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  1. FT 2-1 Disappointed but not surprised, Livi are a top 6 team. Positives are that Hearts, Ross Co and Hamilton all lost by more than us so we’ve not lost any ground on them and our goal difference advantage over them is even bigger. Good to see Obika back on the scoresheet again too, he’ll be an important player for us in the run in.
  2. Pretty hard to predict that in successive games our right back would have to leave the field injured, to be fair. Not the kind of thing that happens often.
  3. FT 1-1 Yeah even game and draw a fair result. Quite good fun second half, wind and rain and tackles flying in. Good stuff. Nice goal from the Jak for our equaliser too, he looks a find. 4 draws in a row for us now. If nothing else we are certainly hard to beat. No reason we can’t get through the tie at Fir Park right enough, just might need extra time and penalties to do it. We also play there in the league next Saturday so we are going to have two games in a row in Motherwell within a few days of each other, might aswell move in.
  4. Obika off - did well - Andreu on. Let’s get the winner now.
  5. Turn and shot from about 12 yards on right hand side of the box. Think it took a deflection on its way in. Either way, glorious. Feed the Jak and the Jak will score!
  6. McGrath off - quiet - McAllister on. Still 0-1. Wind blowing hard and game very scrappy.
  7. HT 0-1 Should have scored early doors but Durmus hit the post. Break of the ball and slow reactions from our defence meant Motherwell scored from a rebound. Then we dominated the rest of the half. Couple of half chances and then a stonewall penalty denied. Cross coming in, hand up hand ball right in front of the linesman, play on. Deserve to be level certainly, keep playing the way we are and we should get the equaliser. We have the wind behind us second half, which is certainly picking up.
  8. 0-1. Break of ball and one on one. Hladky saved first effort but rebound into net.
  9. Great work by Obika results in chance for Durmus, off the post. Very positive start from us.
  10. Given the situation at the bottom and the way the game went, that’s certainly a much better point for us than Accies. They’re still 3 points behind us with a much worse goal difference so need a 2 game swing to get above us, and we’re a point further away from bottom. Even when we play poorly we are still a hard team to beat. Need to be changing these draws (that’s 3 in a row now) into wins though.
  11. FT 1-1 Frantic stuff. Not too sure what to make of that to be honest. All things considered, not a bad point for us. We started the second half similarly to how we ended the first, terribly. Came back into it then lost Flynn to injury. The talismanic Ilkay Durmus sticks the resulting free kick in the top corner, lovely stuff. Then down the pitch again for a defensive mix up and a resultant stone wall penalty for Accies. Wide, lovely stuff. Then a meaty ending with challenges flying in all over the place, and some... interesting refereeing decisions. Had a couple of half chances but didn’t do enough to win the game. Take the point and move on.
  12. 4500 in attendance tonight. What a cracking home crowd that is for a Wed night in February. Still 1-1, frantic but not much between the trams.
  13. Was a stone wall penalty. Mix up a the back, poor clearance from Hladky comes back in then Hodson with a poor touch then wipes out the player that took the ball off him.
  14. Jak on Flynn off (injured in the free kick that we scored from).
  15. Free kick from silky Ilkay. Up and over the wall from 20 yards and into the top corner. Beautiful stuff. Let’s win this now.
  16. HT 0-1 Deserve to be further behind if anything, Hamilton well on top. Scored one and cracked the bar with another. We haven’t been at the races at all, we are missing the focal point of Obika up front. Morais running around fine but not offering much. McGrath and Andreu have been poor. Still in the game thankfully but we need changes and improvements second half if we are going to get anything.
  17. 0-1 Disaster. Shot from edge of box into bottom corner.
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