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  1. I don't clean the bogs, I sweep the car park, ya cheeky wee scamp ye.
  2. Leave religion out of this.
  3. Maybe so many have been sold because folk know that there's not much chance of having to sit through watching a game.
  4. Oh, FFS, don't ask him for evidence to back up his assumption. Have you learned nothing? [emoji38]
  5. I'm just going by what you told me previously.
  6. I thought the squirrel was sent in to climb the oak tree.
  7. FFS, that's not a picture of a squirrel.
  8. Was reported that there were 9 on the train. Not sure if that was including the crew or not.
  9. I got to carry 10 days (2 weeks since I only do 5 days) so that makes 59 days off next holiday year (inc public/bank holidays and 2 weeks over xmas/new year). Holiday year starts next month. And I'll still be "working" from home for the foreseeable future.
  10. My annual bonus was not getting sacked this year. [emoji38]
  11. You're right. I'm not complaining. Then again, I got my pay rise, don't know if that makes a difference.
  12. That's because he doesn't care that he believes false things.
  13. There obviously is a yes or no answer. You either did or you didn't. As I expected, you avoid answering the question as you would either have to admit you were wrong (a yes) or obviously lie (a no). I am not going to "claim victory" as that isn't important to me (even though you will claim that it "obviously is") but, irrespective of that, you lose. Not to me, but in front of everyone else on the forum as you have made it abundantly clear that you have no interest in what is right or wrong, you are just interested in putting your opinion out as the right opinion, irrespective of the supporting evidence - you're basically a very bad spin doctor. Your logic has been shown to be invalid, your arguments unsound and your command of basic English to be flawed. I really should have known better to expect that you would have matured any in the four/five months since you were put on ignore. I never "announced the ignore function", I just told you the ramifications of, once again, failing to answer a simple question. Before your flawed logic comes out again, I had to read your post to know that you never answered the question and I put you on ignore before posting this.
  14. Well, a lot of them definitely are.
  15. You know what, I could get into all this with answers but I would just be repeating myself again and I'm sure that others will be bored with it all. Just answer one question. I expect you will obfuscate and try to avoid answering but, here goes: Did you make a statement that, at the time of making it, you were unable to demonstrate the truth of and claim that statement as fact? You either did or you didn't. No semantics or pedantry. A simple yes or no. No expansion required. As I said, I expect you to avoid answering. This would not be you getting into the semantics of the use of a word as I specifically have said that no expansion on a yes or no answer is required. If you do so however, I will put you on ignore and you will miss out on "this part of BAWA that [you] enjoy" (your words, not mine) and will need to find someone else to start a needless trivial debate with.
  16. Nobody would ever say that about mulch, you crazy person, you. [emoji38] What we really need is a new Paranoid f**ker Bill for those that think everyone has a vendetta against them.
  17. Don't know where your quote comes from but it says "should", not must.
  18. I would expect us to lose, so we should try and keep this rescheduled game to as late as possible so that, if the season is curtailed again before we play it, our points per game is higher.
  19. I'll assume you're just being silly.
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