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  1. Visiting yer maw, I imagine.
  2. I see what you mean. It's quite a dilemma. Should we give the vaccine to people who deliver medical supplies, food, petrol and other essentials that keep society operating, or 95 year old geriatrics, so that they can spend another two years sitting in their chairs, dribbling...?
  3. Trust you to come out with the bad news... πŸ™„
  4. God Save The Queen is Scotland's official anthem, and I see nothing wrong with it.
  5. Celtic didn't actually have that many attempts on goal, plus he was shite on Saturday. Conceding an average of 2.5 goals per game, he can GTF.
  6. 6-1 to Celtic tonight, folks. That's me optimistically believing we will score. And no, this isn't Elvis's troll account.
  7. Without looking, I just know County are at home to Celtic. The league's all about the OF, we're here to make up the numbers.
  8. Ach, the donkey loved it...
  9. I got a response to the message I sent Div. 'Hi, Unfortunately users St. Ricky and FarawaySaint were sending unsolicited photographs of their penises to other forum members. Obviously this is unacceptable behaviour that cannot be tolerated on a forum such as this, and therefore I had little choice but to confine them to The Sin Bin, where they will remain indefinitely. It's not just the reputation of the forum that these two perverts have put in jeopardy, but the good name of all St. Mirren fans. Yours Sincerely, Div' I always knew they two were dodgy.
  10. I think I might go and reply to a topic in one of the other forums...
  11. One way to suss it is check the lowest attendance. Most clubs include ST holders in their attendance figures regardless of whether they actually show up.
  12. Ach, I'm missing the place. I might come back under my real ID, and bin this one. πŸ˜†
  13. I'm late to the party... πŸ˜†
  14. What's happened to you, big fella?

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Binned for nothing, along with Ricky (deserved) and Shull (probably deserved)

  15. Aye, I'm not actually a fan of vindaloos. How come you're no longer using your other alias, btw?
  16. Is it the number 2, because that's what you remind me of, the morning after 12 pints of Guinness and vindaloo...
  17. GMan

    Candace Owens

    It always makes me laugh when I hear of cunts fae places like Stirling go on Black Lives Matter marches and preach about diversity. What I always want to know, is if multiculturalism and racial diversity is so 'enriching', 'vibrant' and wonderful, then why are you still living in Stirling, and not Govanhill? πŸ˜†
  18. Aww, bless. Words of more than two syllables must be very tiring for you...
  19. Could've been racist against the Sassenachs (Saxons).
  20. It is alleged that Einstein received a letter from Marilyn Monroe, in which she suggested the two should procreate. 'Imagine if the child had my looks and your brains!', she is supposed to have written. Einstein wrote back and declined the offer, as he claimed to have fear the child would have Marilyn's brains and his looks. The point of the story, other than Einstein was obviously a bufty...is that looks and brains are very often inversely correlated. So, in accordance with that logic, I'm speculating you are l a male model.
  21. What would you know about evolution? You're at least two evolutionary steps behind everyone else...
  22. So your pal, W6er, disappears and you're suddenly back all over the forum...
  23. Where are you going to go, P&B? There's a lot of competition for us trolls on there!
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