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  1. When we play either of the Old firm (especially away), I see anything gained as bonus points. I am fully prepared for the usual defeat, however I do feel that we are probably as well equipped as we have been in 35 years to go there and actually get something. Hopefully 0-0 or 0-1 with a bit of luck. Realistically 2-0.
  2. Apparently the chances were actually QUITE high😀😀😀
  3. I see Hanley dropped out the Scotland squad today, what are the chances Declan could get a late call up?
  4. St Johnstone 1-2 St Mirren. Att: 1002. (1000 Buddies, 1 Fakes fan and 1 dog)
  5. Midfield is definitely the problem. It doesn't matter how good your defence or attack are, if your midfield is poor, your whole team will look poor. Really there is nothing needs to be said. Just write the names down, and one look tells you it is weaker than last season. 21/22: Ronan, McGrath, Power, Gogic, Kiltie, Erhahon, Flynn. 22/23: O'Hara, Kiltie, Erhahon, Flynn, Reid, Baccus The worrying thing for me is that last years back up are now first choice. We have to hope that Baccus is decent and that Reid pushes on.
  6. Hopefully we can turn this around, but just had a glance at the live table, if we lose this we'd only be 6 points above St J in the play off spot. Squeaky bum time.
  7. Comedy of errors from both sides. Big Joe is having an absolute howler for us.
  8. Delighted with this appointment. Robinson has all the credentials to take us where we want to be. He took Motherwell to 2 cup finals, a 3rd place finish and into Europe. That has got to be where we are aiming for. Fourth place finish this season will do for starters. COYS
  9. Stadium upgrade. Fill in 3 corners (one has to be left open for access reason I believe). 1. Corner between North and west filled in with extra seats, including a permenant segregation fence. Give this to away fans. KEEP THE FAMILY STAND FOR US. 2. Corner between west and family filled in with extra seats. 3. Corner between Main and family filled in with a hospitality area which includes a pub/restaurant/hospitality area, which can be used on both matchdays and non-matchdays.
  10. I would be happy with 6pts from the league games and cup progress. .........................................Although 9pts would better.
  11. As far as I am aware, this is the list of who we stand to lose in the summer. CONTRACT EXPIRING Alnwick, McCarthy, Tanser, Millar, Power, Flynn, Erwin. (Hopefully all stay except Erwin. Not too bothered about Millar either way.) LOAN EXPIRING Gogic, Jones, Ronan. (I think we have a chance to keep Gogic, but Jones and Ronan will be well out of our reach I think) Thoughts?
  12. Firstly,I would not have been against us signing Griffiths til the end of the season. In footballing terms, four months wouldn't have been a big risk. However, I don't really see the similarities to what is happening at Raith. At Starks park, we are talking about them signing a RAPIST(as adjudged by a Civil court). In what way does Griffiths compare to that? Do you honestly believe we would make the UK national news headlines? Have directors resigning? Have sponsorship withdrawn? Fans boycotting? I honestly believe this is nothing more than a noisy minority trying to make a drama off the back of the incident in Kirkcaldy. Griffiths is an immature rogue, no doubt. He is a 'love to hate' type of character. But we have had plenty of them through the years. Looks like he won't be coming, but if we signed him, he would have my full support while wearing the black and white.
  13. As good as the 1st half was...............................the 2nd is not great!!!!! Need to make a sub and change the tactics a little. Their half-time changes seem to have turned this on its head.
  14. Decent 1st half from the Buddies!!! Unlucky not to have something to show from it. Jones and Grieve in particular have impressed. We should definitely be looking to push on and win this. COYS!!!
  15. I would definitely take him til the end of the season. 4 months isn't a big risk. If he proves himself to have screwed the head, then give him a longer term deal.
  16. Just out of curiosity........... Why do you think he wouldn't sign for us?
  17. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/60233889 Griffiths is officially a free agent. We need a striker. Deal to the end of the season perhaps?????????
  18. Tait is a lucky man. That could easily have been a red. Studs first right over the top of the ball into his shin.
  19. Agreed!!! I think he will find his level in the Championship, it's the only league he ever 'really' performed consistently for us. Since he came back from Derby, he has always looked well overweight and unfit. Pre-Derby Kyle, looked a player (albeit in the Championship), but he just lost his way somehow. Injuries, weight issues etc etc.
  20. Looking forward to this this evening. Saints TV ready & 6 bottles of Pilsner chilling in the Fridge. 2-0 Saints.
  21. My thoughts exactly.. Why are Raith seen as a step too far? He has been back for 5 years................. 2017–2022 Clyde 121 apps (81 goals)
  22. Alnwick McCarthy Shaughnessy Dunne Fraser Gogic Power Tanser Ronan Jones Brophy I'll take that starting line up
  23. Alnwick McCarthy Shaughnessy Dunne Fraser Gogic Power Tanser Ronan Jones Brophy I'll take that starting line up
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