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  1. Now starting to worry we will get in on Sunday based on the above comments. I’ve paid for me and the boys season ticket seats - assume this will go on the smart card! Also ordered 1 for my old man which I assume I have to pick up - paper ticket. Sunday should be fun as I’m half glass empty and reckon our smart cards won’t work
  2. Today was a very Meh performance. Disappointing considering our fantastic away support. Couldn’t really see if it was a pen or not in the first half however looked a decent claim. Very lacklustre performance and I thought we were lucky to get the draw. Lyons & McAllister need to be dropped for the Hamilton game...both offered absolutely nothing. Onwards and upwards to the inevitable playoffs - please not Utd[emoji1317]
  3. Bridges well burned with Heaton going by that interview. Referring to that particular club who is his parent club (and is contracted to for another 30 months) says it all about him. Hope he enjoys his 18 hours of Xbox and waffles going by his earlier twitter post
  4. Think I’ll give this one a miss...train will probably be off and don’t really enjoy hearing about what happened in the 1600’s for 90 minutes...
  5. He’s got to go now..that was a roll back to the Tommy Craig days...awful!!
  6. I was on holiday when they had the South stand and appreciate they had already won the league but how did the segregation work before and after?
  7. Wish I hadn’t opened that link..so much hatred even for their own...
  8. I wasn’t at the 2-2 game with them so unsure how it all worked out. I take your point re some wander up green hill road however the vast majority will go the other way and onto supporters buses. I know we are only talking about some isolated incidents however for fan safety I’m interested how the segregation will work. They are getting the South stand so maybe keep them in for 20/25mins after full time? Not sure how it will go before however as I said above I wasn’t at the 2-2 game when they had the South stand
  9. Stuck this on Facebook page earlier... Apologies if this has been answered before but how the heck is crowd segregation going to work when those two visit. When they were in the north stand and part of the west stand they all went the same way. North stand is not an issue but how is it going to work with them in the South stand?? Not sure i fancy my 11 year old mixing with them before and after the game based on today’s issues
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