2011 with a Gareth Wardlaw scored a bicycle kick to keep us in the league. Although we did win a penalty shoot out at Pittodrie on way to league cup glory in 2012.
  14. When did I say you said I had said something factually correct? We've agreed with each other throughout. You've argued with yourself when you made up that I said crowds weren't good, but apart from that 🤷‍♂️
  15. Who'd have thought such an obvious statement such as 'Covid had an impact on crowds' would have led us down this bizarre path 😆
  16. I don't see that as pedantic at all. A more relevant comparison would have been the last season with no COVID impact at all, which was 2018/2019, which i'm sure would show an increase and be a much more relevant comparison. The only negativity here is coming from you 😁 If you're going to argue with stuff I didn't say then you'd be aswell arguing with yourself... All you've done over the last few posts is agree with me 🤏
  17. So, we agree with each other that COVID has been a factor over the last three seasons, good. What you've done here is invent me saying something that I haven't said, and argued with that. I never once said the crowds weren't good. I simply said comparing that comparing it with the COVID seasons wasn't a relevant comparison.
  18. I don't understand, are you saying that COVID had no impact on crowds last season?
  19. Even if that is the case, it doesn't take into account the understandable reluctance people still had around COVID last year. We were in the midst of a large wave in Christmas 2021 and crowds all over the country were affected as a result.
  20. Quiet thread given the window is SLAMMING shut tomorrow!
  21. I think the biggest change there is COVID no longer being a factor. The first few games of last season had a restricted crowd (Hearts and St Johnstone) and after that the game shut down for a few weeks after the christmas due to COVID.
  22. Heard that, worrying. Basically he's saying our squad is going to be weaker in February than it was in December. We are currently 7th which is what has been budgeted for... let's hope a weaker squad doesn't have us finishing below budget.
  23. Funny you should say that, i was just talking to an aberdeen and hibs fan this morning who are both in utter despair at how their seasons are going. Both say its the worst team they've had for years and both of them think their managers should and will be sacked. Both of them are above us in the league. I assume Motherwell will have seen the Dundee game last week. If they play that style we won't score, infact we will struggle to create a chance. Hopefully they come out and attack us a bit and leave us room to counter, but I fear we will be in for yet another turgid grind. 0-0
  24. Don't think he was that great before the WC either tbh. I wouldn't say he's been our best midfielder this season, I'd give that to O'Hara. I wouldn't even say he's been our best Australian this season, i'd give that to Strain. If anyone wants to give us £400k for him we should absolutely take it.
  25. Can only assume they haven't been watching him this month, would bite anyones hand off for that. He was brutal again at the weekend and was rightly hooked off.
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