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  1. Agreed. We should have been awarded the points.
  2. It was embarrassing and I wasn't trying to excuse it. But I believe that there is a direct link between budget and where you finish in the league. The very rare exception will be when a particular team under or overperforms.
  3. I think there is a growing level of dissatisfaction amongst our fans with our "we expect nothing- park the bus" approach to the Rangers and Celtic games. The first half was absolutely miserable to watch. Rangers were playing football and we were not. Personally, I would rather we played with more ambition and purpose. Bring back a bit of the Danny Lennon attitude and play our style of football. If 3 -0 becomes 4-0 so be it at least we would show some balls.
  4. Strong in the head as well would help. Power, Dicker and even Burke look right up for a battle in this game.
  5. Agree with this. Foley and MacPherson were very poor today. Just watching Power and Dicker for Kilmarnock and they look bigger, stronger and hard as hell as well as being decent players Tough season ahead.
  6. I'm with you Bud. Our arse collapses against Rangers and Celtic.
  7. Agree to both statements. Killie played well. But we have a good goalie - thankfully.
  8. Different tactics. Killie look like they fancy their chances. Playing decent football.
  9. Andy Millen on the touchline still looking terrifying.....
  10. Watching the Killie game just now. Oddly not the same gulf in class between those two sides. Not sure what that tells us.
  11. Rangers looked very good today. If they have a weakness it might be in defence but we didn't do anything to find out.
  12. Killie giving it a go against the other cheek.
  13. Didn't do enough to force Dallas to be a bellend.
  14. I would give Tait pass marks as well. Poor from the rest. Too nervous. Poor passing.
  15. Agreed. The passing is hopeless. Our best chances come from a ballooter in the general direction of Obika. Passing breaks down before the half way line.
  16. The Rangers will need to returf our penalty box - the baw has rarely left it.
  17. No brave Saints today. Hard working but no desire to make a chance. Embarrassingly one sided. Well done the goalie.
  18. Mccarthy poorest game so far. Looks way too nervous.
  19. Can't string 2 passes together in midfield. Poor stuff.
  20. Our goalie is going to be knackered. Playing well thank God.
  21. Tough watch. We are being hammered. All Rangers. Doubt if we have passed the ball a dozen times.
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