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  1. Was on the train yesterday from Hawkhead to Glasgow Central and the carriage I was in containing say 15 people no-one was wearing a mask, the conductor came up to check tickets (he had his mask on) and didn’t challenge anyone, however on the return journey everyone was wearing their mask. But if a mixed bag, I did wonder if it’s a case of someone setting the precedent regarding the wearing or not wearing of masks?
  2. In fairness I never had any problems either with the old supplier. Regarding registering for the new supplier and buying me and my sons season ticket it appears I was one of the lucky ones as it went through ok - the only niggling thing is my confirmation never explicitly stated that I’ve got (renewed) our own seats, however I appear to be more fortunate than many!!
  3. Good balanced post and probably correct in most of the observations you make - I do wonder though what team (in terms of numbers and competency) is in place to solve the season ticket problem specifically and if they have identified what targets they need to hit and will they hit them? In other words the first home game is 3 weeks away (I think) there are numerous people with queries to get resolved, issues over people being allocated different seats etc.
  4. This!! He tried it on with me - getting all hysterical over an innocent comment that I made (in context I would add), tried to get me into trouble and ended up getting himself into a terrible mess, he took a real beating then, I’ve always said there’s bigger issues at play here!!
  5. Wee Nicky will flex her muscles to a certain extent for as long as she can but I will ultimately comply (follow suit) with BoJo - expect a 2 to 3 week lag though. Just in time for furlough’s rapid demise!!
  6. Just double checked - mines are for correct stands - had the sweats there for a moment!!
  7. I managed to renew and pay no problem and I also got my mail with the e-ticket - would have been much more assuring if the ticket had referenced mine and my sons seat numbers - in fairness they were referenced earlier in the booking process. Just worried I don’t have my actual seats that I’ve had for years!!
  8. I think you’re spot on here - surely there must be club staff that monitor or read these posts, we’re talking basic manners and customer service here. Let’s not forget 3200 people last season coughed up their money and essentially got hee-haw, to that end with it being common knowledge that there is to be no fan incentive this season and with the uncertainty meaning it may be hard to project this seasons uptake you would think the club would be trying to get things spot on from a PR perspective. I will buy my ticket and my sons - but I could understand if any other buddy that doesn’t renew.
  9. Cheers, I must have misread Tony’s update, I’ll get myself registered, it’s funny to think that we have to re register, to cough up our money for a product that we might not receive or at best perhaps have a 1 in 6 chance of receiving, furthermore will cognisance be paid to family members for example what if my 11 year old son gets drawn in the ballot but I don’t - he obviously can’t go himself??
  10. Sorry just getting back to this now, I haven’t been prompted to enter any data, last mail was Tony’s update saying we’d get a mail - which I understand others have got but I have not.
  11. I never got my email and was speaking to another season ticket holder this morning who is in the same boat. Does anyone have a contact email they can advise or a telephone number for me to call?
  12. I did - if it’s the converted vessel that went right through the lower reaches of the Thames - quite good. I’m the same regarding the back of my house and garden - been in this house 10 years now and I think I got jobs done that might never had happened had it not been for this. COVID has changed a lot of things - I digress (likely better in another thread) but I do wonder if fans will get back into green hill road in August….and in what capacity..
  13. Managed to see much more television- particularly that cruising with Jane McDonald program [emoji7] In all seriousness I’d managed to get much fitter last summer then very out of shape at the start of the year (heaviest I ever was) to now losing it all again, I’ve also noted that in spending less cash!!
  14. Agreed, if you don’t respect the virus you could end up very saari......
  15. Yes I can sympathise with your predicament and situation. Estate agent that you are currently engaging with is clearly after a quick sale (and buck) - they will likely have people on their database ready to buy in the specific area. As for Zoopla I know there is a function in there where you can obtain actual sold data with dates of sale (obviously better than an estimate) for better benchmarking. As for options, when my mum passed 6 years ago I was working up in Aberdeen I used a company called Dickson Bean Estates in Cardonald who did a ‘turnkey’ service and whilst I can’t remember the detail they were modest with their fees. Their will be a better option somewhere in the Paisley area.
  16. Forgot it was on that - I’ll do that, means I don’t need to see Cris Sutton too [emoji3]
  17. I don’t know what it is - I just feel if we click today it will come off, I also have the weirdest feeling there is going to be an unlikely hero today. Oh and not one drop of alcohol this weekend [emoji3]
  18. I got 11/5 at William hill and duly backed us!!
  19. I actually clocked that too - just didn’t look right to me. Yes they were outside, however the only problem was they were crammed together like sardines!!
  20. He might have hit him over the head with a toilet roll!!
  21. One wee observation and in fairness I don’t know if it would be an issue for your job is that in the game I’m in (Oil and Gas) they never run control and power cables on the same tray (don’t think they do it in trenches either but not sure), so if you are running a power and data cable in a wee trench - it may be prudent to insulate them.
  22. I’m no expert on these things but are you able to run a cable from the house to the summerhouse? Alternatively I wonder if there is a method where the summerhouse can have its own unique WiFi - bound to be a way!!
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