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  1. And ability. I have a wonderful attitude but I am told that I am a complete haddie.
  2. I think Oran would love the Kilmarnock FC player budget. Pretty sure we were interested in Greg Stewart but money talks. Oran is the man.
  3. I would take that and change the badge to our new black and white one - sorted.
  4. I think that's probably true of this forum but the St Mirren support on game days is entirely different and has been very patient and hugely supportive of all players really since Jack Ross saved us from dropping into the third tier. That patience and support is extended now on game days to Oran Kearney. It's a unique feature of our Club right now and I think players appreciate it.
  5. Very disappointed to lose him. I thought he looked very good when he came back from injury. Wish him well.
  6. Same here. Tony was at the Club in a golden era for us when top 4 was definitely doable. Why shouldn't he believe we can do it again? Love Tony's passion and if it freaks out the likes of Stubbs and Neilson then long may it continue.
  7. Very valid points . Given that budget normally determines league position I do hope that the Board back Oran financially. I think Oran has an eye for a player. If our budget is in the ballpark of 9th largest we could be in for a way less stressful season.
  8. I thought he was a decent coach. As long as Oran is comfortable with it and ideally has an idea on who he would like to help him next year I am not too fussed either.
  9. Really like the way Oran has us playing. Good passing, everyone comfortable on the ball. Flexible formations depending on who we play. Just lack a top goalscorer. Personally I am very happy with Oran and I think he is a credit to the Club. All in all a perfect fit.
  10. Thanks DS, Very patchy. I'm finding it freezes all the time.
  11. On holiday in the States. Any idea how I can stream the game? Appreciate any suggestions.
  12. I'm afraid to say it but you are 100% correct.
  13. There were signs on Saturday that Rice wants Accies to actually play football and pass out from the back as opposed to the usual heavy tackles , general frantic thuggery and a grabbed goal. It made Accies look very average at times and nervy. Hope Rice preserves with this as I suspect and hope it will not end well for them.
  14. It's not a manager we needed it was a top psychiatrist- the place was devoid of confidence and morale was in the shitter. Oran is doing fine and is making progress. We look like a team now and we can battle back from adversity. No need to replace the manager.
  15. Totally agree on our bad defensive habits. Poor clearances that normally land at the feet of the opposition's attacking midfielders and an inability to stop crosses coming into the box. Been the same all season.
  16. I thought we were way better than them in the first half. We can definately beat them post split.
  17. I rate him highly but he seemed to tire in the second half. Struggled to find a pass and got closed down easily.
  18. Thought Ethan was poor as well particularly second half.
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