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  1. Highlights of the game here, Morgan's 2nd goal was even better...Well done lad.. Btw I think that's Sid Waddell as co commentator....🤣
  2. What's all this about Sheila? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54095587
  3. It sure was mate, his partner thinks the morphine was masking his illness, it was only when he couldn't eat and lost the little weight he had left that the hospital decided to intervene, he completely lost the plot with his consultants when he was given the bad news, he let them know he blamed the lockdown for his situation, Spoke too him a couple of days before he died and all he was worried about was getting his brand new TV down to his granddaughters house incase his partner claimed it..😀, He was some boy..
  4. A mate of mine who'd been battling cancer for 2 years was told to self isolate, all his consultations and treatments were stopped (they assumed the big C was under control) and was put on repeat prescriptions of morphine from March till the end of June, he eventually got an appointment in early July to see his specialist were he was told his body was now riddled with the cancer, he was told there's nothing further they could do and said he would be dead in a few months, he was gone within 3 weeks.... You can only imagine the countless families up and down the country who've went through this exact situation....
  5. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5878685/rangers-thompson-knives-toaster-jacuzzi-burnley-macdonald/ Sounds as if the McGinn incident wasn't totally out of character......Defend him now..
  6. Surprised his teammates never ran over thinking he was taking a fit or some shit like that... He must have had some red neck at training the next day.....Or maybe thats the norm wherever the feck that was..
  7. That looks like the blonde bombshell Steven McGarry, going for the old Kojak look these days..
  8. A bloody damn good one... His career was nearing an end when i was in my mid-teens so i may not be fully accurate, but he played in the centre, probably a bit defensive but a good passer of the ball and would be the link between the defence and the playmakers, he never scored many goals but was a really good solid central midfielder.. I'll wait on someone correct me now.....
  9. Our management team really need to take the majority of the blame for that disaster, what a riot those tactics were.... Feck this I'm away to get pished..
  10. Our shape's f**king awful and the players don't seem to know what position there supposed to be playing, Really need to change to a more familiar set up if we've to get anything from this game, or at the very least avoid a pumping...
  11. I understand where your coming from but surely he's due for some luck in front of goal, He works his socks off the lad, so hopefully today's the day...Come on Junior.
  12. Best of luck Dylan, Welcome to the greatest club in the world...🏁
  13. If this is true it's strange how Sevco put a value on Kent, supposedly bought for 7 million and was total pish last season ( there own fans words) yet they think his value should have doubled... There wee pals in the MSM have been tarting there half decent assets all summer hoping for the big sale that will pull them out the shit...Hope the cunts crash and burn again...This time for good.
  14. Correct, but I'm not sure about Neil Cooper as a defensive midfielder, Stevie Clarke could play all across the back 4 but Right back was his more natural position..
  15. I always thought the wording of the bet was corners AWARDED, no mention of corners taken, the bet should stand..
  16. Never seen us dominate the Accies away from home as much for a long long time, BTW the boy McGrath is some find..
  17. Holy f**k this Sevco TV would give you the boak, wee rat face Rae will come in his pants if they smash us today... Sound down, Radio on..
  18. Mon Saints let's get tore right into these horrible cunts, Got a feeling we're taking a point today...COYS..
  19. Why the f**k is a player of his class dropping down to the championship, surely he could have got a better gig than that.. Can only imagine he's bagged himself a decent wage..
  20. Nah mate I know exactly the point he was making, I'm a wee bit confused by yours though.. I've never gave it that much thought..🤣
  21. Seriously mate what's the point in posting shit like this.... I was brought up Catholic but would consider myself Agnostic, or even in the "who gives a f**k" category, but if a wee prayer gives someone a small bit of hope or peace of mind in this crazy world what harm is it doing, Going by your post I can imagine you find your peace of mind in a hauf bottle and a bag of cans...
  22. My memories of AL is a bit grainy but I'm pretty sure he scored a fair few goals from headers for such a small guy..
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