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  1. I’m pretty gutted about not being able to go today with my boy, the excitement would have been immense.
  2. Eventually - waited 30 minutes on the phone yesterday to virgin with no joy, so did it manually, no discount I’m afraid but it’s in, watching Italian football now!!
  3. Really do believe we can do this today. Also I got 20/1 with William Hill for McCarthy to score anytime which I thought wasn’t too shabby. So my prediction 3-1 Saints with McCarthy sealing it (of course). COYS!!
  4. Does anyone know how to get premier sports on virgin media or perhaps the fire stick on a one off basis for the match? Not really wanting to take premier sports on long term.
  5. And pile more misery on Motherwell and Hamilton in the process by keeping them rock bottom in the table!!
  6. I wonder who approved the trip from a Celtic perspective, you’ve got to wonder why a senior advisor or club director wouldn’t intervene and at least challenge whether the right thing is being done here!!
  7. A win today would be massive for us and I think we’ll be ok, Motherwell will be up for this that’s for sure but I think we have enough about us to take the points. 3 nil to the super saints!!
  8. Happy new year to all on the forum!!
  9. For me not being constrained when this is over will be the big thing, it’s been very challenging not being able to do basic things that previously all of us would have taken for granted. I’ve really missed going to the games and just when this was all unfolding back in March my 10 year old son was getting really hooked on the saints and starting to go to the away games - still fondly remember Durmus’ 87th minute winner at Motherwell. I think more away games will be taken in when we’re through this!!
  10. Top class - enjoy your evening!!
  11. Merry Xmas everybody - stay safe!!
  12. Absolutely - would be harsh on fans that can’t get in who want to watch the game and would sever that income stream. Just wonder when we might actually get back? Another thing I’ve wondered is how the club would manage access / egress to seats and the toilet situation, catering etc?
  13. TBH that’s my big fear, one would think the 2 new guys (probably on decent ‘consultant’ rates), would be working up scenarios?
  14. I never considered that option, that would work a treat, just wonder though at what point the governing body would pull the plug on 3pm PPV as fans start to gradually come back?
  15. To be honest as a ST holder I would want in, however I would gladly give a ‘donation’ to the tune of the value of the game ticket - to help the club out. The day will come (hopefully soon), I have said many times on here that I hope the club is ready to act when the go ahead is given. It’s difficult as a partially filled stadium of ST holders only brings in hee haw revenue to the club.
  16. A win would be great as this would take us right behind the fakes (can’t see either them or Ross County getting anything this weekend). We also have that ‘game in hand’ (last time I checked)...
  17. I really do hope the clubs (especially ours) have been using the long lay off to work up scenarios (plan A, B, C etc) so as when we can get in there is no delay. This raises the debate again, if it’s season ticket holders first - the club makes no real additional revenue.
  18. Yeah I still have a lot of mates up in the north east and I fully agree this is the worst, the next 3 to 6 months is going to be absolutely brutal. Glad to hear you got fixed up.
  19. This is it FS, they (the companies) are absolutely shi**ing themselves and panic cutting resources at will (most of the time with no logic). I recently bailed out of a large north east Oil and Gas mob that have interests down in the central belt as I could sense that they were panicking. Unfortunately there will be more to come
  20. I think she will indeed go in heavy but will most likely spare the schools and possibly outdoor sports. Furthermore I imagine this will be 2 off 3 week spells to allow them to gather enough ‘data’.
  21. That is quite a hike in prices- particularly on the nightly rate, customers will soon get fly for this and won’t return, my sons haircut for example has went up a pound, now I don’t mind this because they will likely have additional overheads for the booking system, masks and sanitiser etc coupled with possible less custom. I have always been the way that companies need to make profit but shouldn’t tear the @rse out of it...
  22. I really do find it intriguing that the infection rates are high again but the hospital admissions and deaths are not relative. Something is not right with all of this - just seems to me that if this trend continues (minimum deaths and admissions) they absolutely HAVE to open everything up ASAP. Enough is enough!!
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