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  1. I'm coming up for this one. Can you order tickets online and get them posted?
  2. Anyone else getting a very small delay between the guy's voice and the pictures?
  3. Any chance someone could post a link to the periscope stream? Cannae find it
  4. I think we will beat Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith and we will be safe. I also think if we can't beat Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith then we don't deserve to be safe. Simple as that really.
  5. Ha ha. Naw that's me and Jimmy H. This was a group of about 10 Sergio Tachini beclad ruffians, ages ranging from about 12 to 16. They made a very slow train to Motherwell a lot more fun listening to their songs and patter.
  6. I would like every post in this thread but I'm a lazy fecker and cannae be bothered. So consider all your posts liked. Extra special "liking" to Shull for starting this thread. The crowd on Saturday deserve it. Being an auld cnut who can remember that fantastic atmosphere generated at Love Street back in the late 70s/early 80s, I've long since been disappointed in this respect on my trips to watch the Buds. Particularly since we moved to the new stadium. However, Saturday was like a journey back in time. Absolutely outstanding performance by the fans and I agree the drum sounded brilliant. You even had a crusty auld cynic like me singing my heart out. Oh and a wee special mention to the small "young team" on our train from Central to Motherwell. Hilarious!!
  7. Roy Keane = Total and utter khunt! That is all. Thank you and good night!
  8. Sorry we are in disagreement. I couldn't give a flying phuk about the sublime quality of fitba played by a random Spanish team who mean nothing to me at the the best of times, let alone in the middle of any important Buds games. You are right about one thing though. I am a tad grumpy . That said, I did say as much on the stream when our game was still 0-0.
  9. Everything that is wrong with our game (the Scottish game) was evident to me tonight watching the Periscope stream. Saints are playing a massively important game and what are people posting? 1-0 Barca 2-0 Barca 3-0 Barca Phukin embarrassing! I mean really who gives a phuk about the score in a match between some Spanish team and some French team at the best of time, let alone in the middle of probably our most important game in years! Fast forward and I'm channel hopping tonight and land on the Champions League highlights so decide to see what all the fuss is about. What do I see. That cheating khunt Suarez conning his way to ensuring that UEFA get the result they want, followed by a studio full of ex "superstars" wanking over foreign fitba. I give up.
  10. I wouldn't have agreed with this when the draw was made. I'd have said we could very easily have been embarrassed. After the last few performances though, I think we're to good to be on the end of a spanking. I'm even entertaining the possibility of an upset, as demonstrated by MY bet which Jimmy H shamelessly passed off as his own last night!!
  11. Any chance someone cost post a link to periscope stream?
  12. Nah that doesn't make me a tit. Wouldn't matter how many games were to go if we were more than 3 points behind with only one game against Ayr left. Still wouldn't be in our own hands. It's the games in hand that makes me a tit.
  13. I could be wrong but I'm sure I've seen Stevenson play in goal before for Hearts and remember him looking quite handy. Can't remember the circumstances. However the very fact that Rovers are playing what must be one of their best outfield players in goal suggests he must be decent. By the way, folk saying our future is in our own hands? How do you work that out? We're more than 3 points behind Ayr and we only play them one more time. How is our future in our own hands? Apologies for the pedantry.
  14. Cracking wee article except for the use of "baited breath" (dear oh dear oh dear) and "Laverty". What else would you expect from that shitey rag right enough.
  15. The Scotland game is on the Sunday, which is the day I thought the final was scheduled for. If they play the final on the Saturday instead then fair enough.
  16. Sorry if this has been discussed before but am I right in saying the final is the same day as Scotland v Slovenia? if so, that is totally phukin shambolic even by the Scottish football authorities standards!
  17. How anyone can watch (or not watch in some cases) any Saints game and think it's not important is beyond me. Especially a semi final of any description. Wasnae like that in my day.
  18. Hearts fan on the TAMB claiming they've agreed a deal to sign Isma. Bassturts!
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