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  1. Jane McDonald was great in her cruise ship programme on Saturday tea time, she was in Iceland, her singing was poor but her warmth and people skills great - love Jane so I do!! Need to look up where she might be this Saturday or may just leave as a wee surprise....
  2. Just read this now, this very subject came up on our team call yesterday morning, to me it’s like a form of positive discrimination - TalkSPORT as well as Sky have gone mad with this over the last six months, IMO its clearly wrong as to why or whatever reason the opportunities were not there before and it’s great to correct it, but not with overkill and hire good quality. The colour of skin doesn’t guarantee good punditry, again IMO Jenas (mentioned on an earlier thread is quality), Richards is dire, I like Ferdinand and I think Robbie Savage is pants. All about personal taste I guess!!
  3. When she got back to the car it was the first thing I asked her - what one did you get - she never asked[emoji848] When I get mine (whenever that may be) I will want to know what one / type, just out of sheer curiosity!!
  4. My wife got the jag a few weeks ago at the RAH (walk in type service) and she did have to wait, just to ensure no reaction as such.
  5. Spot on, she comes across as a great people person too (scrubs up great), but her cover of KT Tunstall with the video wasn’t braw.
  6. Saturday telly is generally rank and in truth likely has been for years, however the last couple of Fridays I’ve been watching this Jane McDonald global cruising thing which I’ve quite enjoyed, I think my wife has sussed that I also have a wee crush on said Jane. I’ll leave it there!!
  7. I’d take the wheel any day over the masked singer, think it was last season teddy Sheringham was dressed up as a tree singing, how on earth would anyone guess it was him? The wheel has a wee bit more purpose IMO.
  8. I really enjoy popping onto this forum every day, it keeps me informed and amused (and we all need that now), there are some key people on here that in my opinion keep the forum alive and generally make it even better. FWIW as stated yesterday I did notice swings in Shull’s conduct and general behaviours (only my own opinion) over the last year and now we are where we are with him banned. Maybe he has other stuff on his mind that’s perhaps causing this (we all have problems in life). In summary I would not like to see him gone for long!!
  9. I’ve got a draw for both matches tonight 13/1 with William Hill, would forego my £5 stake for a saints win though!!
  10. Not really my concern and this is only an observation, does Shull really deserve to be banned for life, it appeared (to me) that his behaviours were improving a wee bit in the last week or so? I did read the earlier engagements with FS about likes - I’m assuming that was the issue? Lastly, the name blawupbetty does make me smile!!
  11. Would love to see JDH signed up, there’s something about him that just makes us tick, we just seem to have far more balance when he’s in the team.
  12. Agreed, yesterday I took my daughter to meet her friend for a walk and the roads were very busy, Renfrew and Glasgow road areas were particularly busy. Big difference this time, you wouldn’t think we were locked down. Personally I’m scunnerd with it all this time, didn’t feel as bad last year (perhaps cause weather was good), this ‘lockdown’ is rubbish - so boring with no apparent end in sight!!
  13. The 4pm kick off is a bit of a weird one (appreciate it’s the tv slot), good point about being cold, it would have been absolutely Baltic today in the stands!!
  14. I’m pretty gutted about not being able to go today with my boy, the excitement would have been immense.
  15. Eventually - waited 30 minutes on the phone yesterday to virgin with no joy, so did it manually, no discount I’m afraid but it’s in, watching Italian football now!!
  16. Really do believe we can do this today. Also I got 20/1 with William Hill for McCarthy to score anytime which I thought wasn’t too shabby. So my prediction 3-1 Saints with McCarthy sealing it (of course). COYS!!
  17. Does anyone know how to get premier sports on virgin media or perhaps the fire stick on a one off basis for the match? Not really wanting to take premier sports on long term.
  18. And pile more misery on Motherwell and Hamilton in the process by keeping them rock bottom in the table!!
  19. I wonder who approved the trip from a Celtic perspective, you’ve got to wonder why a senior advisor or club director wouldn’t intervene and at least challenge whether the right thing is being done here!!
  20. A win today would be massive for us and I think we’ll be ok, Motherwell will be up for this that’s for sure but I think we have enough about us to take the points. 3 nil to the super saints!!
  21. Happy new year to all on the forum!!
  22. For me not being constrained when this is over will be the big thing, it’s been very challenging not being able to do basic things that previously all of us would have taken for granted. I’ve really missed going to the games and just when this was all unfolding back in March my 10 year old son was getting really hooked on the saints and starting to go to the away games - still fondly remember Durmus’ 87th minute winner at Motherwell. I think more away games will be taken in when we’re through this!!
  23. Top class - enjoy your evening!!
  24. Merry Xmas everybody - stay safe!!
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