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  1. I would really miss this forum, I use it every day, furthermore it’s native use of providing St. Mirren information is great, I personally could do without the conflict but do have to admit it is quite funny at times (prior to getting out of hand). I don’t want the forum to go!!
  2. You called it spot on - I will now sit tight and wait on the call for my no quibble refund!! Feel for any other poor souls that may be in the position where they are contractually locked in with an airline but have a shielded individual in their family - in my case my 10 year old boy. Might buy our season tickets now - but then that’s a debate for another thread [emoji3]
  3. I’ve not contacted the insurance yet as I’m not too keen to ‘show my hand’ - it’s a good idea, I’m just hoping that Jet2 push their dates out and then I could get the no quibble refund. I’ve absolutely no desire to take a risk and it’s too soon, the holiday would likely be rubbish now anyway!!
  4. As stated earlier in the thread I’m locked in with Jet2 and due to fly to Lanzarote on the 25/06, big problem is I have a type 1 diabetic 10 year old son and we will not be flying under any circumstances- lesser problem is unless they cancel by pushing flight window out is that I lose £1200 Ouch!!
  5. Shill, I agree the Golden Dragon is top class!!
  6. I do agree, I cannot see the Spanish just ‘opening up’ since we could essentially bring the virus into their country. Heartened to read that they were good with you regarding your refund!!
  7. We are booked with Jet2 for Lanzarote on 25/06, I have heard that Jet2 will make another announcement on 18/05, the problem I have is that I don’t actually want to go now (my son has health issues) but obviously can’t cancel yet (or I’ll lose my cash). I personally can’t see us flying on 25/06, has anyone heard about any pending Jet2 announcements or an extension to the date on them resuming flights from 17/06 or any other ideas? We do have good insurance.
  8. Wonder how many threads over the years have hit the > 2000 post mark??
  9. No mention for me I note, I’m very passive though (and also don’t post so much)!!
  10. I’m in the Oil and Gas game too Faraway working with a large Aberdeen based company, as my son has a chronic health condition I got told to work from home from Tuesday only for the whole company to rapidly follow suit. I don’t know how long this can be sustained cause if the client (BP) stop / suspend the work I’ve had it. Also can’t help but think about the efficiency or lack of that working from home brings. Testing times ahead.
  11. I am not friendly with or know many forum members (as far as I know), however a couple of years ago I was standing next to Mr Zo (haven’t seen him post for a while) at the Dundee Utd away game on the Tuesday night when we were going for the title and he was a great guy to chat away with!!
  12. I sit in M7, very good people around me, I did hear a few seasons ago that the 3 seats to the left of me are normally reserved for referees or match observers (don’t know if that’s true or not though)!!
  13. I was a wee bit worried first half about our left hand side (Waters) and wonder if this is something Aberdeen may try and exploit, if we over compensate with cover (for Waters) it may inhibit us a bit in attack (on the left hand side), as for changes I’m not too sure, but what I am sure of is that we need to start with that second half mindset and drive, because Aberdeen are physical and quite savvy!!
  14. Not so sure about starting the same on Saturday Ricky, if we do we need the mentality (and desire) that we had in the second half the other night. Had Motherwell been more clinical Tuesdays game could have been done and dusted by half time!!
  15. So, Jim Goodwin happens to visit my boys school yesterday and on a Q & A session my son piped up that he was at the match last night, to which Jim replies “thanks for your support in the team”. Quality, my boys first away game and what a way to start, I don’t have the heart to tell him it ain’t always going to be this way!!
  16. Really looking forward to this tonight, my 9 year old sons first away game, going for 3-1 or 3-2 saints!!
  17. Traffic was heavy at tradeston on M74, also after M73 cut off signs were saying Roadworks at J4, I came off at J5 and went through Strathclyde park to be safe!!
  18. I work in Bellshill and the weather at the minute is absolutely shocking!!
  19. Really looking forward to this, just checked the table, feel we should go all out for the win, could be a cracking night of football...
  20. Taking my 9 year old son today to his first away game, what’s the parking like around the ground, take it there would be no bother with the well fans?
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