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  1. Gavin Reilly is a bit of a cult hero for his short stint with us but in all honesty, he's a lower half Championship striker, maybe even league one these days. Decent enough finisher in the 6 yard area but not much else. Brophy, on the other hand is a proven striker at Premiership level, very busy and a nuisance for other teams and chips in with a few goals too. There's absolutely no comparison. What I'm excited about is having a striker who's able to have a dig from range, I think Obika is a good striker for us but needs to learn to hit a powerful shot from outside the box now and then (the rest of the team are also guilty of this bar MacPherson and Morias). Obika and Brophy could end up being a really good partnership. Hope we can get the deal done this month rather than waiting until the end of the season. I also won't believe the PCA is complete until he's pictured with the scarf above the head and conducting a socially distanced handshake with Goody 🤘
  2. I think you were slaughtered because you'd abused him so heavily before he even kicked a ball for us, very shite. Wind your neck in.
  3. Its a case of who's not been dreadful. Then there isn't a case to be had!
  4. Really need fresh legs up front, ideally Dennis.
  5. I'm convinced he's genuinely about to start crying at a some of these decisions.
  6. It's either that or just let play go on with Tait wiped out.
  7. That would be a great signing, likely next to no chance of happening though I'd imagine.
  8. Not much Rogers can do to get out the way of Tait to be fair, certainly not a red card. The incessant squealing on the SMTV commentary isn't doing any favours.
  9. Whoever the St Mirren tv co commentator is needs to calm down. Genuinely sounds like he's about to start crying at every tiny decision against us. Unreal.
  10. Good performance from the big man this afternoon - great hold up play
  11. Not one to go crying corruption at the SPFL for this one, I’m afraid. We deserve to be punished. This isn’t something to draw parallels with the Aberdeen/Celtic scenarios, totally different circumstances. This was all on the club’s watch. It is astonishing that the club allowed these things to happen while players are on club duty in the middle of a pandemic. Just hope we’ve learned our lesson.
  12. Goodwin has to take the blame for that. I love him and have been a massive supporter of him but with wide players blowing out their arse for the last half hour chasing the ball for JG to refuse to make a sub is unacceptable. I’m not sure whether he’s trying to make a point to the board re Magennis with the four subs and refusal to make a substitution but that was what stopped us from taking a point tonight. Blame Obika and Morias all you want but at the end of the day we’ve two knackered players playing wide in Morias and McGrath running through treacle, you have to sub them off to give us an opportunity. ETA: our available subs were coincidentally Durmus and McAllister two wide players that would’ve been ideal to help close out the game considering the circumstances.
  13. Harsh on Durmus, missed game time recently through injury. Still early in the season - I think he'll be back.
  14. Just a big picture of the heartbreaker for me at the moment.
  15. This. Writing players off as "duds" and the like is just poor form before the guy has even played a single minute for us...
  16. Would be a good signing but we don’t need him. Not a chance that Tait, Fraser or Shaughnessy have come here to sit on the bench. Couldn’t displace McCarthy either.
  17. Something will have a knock on effect when Celtic officially sign Ajeti on loan.
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